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Cooled Ambition

A Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction

Chapter 1: Death of a Magus

BGM: Keiyaku Fate/Stay Night the Animation Original Soundtrack

The world was dark.

But than again, it had been so for the past twenty years.

Now, she would return to correct the mistakes she had ignored that caused this worldly plight, and in doing so, bring hope for the future.

That is all she desires. As a single tear runs from her fiery sapphire eyes, she realizes that was all he ever wanted as well.

BGM: Whirlpool of Fate 2 Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

It had been twenty years since the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War - and the end of human civilization as it was known to be. The Servant who attained that foul object of destruction cared nothing for life, killing his Master at the end, and wishing for nothing else but the destruction of life. Thus the Grail granted his desire, spreading infinitely outward, obliterating all life in its path while he crowned himself King over the world once more.

There was no opposing the power of the Grail. All who tried fell before its power. The Association. The Church. They were the most powerful organizations in the world, yet they were naught but flies before the overwhelming power of the Grail. They were destroyed within days, leaving the remnants of humanity to fend for themselves.

Two magi, distraught with grief over all they had ignorantly allowed to pass, swore to do what they could to end the nightmare. One, a man, was seriously injured from the War, and he lasted ten more years before his life finally perished at the hands of the Golden King.

The other was a female who, desperate for a way to salvage her world, cried out desperately for aid. An elderly man answered, and offered her an apprenticeship. She accepted his offer, and for the next ten years she proceeded to learn as much as she could from her new master, knowing that she could never learn everything from him, as he had lived for centuries while she had barely twenty-seven years to her body and soul. She advanced startlingly swift, however, and became able to form a shadowed version of his signature sorcery.

Ten years to the day later, her master informed her that he had done all he would do for her, that the hopes of this world were on her shoulders. She thought back to her younger days, smiling bitterly at the circumstances that had occurred. This was not what she wanted out of life. This opportunity was what [u]he[/u] wanted, yet of course she knew such a wish was flawed. Only a fool who never knows happiness would dream of being a hero. But she knew that the downward spiral she had helped set in motion had to be closed, and merely nodded and bid her master farewell, setting out to confront the Golden Monstrosity.

BGM: The Golden King Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

The battle was over shortly after it had begun. The magus was skewered, now looking more like a grotesque puppet than a human being. Her raven locks were disheveled and caked in crimson blood. Her hands, shoulders, breasts, stomach, pancreas, pelvis, thighs, shins, knees, and ankles all had weapons protruding from them, contorted at odd angles. The pain was excruciating, but she kept her icy eyes on the man in gold, standing before his throne with a naked blond woman on the ground beside him, her eyes glazed over. As the magus' gaze settled over the familiar form, her heart and right arm burned faintly. The woman had obviously been driven insane many years ago.

"Tut, tut. You never learned did you, young lady? True, I am mortal now, but I still have the powers of a Servant." He looked down upon her with a mocking gesture. "You, as a mere human, never had a chance. Still, I have grown...bored as of late. I knew the mind of the King of Knights would not survive the blessing of the Grail, but I never dreamed that the body it would give her would become so useless after only twenty short years." He glanced down in contempt and kicked at the unmoving form beside him, than turned back to the magus. "I shall allow you to live, and in return, you shall be my next possession." He licked his lips as he looked over her body.

She coughed up a mouthful of blood and spat it as far towards the Golden Knight as she could, than choked out a laugh. "My desire to live is not so strong as to relinquish my soul to a fool such as you. You may be a 'King', but you could never satisfy me." She challenged his integrity, daring him to make her coming death as swift as possible.

The King clucked his tongue as he took the bait, staring daggers at the magus as she screamed in agony. Wait, perhaps that was because there were new holes in her body, located in her feet, and one where her nose had previously been. "It seems you need to learn some manners before I let you near me. Do not speak unless spoken to, bitch!" He sneered as he raised his hand.

She knew this was it. She knew that she had pushed him too far and that he would kill her with another hail of Noble Phantasms when his arm fell. She was angry with herself, that she could not even correct the mistake that she had worked twenty years to repair! She let loose a primal growl from the depths of her soul and lowered her head, utterly defeated.

Do you wish to defeat that man?

BGM: White Out Chaos;Head Original Soundtrack

A voice resonated in the darkness of her shattered mind, and she instantly focused her will and looked upwards.

Do you wish for the power to defeat that man? You have attempted to aid us, so I shall aid you if you wish for it.

No, her voice said to herself. This cannot be happening! She wasn't supposed to become this! She didn't want this! This was what happened to him and it frightened her to her very core!

However, she had already known that it was likely to turn out this way. She glanced at the dual images of herself in her mind. One of them was skewered by numerous weapons, her current death, devoid of meaning. The other was walking an invisible pathway towards an unknown destination, full of the illusion of hope. She knew which path he had chosen. Although she did not want to from the depths of her soul, she chose the same path.

