Afternoon 3 PM…

Olimar was walking through the streets Onett while staring at map that he held in his hand. It was the map of Onett, if you want to know. Yes, I'm playing the role of Captain Obvious. Okay, it's not funny…

"Hmmm… This way down… And Smash Mansion should eventually… How do you read this map anyway?" Olimar said to himself while reading the confusing map.

This is what had been happening so far. Olimar wanted to pay the Smashers a visit but he forgot where they live; therefore he emailed them and asked for directions and they gave him a map as a result so that he can find his way around Onett.

He contacted Fox about this, and because Jigglypuff was the only person next to Fox at that time and so for no reason, Fox asked her to draw a map according to what he said and then the very map that she drew was scanned and emailed over to Olimar. The map looks like something drawn by a three years old kid. I think a three years old kid could draw better than this… What was Fox on when he came up with this 'amazingly brilliant' idea anyway?

So back to the story…

Olimar could not grasp what the map is all about in the same way you cannot grasp the true form of Gyigas. "Wait… I think I figured it out already," Olimar said. "There should be a shortcut here if I interpret the map correctly…" He lifted his head and looked for the supposed shortcut, but all he saw was a small and easily missed out alleyway in between two buildings. "Should be this one!" Coming to his own conclusion, Olimar went through the alleyway.

After going through the empty passage, he came to an open square and laid his eyes upon a building. It was no ordinary building as it was more of a movie theater. You can tell that it's a movie theater by looking at those movie posters on the walls.

"This isn't the right place, is it?" Olimar asked himself. "But this place… How come there's a movie theater here?"

Indeed, why would a movie theater be built in a hard-to-access and easily missed out place? The building itself looked very old and the movie posters shown were ones that you could only find back in the 80s or something like that. Really old movies like Ben-Hurl, 007: The Man with the Frozen Bun, P.E.: The Physical Education, Indiana Jones: Braiders of Most Ark, etc.

In his quest for infinite curiosity, Olimar decided to check it out. Yo, check it out! He went over to the old building and pushed against the rusted door and stepped into the darkness…









Chapter 1
Movie Theater

On the same day, evening 5:30 PM…

Toon Link, Young Link, Popo, Nana, and Jigglypuff were running down the streets while laughing to themselves and Pichu was chasing them from behind. "Run! It's a lion! Yaaa!!" the running kids screamed in an excited manner.

"Rah! I'm going to eat you!" Pichu said, trying to sound as menacing as a Pichu can.

YL spotted an alleyway not too far from them at the building side and said, "Let's hide into there!" The plan sounded good and so the kids raced for the alleyway and escaped into it.

"You cannot escape the lion! Rah!" Pichu said, and he gave chase into the alleyway.

Jigglypuff, thanks to her short legs, was slowly getting caught up. "Wait me!" However, she was eventually caught up by the lion and the predator jumped his prey and began devouring her.

"Tag! You're it!" Pichu said after landing on top of Jigglypuff.

"Jigglypuff is the ghost! Haha!" Nana laughed.

The kids enjoyed the game they were playing and laughed happily to themselves. As they laughed, TL lifted his eyes and saw an old building. It was a movie theater as you can tell from the posters stuck all around it. "Hey, a movie theater!" he pointed out.

"Strange… How come we never noticed this until now?" YL wondered. "And it looks… old…"

TL thought it would be a good idea to go inside, and thus he went up to the door and pushed it open. The door was rusted, so it took some strength to shove aside. "Hey, don't go running in there! You're get scolded!" Nana said to him.

"How much trouble can you run into in a place like this?" TL replied. "C'mon, let's go inside and go on an adventure!"

"Well, now that we're here… Why not?" Popo said. And so, the kids decided to go into the seemingly abandoned movie theater for some adventure.


It was very dark inside… There was the ticket booth and a snack booth, but not only were there nobody taking care of them, there were no tickets or snacks placed there either. "Looks like nobody is here for real…" Pichu said. "I don't even hear any sounds asides from us…"

"This is scary…" Nana said, huddling close to Popo.

The kids stayed close to each other and made their way through the dark hallways until they came to a door that leads into the theater itself. TL placed his hand against the door and slowly pushed it open and then poked his head in to take a gander. He saw what you would expect to see at a movie theater—rows of seats and a big screen. What's worth noting though is that there was something being shown on the screen.

"Hey! They're showing a movie inside! Let's go see it!" TL suggested.

"But we didn't buy any movie tickets… You think it's all right?" Popo asked.

"I don't see why it would a problem if there is nobody else besides us here," YL said.

"But maybe there are people in that room…"

"Nah, they probably won't care," TL said. "Let's just go in!" And in they went.

They took for each of themselves the seats way up in the front and began watching the movie. On the big screen a scene depicting rocky landscape and strange alien-like structures were shown, but asides from this, that was all. It was more like a still image rather than a movie. Yes, it sounds boring…


Sorry for falling asleep…

So the kids sat and stared at the seemingly frozen screen, and TL suddenly had an urge to leak the faucet. "I'm off to the restroom," he told the others before sitting up and running for the exit. The others simply continued staring into the screen.


