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Final Chapter
End of the Movie

The people on the train watched with jaws wide open as the massive explosion created when the kids collided into Tatanga's spaceship.

"They did it!" Olimar exclaimed. "The kids won!"

"I knew you can do it!" Peach said happily.

"Yes! They did it!" Luigi shouted with joy.

The only people who were not happy were the alien henchmen. "Well, it looks like we've lost…" one of them said.

"Yeah, and there's no reason for us to fight any longer…" said another.

"What say we just get out of here?"

"Good idea…"

After saying all these, the remaining aliens jumped off the train by themselves. Whether this was a wise idea or not, it's up to you to decide…

Ayleean looked out the window and saw that a dead end was coming up ahead. "We're at the end! We've reached the forbidden area!"

However, everyone was celebrating too much that they forgot about the brake. They were unable to stop the train and it crashed into a fence placed at the end of the track.


The train came to a stop immediately and toppled over, but nobody was harmed. They all got out of the train and ran as fast as their feet could carry them towards a cliff in the distance. The kids flew down from the air to join them too.

They reached the cliff and quickly climbed up it. Luckily, it wasn't very high and there were lots of jagged rock, so it was easy to climb up.

"We're at the top!" Olimar said. "What's the secret here?"

They all ran forward and laid their eyes upon a massive door made of metal. There were several metal chains and iron bars strapped in front of the door to keep it locked up. "What's this?" Luigi asked. "Maybe we have to open it?"

As they walked forward, the door suddenly began to shake. It was as if there was someone behind it trying to push it open, but due to the chains and bars, it couldn't be opened so easily. "Something is coming out!" Peach said in shock.

"It better not be a giant monster…" Luigi cried in fear.

"NOOOOO!!! DON'T OPEN IT!!!" screamed the voice of Tatanga as he came rushing over on his badly wrecked spaceship. There were several holes and damaged parts on it and the windshield was shattered. The whole thing looked like it could fall over anytime soon.

He pushed the arms of the spaceship against the door to keep it from being opened. "NO!!! DON'T OPEN!!! PLEASE DON'T!!!" he screamed with great panic.

"He's still alive…?" Toon Link said in disbelief.

"I wonder what's in there by the way," Popo wondered.

"Maybe his secret dairy is in there?" Nana said.

"Or maybe it's his secret stash of Playboy magazines," Pichu said.

"You're sick…"

"Whatever it is, let's go ahead and open it anyway!" TL suggested.

The kids flew over to the back of the spaceship and tried to pull it away. "Go away! You brats! Don't bother me! The door must not open!!" Tatanga shouted.

"C'mon, don't be shy! Snake hides a lot of those magazines in his room and isn't shy to admit it either!" Pichu said jokingly.

The kids continued to pull Tatanga while he frantically pushed against the door to prevent it from opening. As they kept this up, the door started shaking stronger and stronger. Eventually the force was so strong that the chains and iron bars suddenly shattered into pieces and flew everywhere, and they were all pushed back as a result. The massive door flung open and bright light came out from behind it, and then a large shiny object came flying out.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Tatanga screamed in fear. He quickly steered his mostly broken spaceship to the shiny thing and tried to push it back into the door. "GET IN!!! DON'T COME OUT!!!"

The kids flew behind the shiny thing and pushed it from there and they tried their best to overpower Tatanga. This kept up for a while and the kids eventually prevailed. The shiny thing busted right through the spaceship and tore it into pieces and Tatanga flew aside.

The shiny thing flew up high into the night sky while leaving behind a trail of glittering sparks. It did several spins and flips before finally stopping in midair to allow everyone to get a clear look at it.

"So this is the secret…" Olimar said. "The secret that Tatanga wanted to hide from us…"

"It so beautiful!" Peach exclaimed.

Floating high in the air before them was the word 'THE END'. It was spelled out in capital letters and it displayed a brilliant light work. Surely it was a sight to behold!

Tatanga threw tantrum by pounding his arms and legs on the ground rapidly and cried fountain of tears. "BUT I DON'T WANT TO END YET!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

"Don't cry," Jigglypuff said to him, trying to comfort him.

Olimar turned to Professor Eetee and said to him, "Well, it's been great knowing you! We wouldn't have done this without the help of your superhero vests!" And he shook hands with him.

