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The Okonomiyaki cart rolled down the road, pulled by an old man in a white Gi with glasses and a bandanna over his obviously bald head. On the roof was a small boy with his hair tied up in a ponytail, no older than six years old, who was waving at a small figure running down the road after them. As the cart went past a crowd, they heard the small boy shouting "Goodbye, Ucchan! I'll miss you!" When the small figure ran past, they saw it was a little girl, the same age as the boy, running for all she was worth with a small spatula in her hand. "You jerk! You were supposed to take me with you!" The crowd facefaulted.

The boy turned around to his father. "Daddy, what does Ucchan mean we were meant to take her with us?"

The father stopped pulling the cart. "Uhh….." He wanted to run off with the cart, like he was, in his mind at least, entitled to. He accepted the dowry, and just never bothered mentioning the fact that he had gotten his son into another arranged marriage.

"Were we supposed to take Ucchan with us? Is that why you were talking to Ucchan's dad?" the boy asked again, getting a curious look in his eye.

The father sighed… There was no point in denying it. He had nearly tainted his honour yet again. He had to stop doing this. "Yes, Ranma. We're taking Ukyou with us."

Ranma's eyes lit up. He was going to be travelling with his best friend ever!! Ranma jumped down off the roof of the cart and ran to his friend. "Ucchan! Ucchan! Guess what! You're coming with us!"

Upon hearing Ranma shout those words, Genma felt dread. How was he going to raise his son to be a Man Amongst Men if there was going to be a girl tagging along? He sighed. Well, Genma thought, I suppose I'm going to have to work this out as it comes. He turned round and looked at his son and future daughter-in-law hug each other.

Ukyou was coming with them.

10 years later

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife!"

Ranma nearly collapsed at them words. He was married! And to the one person in the world he could trust no less! He and Ukyou were going to live happily ever after! Who cares if it was in a small registry office in the Kita ward of Tokyo? Nothing could possibly spoil the newlywed couple's mood. What could possibly go wrong?

It was then that Genma walked into the room, tears in his eyes. "Son… You've made an old man very proud!"

"Ah, it was nothin' Pop." Ranma replied, a large smile on his face. Genma had said that he'd arrange their honeymoon, a set of springs in china. Jusenkyo, he said their name was. Sure, his pop was always trying to make him go to weird training grounds in other parts of the country, but he trusted his father that he wouldn't make him fight anybody on his honeymoon.

How wrong he was.

Ranma looked at his newlywed wife. She was beautiful! Ranma Saotome was the happiest man on the planet, and he would share that happiness with his new wife, Ukyou Saotome. Gone was the Kuonji name that Ukyou despised for so many reasons. One of those reasons that she had told Ranma was that her father had traced her and was trying to make her break off her engagement to Ranma, claiming that Ranma had another fiancée, which was total rubbish. Ranma had never been away for more than a day, not nearly long enough to build a relationship with anyone. No, Ukyou was Ranma's wife, and only wife. And that was it.

Ukyou looked at her husband and couldn't help but feel proud of the one man she loved. If there was anyone out there that also claimed to be his wife, as her father had said, she'd cut them down faster than they could run. How dare her father try to make her leave her beloved, based on some pitiful lie that he made no doubt to try and get her to marry somebody more 'worthy' of her. Ukyou's father was in hospital for a month after saying that. No, Ranma was her husband, and that was that.

Genma looked at his son and daughter-in-law. Oh, how he was happy. He couldn't have asked for a better family. And now he was going to provide an all-expenses-paid trip to some natural springs in China. He was a good father. He'd been assured by the local guide they were welcome to visit, but then he started rambling on about the history of the site. Genma thanked him for the information and hung up after that, not taking note of anything the guide said. They would be leaving today. Genma had already booked the tickets and had asked for two seats together and another single seat behind or in front. He intended for the happy couple to be as happy as possible together.


Jusenkyo, The Land Of Cursed Springs.

Ranma, Ukyou and Genma arrived at the 'honeymoon' with a little less enthusiasm as they might have expected of themselves. None of them were expecting the airport to be that far away. However, they were here, and it was not what they were expecting.

Pools further than the eye could see were stretching into the distance, bamboo poles sticking out of them. Fog gave the landscape a well deserving eerie feel. The only sign that there was anybody living nearby was a small hut over to the right of the pools, a small chimney emitting smoke. The party walked to the hut and knocked, to have the door opened by a small dumpy, looking man with a pipe. He took a moment to look at their faces and realised that they must be visitors.

