I walked down the trial, excited at what I might find at the end of it. As the forest got thicker, the darker it the narrow path became, what little light there was became tinted a smokey, blackish green.

Suddenly the forest opened, I was blinded by the rare afternoon sun but that was not the only reason I gasped. It was beautiful, bright, white shining like new yet still old some how, the ivy growing and twisting up the side looked like it had been there for a few years. I stood not knowing if I should go inside or not, it looked abandoned but so did a lot of the buildings in Forks. Before I knew what i was doing my feet treaded softly along the path to the door. Oh well, I thought, it probably won't open anyway. Cautiously I pulled the door open, it didnt even creak. Taking a deep breathe I crossed the fresh hold, into the house.

It was even more beautiful on the inside, pale colours adorned the walls, there were perfect-barely used-worktops in what I assumed was the kitchen. The front room still contained sofas and a huge tv, Who would leave all this stuff behind? I asked myself, letting my mind wonder, maybe they were murdered or ran away in a hurry? But why? I knew what mom would say if she were here, "it's just your over active imagination!" or, "You've been reading too many horror novels again!"

I bamnished all thoughts of her from my mind, why should I care what she thought?

I walked up the massive staircase that took up an awful lot of the room, none of the stairs creaked, none of the floorboards were loose. When I reached the top stair I stopped, had I just heard a growl, surely there couldn't be animals in here? Or maybe it was human...there had been a murder in the area, less than a week ago. I hesitated but something wanted me to go forward and I was naturally inquistive so I dragged my feet forward, tensing my muscles incase I had to run.

The room was the most beautiful I had seen in the house...in my life. I tiptoed across the perfect white floorboards and I heard the low growling once more. But I was no longer afraid, somehow I knew I wouldn't be hurt.

He was stunning. He sat stiffly yet gracefully in the corner of the room, staring out the window. His bright reddish brown hair stuck in irregular spikes, almost as if he had been running his hands through it. His beautiful,pale, perfect face, with it's straight angular features had a hard scowl. I stood staring at his awesome beauty, too afraid to blink in case he dissapeared. My heart ached for him, why was he so troubled? I was also terrified of him, this impossibly perfect boy sitting on the floor in a room alone, so strong, yet so fragile.

His head snapped up, flat red eyes glaring at me with malice.

He stood, suddenly towering over me.

"As if you could out run me," he laughed spitefully, "As if you could hide!" He walked closer to me- I could smell his foul breath- and pressed his hand to my jaw, "So breakable!" His hands were impossibly strong, bruising my face.

"As if anyone could hear you scream!"

I gulped down air, he was crushing my throat. Swiftly he moved his hands down, to my shoulders and for a few seconds I thought he was going to kiss me, but he moved his blood-red lips to my neck and...

"EDWARD!" We both turned, trying to find the speaker and then Edward was gone, into the night.

I fell to the ground, gasping for air, my knees buckleing beneath me, tears rolled uncontrolably down my cheeks.