Do you wish for our aid? The voice asked again.

She struggled to speak and softly choked out her answer along with another mouthful of blood. "Yes."

Time froze, and the weapons skewering the magus simply faded away. Her wounds closed up, the damaged muscles and tissue repaired themselves, her spilt blood renewed. The crest symbolizing her family's magic impossibly began to grow. It pained her terribly at first, just as it had in the past when it was slowly transplanted. Soon, the pain stopped, yet the crest continued to grow until it had covered the whole of her left arm.

Suddenly, the voice of her master echoed sadly in her head.

"Know that I did not want this for you. However, I knew this would happen as you had not yet gained what you needed to fully master the Second Sorcery. Truthfully, you still cannot master it. However, your decision has granted you the raw power and mental understanding to learn how to construct, shape, and use something that can do so in a limited fashion. Thus, I shall depart my final lesson to you, apprentice. You have been a grand pupil, perhaps the best in a long time. For this I shall miss and grieve for the endless existence ahead of you."

No emotion showed on her face as she simply replied, "Thank you, master. Farewell."

BGM: On the Precipice of Defeat - TV Animation BLEACH Original Soundtrack 1 - .com/watch?v=VLB2o3VYcO0

Time resumed, with her now-healed body standing before the throne of the Golden King once more. At first, one could say that nothing other than her body had changed, yet anyone able to sense magic would note the astronomical increase in the amount of mana that radiated from her now.

The King flinched. "What the...what the hell just happened to you?!?" He warily shouted as apprehension began to dawn on him.

She merely smiled and said, "Nothing within the pitiful boundaries of your mind would allow you to understand. Just know that you will die here, Gilgamesh!" Her right arm rose and hung in the air for a few seconds before applying the knowledge she had learned merely seconds ago and spoke just three words.

"Jeweled Sword Zelretch!"

A small sword formed in her hand. The grip and guard itself were simple, yet the blade was exceedingly beautiful, seemingly formed from pure crystal. Nothing radiated from the sword itself, yet it hid an ability that vastly outclassed almost anything that could stand against it, including the so-called 'Holy Grail'.

BGM: THIS ILLUSION (Instrumental) Fate/Stay Night Original Soundtrack

The Golden King could feel it; what that woman had just called would undoubtedly destroy him if he didn't act fast. He reached behind him and pulled out the one weapon that had never failed him. A weapon with a golden hilt similar to the King was pulled from the Gate, its darkened blade decorated with crimson etchings looked anything but the unimaginable force of destruction it truly was.

"I don't know what you are planning to do with that simple piece of trash, but don't think you'll be able to hit me with it!" He roared with fervor, and the darkened blade, Ea, began to awaken. The three equal components of the blade slowly began to revolve, approaching the speed in which, when unleashed, would release a torrent of destruction capable of scarring the land.

The magus simply waited, knowing that anything the Golden King could throw at her would be useless, including Ea. She simply held her ground and continued to smirk devilishly at her hated enemy.

The Golden Knight, upon seeing this, snapped. "I've had enough of your disrespectful appearance! Enuma-!"

The magus quickly began to concentrate, and the sword began to glow with a prismatic light, the surface of the blade shifting from red to orange, to yellow, to green, blue, violet, white, and back again to red as the process continued to repeat itself an infinite number of times each second.

"Elish!" The Golden King roared, and the torrent of destruction was released from Ea, barreling unmercifully towards the waiting magus.

The torrent never even got close to her.

A wave of light infinitely more powerful than Ea was released with one stroke from the Jeweled Sword, and it swallowed the torrent of destruction and raced onward towards the Golden King like a vengeful phoenix, hungry to end his existence.

The Golden King was shocked, knowing now that his end had finally come. He was determined, however, to not go quietly. He laughed manically at her as his death approached. "Splendid! To think that you could kill me! But you shall not live to witness what happens to this world in my wake!" With his last command, he pulled a blood red lance from the Gate, spoke its name, and was swallowed by the wave of light almost immediately afterward.

BGM: Keiyaku Fate/Stay Night the Animation Original Soundtrack

The Golden Kings' existence was erased from the world, but his final decree would be absolute. The magus fell backwards onto the cold stone floor, a bloody red lance emerging from her chest with her heart skewered upon it.

Thus, the magus - no, the hero known as Tohsaka Rin passed from this world, her twenty year goal finally accomplished.

End Chapter 1

Chapter 2 Preview

Darkened Memories; Clear Sky

A Hero returns, called forth by memories of the past.
A hidden truth is revealed, and measures are taken against it.
Events unfold, both familiar and unknown.
An agile beast confronts the insufferable giant.