"Aiya! Visitors!"

The trio facefaulted. They all thought that this was a well-known set of springs, with accommodation. Genma took charge.

"Hello," he said, bowing. Ranma and Ukyou followed suit. "We're here for the springs. You said that we could use them?"

The guide looked at them in surprise. "You wish use springs?" he said in badly joined Japanese.

The married couple nodded. "We're here for our honeymoon. My father said he booked us a place here." Ranma said, indicating Genma as his father.

"Visitors welcome use springs, but there things you must know." The three visitors to the Chinese man's home perked their ears up. "These training grounds, cu—"

"TRAINING GROUNDS!?" Ranma shouted. He grabbed his father, and raised him off the ground. "Pop, I know you've done some stupid things before, but this is the one that tops it! You bought me and Ucchan here for our honeymoon to TRAIN!?"

Genma formed a sweatdrop behind his head. "But I thought this was a perfect honeymoon spot!" Genma argued. "I didn't know they were tra—" Ranma interrupted him.


"How dare you think that I and Ran-Chan would want to fight on our honeymoon! Ukyou shouted.

Ranma and Ukyou had both received training in the school of Anything Goes Martial Arts by Genma since they were six. Both were accomplished martial artists and had their own unique style. Ranma, with his ability to manipulate Ki easily, had some unique Ki abilities, whereas Ukyou, being an Okonomiyaki chef since long before she could remember, had based her fighting around that. They both had picked up attacks from each other, so both knew how to blast a Ki bolt and wield weaponry. (Ukyou's favoured weapon was a giant spatula she kept strapped to her back) Both were easily capable of dealing with people that came their way, either trying to reclaim money that Genma had never payed, or simply to have a crack at two martial artists.

Genma was shocked. He had tried to bring his son up to respect his elders. He wasn't very good at it, but this was the worst he'd ever been. And for Ukyou to join in like that… She was normally a very sensible girl that kept quiet when she didn't need to say anything. Now she was having a stab at Genma for his honest mistake! He had honestly thought these were some natural springs were people could come and relax. That they were training grounds surprised him, but looking at them now, it made sense. The bamboo poles were obviously meant for standing and hopping between, whereas punishment for losing would be to get soaked in the pools below.

With that, Genma came to a decision. He leaped upon the nearest pole, and shouted at the couple below. "If you want to have a go at me for making a mistake, then follow me!"

Ranma instantly leapt upon the nearest pole and leapt after Genma. Ukyou followed suit.

The guide simply sat down on a stool, lit his pipe and sighed. It was going to happen again.

Ranma fired a blast of Ki at his father, but missed. He needed to focus on his accuracy, but wasn't used to it. He normally just blasted anyone that got near him, but projectile shooting a moving target was hard. Ukyou landed on a pole next to him and threw several mini-spatulas at Genma, all of which missed. However, they didn't miss the pole he was standing on.

Genma fell into the pool below, and didn't surface for another two minutes. Ranma and Ukyou started getting worried. Surely a small pool of water hadn't defeated Genma… Had it? They were about to go over and check when they saw a dark shape move underneath the water's surface and braced themselves for Genma's attack that was bound to come.

What the married couple didn't count on was a large, angry looking panda jump out and knocked the couple into different pools each.

Ranma went headfirst into the water, and suddenly wanted to cry out in agony. There was pain! There was pain here unlike anything Ranma had ever felt before! He felt like his body was melting, and reforming itself. Trust Pop to bring us to springs full of acid, Ranma thought. Suddenly, he felt fresh air blow over his face and gasped a deep breath. The water he had nearly swallowed sprayed out of his mouth and nose and landed back in the water. Ranma opened his eyes and winced, the fresh air stinging them. However, Ranma noticed something not quite right with his body….

Ukyou went headfirst into the water. When she landed in it, a strange buzzing went around her, and Ukyou then nearly cried out in pain. A single, sharp stab of what felt like a white-hot knife plunged through her, so hard that she didn't notice the feel of her skin and bones changing. When she felt her head arrive above water, she coughed up water that nearly went into her lungs. It was then that she opened her eyes and saw…

Ranma looked over in the direction he saw his wife get knocked over to, when all he saw was…

A red haired girl…

A brown haired boy…

Ranma jumped out of the pool and ran to the pool with the strange boy. "Are you all right?" Ranma asked, and then froze. Something was wrong with his voice. Never mind, Ranma thought. There are more important matters going on.

