A cute little Hilson oneshot. Also, this is the first in my "Alphabet Soup" series. What is that you ask? My goal is to write a fic for every letter of the alphabet, covering many different ships and charcters. Like this one; I'm a Huddy, but this is a Hilson fic. I plan to cover all the major ships, and at least do one about every charcter. So look ot for the rest of them :)

Disclaimer: I don't own House. Do we really have to do these?

No matter how hard I try to keep it from happening, it always does. It's like trying to stop the sun from rising or trying to keep back the shopping crowds on Black Friday. The sun will come over the horizon every morning, and every year on the day after Thanksgiving, there will no restraining the mad shopping crowds.

And there is no way to keep House from stealing my food.

I don't know what it is, and I don't think he knows either. All I know is that when he sees me eating something, about one minute later he will reach over and grab whatever is on my plate. And oh no, there's no limitations. Whether it is beets or pizza, if I have it, House has got to have it too.

Just like the other day. I had been in the oncology lounge, and I had this red apple that I had been cleaning. And did House do? He just limped over, snatched it out of my hand and sunk his teeth into it, eating a big chunk of the crisp fruit. Then, like it didn't even matter, he plopped it back into my hands!

I still ate the apple, but you get the idea.

That's how House is with everything though. He sees something he wants, and then he'll sneakily keep at it until he has it. A new guitar or some other childish toy, a medical case…a relationship…House gets what he wants. I guess it's because he was an only child. I always had to compete with my brothers to get my parent's spending money.

But anyway, after House has a couple of bites of my food, he leaves it alone. Usually. That annoys me so much. Either stick with it, or leave it alone. Don't go to each thing without staying too long. House needs to decide what he wants.

House treats our relationship like he did with that apple. I polish it, catering to what it needs. Then House comes in and grabs hold of it and takes a big part of it for himself. Then he leaves me the rest, and I have to fix and restore the part that he took.

I sigh and walk into the living room, joining House on his couch. Without looking, he holds his hand out expectantly. Smiling, I hand him a spoon and scoot closer to him so he can reach the bowl too.

"Don't eat all the chocolate," House warns as he scoops out a spoonful of ice cream out of the bowl.

I smile as I dip out my own bite of mixed chocolate and vanilla ice cream. More vanilla actually, heeding House's warning.

House let a small grin spread across his face as he said, "Thanks Wilson," and stretched his legs across mine.

House may be dysfunctional and stingy sometimes, but it makes up for it when we share, whether it is food or ourselves.

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