TL eventually finished relieving himself and patted his stomach with relief. He returned to the theater room and took his original seat again. "Okay, so where are we?" he asked. He hoped to get a reply, but it never came. He looked at the screen and saw that it still showing the scene of the rocky landscape with alien-like structures, but what is stranger is that his friends are no longer on their seats.

"Hey, where'd everyone go?" he wondered. "Don't tell me they left me behind and ran home first?!" He thought this must be it, and so he puffed his cheek in anger and stomped out of the room and then out of the building. "Man! How heartless they are! Playing this kind of cruel joke on me! Wait till I get home and show them a piece of my mind!"


It was about 6 PM when he reached home.

He stepped into the living room and witnessed the members of the NTDAFSITLR (Nothing to Do Asides from Sitting in the Living Room) doing what they do best: Sprawling out on the sofa and watching TV.

"Welcome back," Falco said with his eyes glued to the TV.

"Are the others back?" TL asked.

"Who?" G&W asked while gazing at the LCD turtle.

"The ones I went out with."

"Can you be more specific?" asked Bowser while reading a book entitled Anthropomorphic Beings on a Bed.

"Young Link, Popo, Nana, Pichu, and Jigglypuff…"

"No, or maybe they did and are now back in their rooms. They never came in here anyway," Falco replied.

"Thanks…" TL left the room and ran up the stairs.

After he left, the phone rang and Bowser said, "Somebody pick it up."

"You pick it," Falco replied. "You're the one always talking back to him, so you know him better than anyone else here."

"I'm in the middle of the most exciting part, so I don't want to bother with that. Someone just answer it already."


"Can someone get the phone?" Bowser asked again.

"Fine..." Falco grumbled, finally giving in. He went over to the ringing phone and picked it, but he didn't say anything and simply placed it against his ear. After listen to what was said on the phone, he placed his gun next to the phone and pulled the trigger.


This rocked everyone in the room and they jumped from their seats as a result. "Whoa! What was that for?!" G&W asked in shock. Even the turtle withdrew into his shell.

"That should teach him a lesson," Falco said, putting back his gun.

"The next you know is that we have another Donkey Kong bothering us through the phone every once in a while," Bowser said. "And now you made me lost track of where I've been reading!"

"Hey, you killed a cockroach in the process too," Marth said, looking at the totally demolished remains of the insect on the wall.

Suddenly, Snake burst in from the door leading to the garage and pointed his gun around and said, "Where's the enemy?!"


TL went into his room (more like the room he shares with YL, Ness, and Pit) and saw Ness doing his homework on the desk. "Hey Ness," he said. "Did Young Link come here?"

"No," Ness replied.

"How about the others?"

"None of that I know. I'm too busy with a big project to notice anything right now."

"Sorry for disturbing you…" TL closed the door and walked through the hall while wondering about this. "Where can they be…?"

He ran into Pit and asked him, "Have you seen Young Link and the others?"

"Sorry, Mr. Toon Link, but I haven't seen Mr. Young Link and his friends," Pit replied.

"Um… Thanks…" TL said, and he walked away.


As he walked down the stairs, he saw Peach coming out from the direction of the kitchen with a worried look on her face. "Oh no… I forgot one important ingredient… I'll have to go buy it myself…" she said.

Mario happened to be passing by when he heard this, "But-a didn't-a you just-a tell Luigi to go buy for you?"

"I did, but there is still one thing that I forgot to tell him about," she told him. "Surely he will forget to buy the clam oil, so I'll need to go to the shop myself to get it…" As she began to leave, she saw TL coming down the stairs and said to him, "You're back! Please wait a little longer. I'll get dinner done as soon as I return!"

"Wait a minute!" TL said. "Did you see Young Link and the others?"

"No. Why'd you ask? They didn't come back with you?"

"Strange… They didn't come back? Where are they?"

"What's-a matter?" Mario asked. And so TL explained everything to him.

"So you didn't see them at all after returning from toilet? Strange…" Peach said.

"Yeah, so I'm thinking that they may still be at the movie theater…" TL said. "I think I'll go search for them again."

"I'll go with you," Mario said, but suddenly, his stomach growled and he bent down in pain. "Oh… Constipation again…" And he rushed off to the toilet as fast as he could in his current state.

"Um… I think I'll go help you find them and buy the clam oil in the process too," Peach said. "Let's go!" And so TL and Peach left the mansion together.

They rushed out of the front gate and because it was just starting to get dark, the street lights haven't turned on yet and Peach didn't watch where she was going and bumped into someone.


"Ow! Sorry about that!" Peach apologized while rubbing her nose. "EEK!" She found that she bumped into a headless person! Wait a minute, that sounds familiar… "Catrina?"

Sure enough, it was the detachable girl Catrina that she bumped into. Catrina bent down and reached for her head and put it back in place. "I'm sorry for running into you…" she apologized.

"No, no… I should be the one to apologize to you."

"Hey, have you happened to see Young Link and some of his friends?" TL asked Catrina.

"I thought I saw you running into the alleyway, didn't you?" Catrina answered him.

"You did? Yeah, that's true, but they disappeared and I couldn't find them."