Ukyou looked up at the strange red-haired girl and tried to work out why she looked so familiar. "Are you all right?" the girl asked.

Ukyou nodded her head. "Yes, thank you." She replied. And then froze. Her voice was…different, somehow. Ukyou climbed out of the pool and stood up, noticing her perspective on the world was slightly altered. Ukyou couldn't explain it, but wasn't worried right now. She needed to find Ranma. See if he was alright.

Ranma looked at the brown-haired boy. He had eerily familiar eyes. Piercing green eyes that seemed to look right into you. They reminded Ranma of Ukyou as Ukyou had the exact same eyes. Except Ukyou was a girl, and the person in front of him…wasn't.

Ukyou looked into the eyes of the girl in front of her. They were an icy blue, that seemed as clear as day. They were spookily familiar to Ukyou, in that they reminded her of Ranma. Bizarre, she thought.

Ranma decided he ought to ask the boy's name. "Sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name's Ranma Saotome. Who would you be?"

Ukyou looked at the girl in shock. Had the redhead really just said she was called Ranma Saotome? "Uhh.. My name is Ukyou Saotome…"

Ranma looked at the boy in complete disbelief. This boy was claiming to be his wife!

"You cannot be Ukyou Saotome! Ukyou is my wife!"

"I was going to say the same to you!" Ukyou replied. "Ranma Saotome is my husband, and you're clearly not my husband!"

Ranma was taken aback at that. "And why am I not your husband?" Even though I am not married to you, he thought.

"You're a girl!!" Ukyou shouted.

"What!? That's preposterous!!" Ranma shouted back.

"Oh?" Ukyou said. "And what are these, then?" Ukyou reached towards the girls chest, 'Ranma' following the motion of her hand with her eyes. Right up until Ukyou placed a hand on a piece of clothing that was sticking out…and squeezed slightly.

Ranma followed the hand. And stared when he saw where it was headed. When the hand squeezed, Ranma felt it. He felt it even though he knew that he shouldn't be feeling that. How could he feel it!?

"Oh, Kami-Sama…." Ranma whispered. Ranma practically ripped of his shirt only to find…he wasn't a he. Sitting underneath the shirt was a pair of breasts, poking forward proudly, as if to say "Yep! We're breasts! And we're attached to a woman!"

Ukyou paled at the sight of 'Ranma's face. It was pure fear, there. Pure, unadulterated fear. It was then that she noticed that a part of her anatomy was different. She looked down and was shocked to see…nothing. Where were her breasts? What happened to them? And why were her pants rather tight?

Ranma looked at the boy in front of hi— her. He was looking down at his chest in complete fear, and was mumbling something about "where did they go… Where did they go!?" It was only then Ranma realised that the boy in front of her was wearing the exact same clothes as Ukyou was earlier. "U-Ucchan?"

Ukyou looked up to the sound of her being called by Ranma's pet-name. It was then sh—He realised that Ranma's clothes were the exact same ones as the girl in front of her. "Ra- Ran-Chan?"

Ranma stared. The boy had said Ucchan's pet name for hi- her. That left no doubt. The person in front of her had to be her wife. Ranma collapsed into unconsciousness.

Ukyou stared at the girl who was clearly supposed to be her husband. She kept staring when the redhead's rolled into the back of her head and collapsed into a heap. Ukyou decided to take action, and picked the girl up, not bothered about the still-exposed breasts. Sh- He walked to the cabin where that panda and the guide sat, the panda holding a kettle.

Ukyou stopped in front of the guide, put the redhead down and covered the breasts. There ought to be some level of dignity maintained.

The guide looked at them carefully. "Hmm…" he muttered. "You seem to have fallen in spring of drowned boy, Nannichuan. Your friend fell in Nyannichuan, spring of drowned girl. Both tragic stories of boy and girl falling in springs and drowning many years ago. Whoever fall in springs now looks like boy or girl. Eyes always remain same, though." The guide had a puff on his pipe before continuing. "Have hot water. It make you normal again."

Ukyou-kun grabbed the kettle off the stove and wondered what he was meant to do with it. It was only when the guide indicated that he ought to pour it over himself. Ukyou-kun did so and became Ukyou-chan. Thank Kami-Sama, she prayed in her head.

Ukyou now did the same to Ranma-chan, bringing him out of his unconsciousness. A now very male Ranma now stood up.

"Man, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that I was a girl and you were a boy, Ucchan." Ranma said, clearly believing the whole thing never happened.