"It was also thanks to your courage that all these are able to happen," Eetee said. "If it weren't for the reason that you realized the only way to end this movie is to fight against the wicked and evil mayor, we would all still be trapped in this place and nothing would ever change. I can finally rest in peace now knowing that all has come to an end in the most satisfying way!"

Barney danced around happily and said, "Yay! I love the ending! The ending is wonderful! Yay!"

TL turned to Ayleean and said to her, "I'm so glad that all this is over!"

"Me too!" she replied.

"Now we can all go back together! Want to come over to our mansion?"

"I'd love too!"

Everyone looked up at the glowing letters again. It suddenly gave off a very bright flash that blinded everyone.

The light… It stings…


The light disappeared and TL opened his eyes and rubbed them. "Where am I?" he wondered. He looked left to right and saw his fellow Smashers next to him. When he turned around, he saw all the victims of the movie too.

They had all returned to the movie theater.

Barney was the first to shout out, "Yay! We're back! The movie has ended! We're back in Onett! Yay!"

"HOORAY! WE'RE BACK IN ONETT AT LAST!!!" everyone shouted with joy. "HOORAY!!! HOME AT LAST!!!" The people all jumped with joy and hugged each other happily knowing that they have at long last returned to the place they call home.

Peach clasped her hands together and said while flowing tears of happiness, "I'm so happy to be back home again! I knew we can make it!"

"It's all thanks to the kids!" Olimar said.

"It was also thanks to you!" Pichu said. "Had you not come up with the idea of defeating Tatanga, we would never be standing here too!"

Luigi looked at his watch and saw that it was 7:00 PM. "Really… Only an hour has passed since we went into the movie, and yet it was like 60 days for us while we were inside…"

"We better go home now! The others are waiting for their dinner for sure!" Peach said.

"Oh yeah! Where's Ayleean?" TL asked.

"You're right… I didn't see her at all," Young Link said.

TL searched around the place for the girl and even ran out into the hall to find her. "Ayleean! Where are you? Ayleean! Can you hear me?"

"Where did Ayleean go?" Peach wondered.

"If she isn't anywhere here…" Luigi said, "Does that mean… she is actually a character in the movie all along?"

"That would explain why she isn't here," Olimar said. "People in the movie would have to stay in the movie!"

Nevertheless, TL continued to search throughout the movie theater for her. Eventually, everyone, except the Smashers, left the place and there were still no signs of Ayleean.

TL finally gave up and fell to his knees and began to cry. "Ayleean… You promised me…"

Nana went up to him and patted him on the shoulder. "You love her, right?"

Popo patted him on the other shoulder and said, "Don't feel sad. You still have us! We are your best friends and we are always on your side!"

YL came up and said, "And don't forget that you have a reliable brother next to you too!"

"Me too! I'm your friend for eternity!" Pichu said to him.

"Jigglypuff your friend!" Jigglypuff added.

TL wiped off his tears and smiled. "You're right… I still have friends next to me that will never disappear." He jumped to his feet and pretended that none of those happened and said in a cheerful voice, "C'mon! Let's go home and eat! I'm starving!"

"Let's all go home then!" Peach said.

Everyone marched out the exit. Before he left, Luigi took one last glimpse at the big screen and thought, "What a mysterious place this is…"

And he closed the door.


That's the end of the story! I know, it's a short story, but this wasn't meant to be a long and epic story to begin with. Though a short one, I still hoped that you enjoyed it!

So what will be my next project be? Well, I have two options and I am wondering which one to start first. By the way, both these stories are non-canon.

The first project is a Star Wars parody. All Star Wars characters will be replaced with the Smashers and my OCs, and instead of adapting plot from any of the movies, this one will feature an original plot not seen in any SW films.

My second project is an adaption of Subspace Emissary. Before you say that these stories are done to death, I would like to tell you that I am going to make this adaption very different. I plan to implement every single Smasher (Melee ones included) and even my OCs into the story and there will be several new plot twists and surprises.

So I'm wondering which I should work on first, or maybe I can work on both stories at once? It's not something unfamiliar to me since I have a history of working on two stories at the same time before. Well, you can try to decide for me or maybe I will decide to work on both stories simultaneously in the end.

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