Maybe it was just fate…

Neji had always believed in fate. Ever since he had been born, he believed his fate had been decided.

He was the clan genius, but he was also the caged bird; bred to protect his meek, unworthy cousin.

He was handsome without a doubt. But he would always be second to the village traitor. No matter how loyal he was, Neji would always be second in looks when compared to the Uchiha.


But he had accepted his fate.

After all it was his fate to become a shinobi… He was destined for great things.

Even though he was a caged bird, he was respected and feared because of his name.

His name and image preceded him.


His fate had also decided who his teammates were. No matter how much Neji denied it, his teammates always completed him.

Lee represented the weakness he had to overcome, his social fears.

Gai-sensei was his father figure, no matter how annoying, he would always push Neji to his limits to better himself.

And Tenten…she was his light. The sun for his darkness. The reason he smiled, or at least felt some strange sort of happiness whenever she was around.


He had accepted his fate because fate had always made his imperfections and flaws his greatest assets.

Fate always awed him.

Like that time where fate led Neji into a abandoned hut with Tenten trailing behind him in order to escape the pouring rain.

Or the time when fate forced Neji to walk in on Tenten changing.

Or even the silly times when fate let him be the savior when his friends and teammates were thrashed by those bar thugs, only because Lee couldn't hold his drinks down.


But most especially when fate presented to him his most precious person in a white veil on their wedding day.

And also when Hiashi and Hinata named his beautiful baby boy, with his chocolate brown Byakugan clad eyes, the heir of the clan.

Yes, Neji had accepted his fate.

Mostly because fate seemed to love him, in the most twisted of ways.

Neji and fate inspired drabble.

Obliviously I was bored in Trig.

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