The panda then poured some hot water over itself, and turned back into Genma. "I'm afraid, boy, that it wasn't a dream." With those words, Genma threw a bucket of cold water over Ranma and Ukyou. "Hot water will turn you back, but only until you get splashed with cold water again.

Ranma-chan looked down at herself. "Aw, man. That just sucks. How am I going to be a man amongst men now?"

Ukyou-kun was slightly more concerned about something else. "Baka! How can we be husband and wife if the husband is female and vice versa!!"

Ranma-chan stared at Ukyou-kun. He was right. This put their marriage in jeopardy. She would not have that. They would head back to Japan and find a cure, as soon as possible. They needed to leave this place as soon as possible, or risk getting cursed again.

"We're leaving." said Genma. "This land is cursed, and if we stay around, we risk getting cursed again. We're heading back to the airport, and back to Japan. I've just remembered that I've got an old friend living in the Nerima Ward that I wouldn't mind visiting, anyway."

Ranma-chan and Ukyou-kun nodded. They would have a honeymoon in Japan, where everything was sane. Not like crazy Chinese springs that made you an aquatransexual. They needed to get away.

As the three foreigners left, the Guide looked at the pools. Again, newly-cursed victims had not considered the idea of dunking themselves in the pools that corresponded to their natural forms. The Guide sighed. It must be part of the magic of this land, I guess. To stop the victims from curing themselves immediately would be an extreme amount of magic, and for it to seemingly affect himself as well, it was phenomenal. The Guide always wondered why he didn't suggest to victims that they dunk themselves… Ah, well. It was too late, anyway. They would learn to deal with it, as would all the others. The Guide turned back into his hut and went on with his life.

Furinkan, Nerima Ward

Tokyo, Japan.

It was raining. It had been raining all day, and the only thing that made it barely acceptable was that it was the middle of summer. The water falling freshened everything up, drowning the muggy air and refreshing the citizens of Nerima.

A panda walked round a corner flanked by a boy and a girl. The boy was rather tall, with brown hair flowing down his back, tied into a ponytail. His eyes were a piercing green that seemed to ask you if you were feeling lucky, punk. He wore a bandoleer of spatulas around his torso and a giant spatula strapped to his back. He also wore a small utility belt with a set of kitchen utensils attached at various points, as well as a flask of water. He glanced quickly at his friend, a small redhaired girl. The hair was tied back in a pigtail running down just past her shoulders. She wore a plain red Chinese shirt with black tongs, with a spork attached to her back. There were no bandoleers or utility belts on the small redhead, but the spork was seemingly large enough on her to do enough damage.

The panda in between them towered over the duo, and was writing on a sign. Holding it up, the two humans read the sign. [Turn left here.]

They turned the corner and saw a large house a little way down the road. The sign hanging next to the gate was a traditional wooden one. The three travellers stopped in front of it.

"Tendo Dojo of Anything Goes Martial Arts…" Ranma-chan read. Pop, you never mentioned your friend also taught Anything Goes.

Genma-Panda held up another sign: [Me and Tendo trained together, and we decided that to unite our families, we would have our children marry.]

Ranma-chan finished reading the sign. And blew up. She glowed an intense blue and formed a ball of energy between her hands. Aiming her hands in front of her, she shouted. "ANTI-PANDA STRIKE!"

Genma-panda flew across the street, a burn mark in the middle of his chest. He held up another sign. [What was that for!?]

"You promised somebody that I would marry their daughter! Don't you think that this was a bad idea considering that Ucchan and I are MARRIED!?"

Ukyo-kun stood exactly where he was. He was planning his method of execution. The stupid fool had done it again! As well as getting the three of them cursed, he had promised somebody that he would have his family joined to another. This was too far. The man would die.

Ukyou-kun never got the chance to act, as the gates behind him suddenly flew open. Thrown off his feet, Ukyou-kun landed flat on his face and never saw the chaos that ensued.

A man in a grey Gi sprinted out of the gates and promptly placed himself between the glowing girl and the burnt panda. "Stop! Who are you to attack wild pandas!?" he shouted. He never got an answer as he was hit round the back of the head by a sign. [WHO ARE YOU CALLING A PANDA!?]