"That's terrible…"

"Don't worry; I'll find them myself."

"We're in a hurry. Be careful, Catrina," Peach said to her, and she moved out with TL.


Luigi was walking down the street with a bag of groceries while humming the Luigi's Mansion main theme to himself happily. As he paced along the sidewalk he saw Peach and TL running up to him. "Hey, Peach! I've brought the things you want!"

When Peach came over, he showed her the grocery bag. Peach checked the things in there and was surprised to see a bottle of clam oil. "You bought this! I was thinking that you would leave this out since I didn't tell you about it!"

"Good thing you told me what you wanted to make for dinner tonight, and I thought that clam oil should be part of it, so I bought it anyway," Luigi said. "What are you doing here? If I was taking too long, then sorry about that…"

"No, actually… Young Link, the Ice Climbers, Pichu, and Jigglypuff are missing, and so I came out to search for them with Toon Link. I did intend to buy clam oil in the first place though."

"What? The kids are missing?!"

"Yeah, and it was over there," TL said, pointing to the alleyway next to them. They looked through the passage and saw the same movie theater there.

"There? That place looks creepy…"

So the three of them made their way through the alleyway and found themselves standing in front of the movie theater, which indeed looks creepy standing in a place where there is no light, save for the light of the moon that was only beginning to show up.

The trio went inside and Luigi and Peach took a good look around the place. It was dark and gloomy like always. It's not like this place is going to change or anything to begin with…

"What's this place? It's totally deserted and gloomy…" Luigi said while shuddering in fear. "I have a bad feeling about this…"

"I'll show you the place there were last seen at," TL said, leading the way. He led them into the theater room, where the movie was still playing. If you can even call that a movie…

They went inside and walked up to the front and looked at the big screen. "So this was the movie that you were watching?" Peach asked.

"Yeah, but then I went to toilet and when I returned, they were gone…" TL said.

"What's this movie anyway?" Luigi said.

The three of them continued looking at the screen that showed the rocky landscape with alien-like structures. That was all there was on the screen, but nevertheless, they continued looking at it. They kept on staring into the screen… Stare… Stare… Stare into the screen…

And then there was light…


The light was gone, and they were still looking at the rocky landscape. Except, they weren't simply looking at the landscape, but they were actually standing within the landscape!

The three of them snapped back to their senses and were shocked at their surroundings. "What the?! When did we get here?!" Luigi said in shock. "And this is the same place as the scene we saw on the screen!"

"How did we get here?!" Peach wondered.

"So the others must've been here too…" TL said, looking around. "Now we know where they went! C'mon! Let's go look for them!"

"Wait! We do not know where this place is, so it's best that we do not run around carelessly," Luigi said. "I can tell you that this place is definitely eerie…"

Peach looked up at the sky and saw the sun shining brightly down on them. "Strange… It was evening just now… How come the sun is shining brightly as if it's afternoon?"

"Perhaps this is another country? We're in a different time zone for all that matters…"

They started walking in one direction. Even though they could not see anything over the horizon, it was better than simply standing in place until you rot to death. That's a bit harsh…

The only things around them were those strange alien structures. It was unsure on what they are. They do not look like artificial things nor do they look organic. Perhaps they're some kind of an undiscovered plant life form and things made of never-seen-before materials? The world may never know…

The three kept on walking through the rocky place. They had lost track of the time, but they do know that they have been walking for like hours already. Yet, there was still nothing seen before them. "I'm tired…" Peach cried. "Where are we? There's nothing before us at all… What time is it anyway? I'm sure we've been out here for hours already…" She looked up at the sky and still saw the sun there. What's strange is that the sun didn't seem to have moved from its spot at all. For people who had been keeping track of the positions of their shadows, they could easily tell this. "Strange… The sun hasn't moved…"

"And I think my watch is broken…" Luigi said, looking at his watch. The minute hand isn't moving. To be precise, it is moving, but at an incredibly slow speed; so slow that you probably wouldn't notice the difference at all. Luigi tapped his watch rapidly to try and fix it, but it was still broken. "Strange… It was still working when I walked out of the supermarket…"

"Hey! I think I see a town over there!" TL said, pointing to some buildings over the horizon.

The other two looked closely and indeed saw some buildings. "Finally! Civilization at last! Let's go over there quick!" Peach suggested, and thus they ran as fast as they could in their current state to the town over there.

After a few minutes of running, they finally arrived at the entrance of the town. It was a rather primitive-looking town with houses made of wooden planks. "What is this place?" Peach wondered.

Luigi spotted a sign next to him and he read from it, "Welcome to Tangapolis. It may look like a town right now, but it will soon be constructed into a city. Population: Below 9000…"


I'm back from my break! That was a really short break, wasn't it? I already had this chapter typed out beforehand, and since there was nothing else to do, I thought why not just publish this story already?

Well, this is the first chapter. I hope it gets your hopes up for what is to come next. So what exactly is happening? You can only read on to learn the truth…

Also a note for those who are unfamiliar with my stories: You can tell what my style of humor is from what you've read so far. If you are not accustomed to such method of humor, then I'm afraid my stories aren't for you.