Ukyou-kun pushed himself up. It had stopped raining. It was time to get everyone back into their normal forms. He pulled a portable griddle and a pot out of nowhere, and poured the water into the pot. Letting it heat up, he looked at the carnage in front of him. The man who had knocked her flying was now on his back, first and little fingers sticking out with his thumbs whilst the middle two were planted deep in his palms. Checking the water, he decided it was warm enough. He poured it into three beakers and poured one over himself, turning himself back into a female. She walked over to Ranma-Chan and poured it over the redhead, returning her husband to his real form. She then threw the last beaker at the panda standing over the grey-Gi man. Genma returned to his human form, and then turned over the man in front of him. And nearly fainted. The man had a moustache, was tall and had red eyes from seemingly constant crying. Genma collapsed to his knees, and muttered something.

"What was that, pop?" Ranma asked.

"It's… my friend that we came to meet…" Genma stammered. "Soun Tendo…"

"This is the man who you decided with to engage me to his daughters!?" Ranma screamed.

"Yes… Yes, it is."

Ranma sighed. This would be a bad first impression indeed. Picking up the grey-Gi'd man, or Soun Tendo, as he was called, Ranma slung him over his shoulder and walked into the property. Stepping up to the front gate, Ranma knocked on the door.

As the door opened, a young woman, no older than twenty years, stood and took in the scene. Suddenly, she realised that the youth in front of her was carrying her father.

"Father!" she exclaimed.

Suddenly, the noise of running came from inside, and two other girls ran out. "Daddy!" they chimed in unison. One had long bluish-black hair that looked like it had been dyed and then re-dyed. It flowed past her shoulders and was well-looked after. Her face was, at the moment, looking on in terror. But behind that, Ranma could see a cute little face that hid many secrets. She looked no older than sixteen years. The other was slightly taller than the long-haired girl, and had short cropped hair that indicated she knew what she was doing. It also shone in places that seemed to catch your eye. Her face was completely different, though. Her eyes were a cold, dull grey, Even though she was clearly anxious, she still somehow managed to keep a straight face…

Ranma sweatdropped. This couldn't be good.

Suddenly, the youngest of the girls came forward. "Who are you and what have you done with Daddy!?" she shouted.

"Akane, please!" the girl who answered the door said. "The man is a guest, you mustn't be this way in front of guests."

"Kasumi, he's clearly beaten up our dad!" the girl called Akane replied. "How can you have respect for somebody that attacks people for no reason?"

"From what I've heard, I have every reason…" Ranma muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Akane asked, eyes narrowing as if to try and stare Ranma out.

"Nothin'," Ranma replied quickly. "Look, I'm sorry about this. I can get my companions to help explain."

"Well," said Akane. "It better be good. I don't go easy on people who attack my family."

Nodding, Ranma put the head of the Tendo clan on the ground gently, and then went back to the gate.

He called to Ukyou and "Fur brain" to come into the house, saying they were going to be doing some explaining.

Ukyou sighed. There had been too many interruptions in her marriage, and it hadn't even been a month.


"So…" said Soun Tendo. "You turn into a girl, you into a boy and you, old friend, into a panda, when splashed with cold water. Correct?"

The three travellers nodded.

"Bizarre." Soun said.

"Tendo, I must press forward with my reason for visiting." Genma said, earning him an evil glare from his son.

"And what would that be, Saotome?" asked Soun.

"Do you remember our agreement, involving…" He made some thinly disguised hand movements, that clearly indicated his son and the three girls of the house. They had been introduced as Kasumi, 19 years old, Nabiki, 17 years old and Akane, 16 years old. They had also given a little information about each other. Kasumi had taken over the household chores since their mother had died many years ago, Nabiki was a ruthless moneymaking machine and would sell you for a couple hundred yen, and Akane was a martial artist in training, who was confident in her abilities. The last introduction had caught Ranma and Ukyou's attention, and both were evaluating her bit by bit.

"Ah, yes! I do remember." Soun said proudly. "And I believe that we ought to get things out of the way." Soun stood up and cleared his throat.

"Daughters, this is my dear friend Genma Saotome. Many years ago we trained together, and we both decided towards the end of our training that the Saotome-Tendo schools of Anything Goes martial Arts should be continued. We both decided that the best way to ensure this is to marry our families together."

The last sentence had caused many shouts of complaint from the Tendo girls.

Soun silenced them with a hand gesture. "We agreed this on the night that Kasumi was born, and we agreed that when Saotome had his first boy, they would get married later in life. As it happens, I had three more children." Soun said the last sentence for Genma's benefit, but he was clearly enjoying himself, working himself up for what he was about to say.

"Ranma, I want you to choose any of my girls to be your fiancée. I'm sure that none of them will have any problems with this." Soun said, placing a certain amount of emphasis on certain words, aiming his look at the middle Tendo daughter.

Genma was practically vibrating with nervous excitement. "Well, Ranma, who do you want?"

Ranma looked at the three girls, then at the fathers, and then at Ukyou. Kasumi was calm-faced, Akane was looking rather angry at the whole situation, and Nabiki was…Nabiki. Soun was beaming at him proudly, and Genma was smiling his face off. Lastly, Ukyou was looking at him, with worried eyes. Ranma snorted.

"What is it, son?" Genma said.

"You are an idiot." Ranma said bluntly to his father. "I noticed that you neglected to mention one very important fact."

"What's that?" Genma said. From the blank look on his face that he clearly had no idea what Ranma was on about.

"How about the fact that me and Ukyou are married?" Ranma replied coolly.

Genma froze.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" Soun shouted, his head now a massive demon head with forked tongue and horns.

"HE'S…HE'S LYING!!" Genma shouted, gaining him a hit on the head with a ginat spatula and a giant spork.

"What the HELL are you on about, Old Man!?" Ranma shouted.

"Who do you think you are if you think you can call our marriage a lie!?"


"SA-O-TO-ME!!!!" Soun thundered. "IS THIS TRUE!?"


Ranma hit his father over the head with the rounded side of his giant spork. "Shut up, Pop." He said. Ranma then turned to Ukyou. "Ucchan, when did we meet?"

"Ten years ago, why?" Ukyou asked.

Ranma waved the question away. "What did our fathers say after three months of us knowing each other?"

"That we ought to get married to each other in the future." Said Ukyou, catching on.

"What was the dowry between our families?"

"The only form of our families income, our Okonomiyaki cart."

"What stupid thing did my pop do after three weeks of having to drag it around?"

"Sell it for food money, not realising I knew how to use the equipment on the cart to make Okonomiyaki. He would have spent less money on ingredients."

"Mr. Tendo, This is proof that me and Ukyou are married. It also proves my father is an idiot and was probably drunk when you two had the idea."

The two fathers blushed.

Ranma sighed. He stood up and bowed towards the three Tendo girls. Ukyou did the same. "Our apologies for barging in this evening. We hope you can forgive us." Ranma said. He then threw his father out into the yard and fired a ball of glowing energy at him, knocking the man unconscious. "We'll be leaving now." He said to the family.

With that, he and Ukyou walked into the garden, picked Genma's feet up and dragged him along the ground and out of the property, hand in hand.

"Well," said Soun. "That was interesting." Then he remembered that his friend had betrayed him. "Ohhh, my poor girls! They're never going to get married!"

The Tendo girls facefaulted, then went to help their father before he flooded the house.


Ranma and Ukyou walked through the town of Furinkan, noting that there was a school and a fairly busy town centre. It was night now, and the artificial glow of the street lamps made everything seem abandoned.

Ukyou then noticed an empty shopfront, placed in prime view of the shoppers that would walk around during the day. Suddenly, several thoughts ran through her mind.

"Fancy staying here for a while, Ran-Chan?" Ukyou said to her husband.

"I wouldn't mind, it seems a nice place. But where would we stay?"

Ukyou pointed to the storefront and the three bedroomed flat above it. "We could buy that store space and set up an Okonomiyaki restaurant. The money would pay for that flat above it and we could still have some left over." She smiled. "It'd be good! We'd make a positive impression on the locals, have a place to sleep and be able to go to school!"

Ranma smiled. He liked the idea. "We'll sort all that out tomorrow. For now, let's book into a hotel."

Ukyou frowned. "With what money?"

"I have some in case of emergency on me at all times." Ranma said. "It's enough to pay for two rooms, or one double room."

"But what about Pop?" Ukyou asked.

"HAH!" Ranma laughed. "Do you think he deserves a bed to sleep in tonight after what he tried to do?"

Ukyou laughed and smiled. "Even so, nobody deserves to be left outside on their own." She thought quickly, and came upon a solution. "Let him earn his room. He can do the hotels dishes. And we can make sure he doesn't get a room anywhere near us."

Ranma smiled. He liked that plan. "And sometimes I forget how I fell in love with you." Ranma laughed.

Ukyou smiled and kissed her partner. "It's because I'm so devilishly clever and beautiful." She said.

"And you cook like a dream, let's not forget that." Said Ranma.

Ukyou laughed. "Yes, let's not forget that either, Mr. Bottomless-Stomach." She said, poking him in the belly.

Ranma laughed and walked into the hotel with his wife.

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