Chapter 1: A change in my life

"Nooo" I yelled as I felt my body go limp, as I fell I heard a laugh that could have sent chills up anyone body and a fire burning though me where the man had bit me

my thoughts ran to my parents and my boyfriend mikey what would happen now I had so much to do before I died but I guess my unlucky life has led me to death and A new life.

My thoughts scattered as I heard a hiss from the old man and my name yes it had to be "mik...ey" I choked out as I felt the darkness taking over me,

"Raven on oh god no don't die on me please stay with me open your eyes please ravennn" he yelled but to my ears it sounded like a whisper in the darkness


"oh god raven no please stay with me" I yelled as I ran to her limp body and picked her up and ran from the ally yelling for help from anybody near me

But no one turned to me so I ran with her in my arms her body getting colder every minute I held her, my mind running like crazy while still yelling

For her to stay with me as I ran in to the hospital and yelled for help as doctors came running and took her from my arms tears threaten to fall

as I saw them lay her limp body on the bed and rush the get more doctors only one thought caught in my head as I saw her laying there still as a doll

On the white cotton bed *why her...why her ....why her, the only one I truly loved and to propose to the night why is it her I see lying here on this bed why...*

My thoughts faded as a woman asked me to move to check ravens heart beat.


pain that's all I felt as I felt warm hands picked me up and ran, I don't know where or even how long it took but the last thing I had felt was a hand letting mine

Go after that I fell into darkness my mind going blank and my breath stopping in my chest all other feeling in my body stopped everything but the fire burning though

My veins


As time ticked I watched her body like a hawk but at that time when her body just went limp I ran to her and saw her breathing had slowed to almost nothing which scared me so I ran and pressed the button for help but at that exact moment her chest fell and her breathing ceased to nothing and the sound from the machine made me jump, when I looked over she was as pale as a ghost and she had no pulse anymore. The doctors rushed in at the same moment I fell to my knees beside her tears streaming down my cheeks


Sudden darkness that's all I saw, I felt the fire fading and my body getting colder *what would happen now* I thought as everything came back the old man, mikey, mom, dad, along with every sound and smells that I took in as my life came to an end. I started to awake into my new life when I opened my one eye I saw him kneeling beside me *are those tears no way is he really crying why* when I opened my eyes all the way I realized why he was crying, I could see it in the mirror and I was pale as a ghost and I had no pulse anymore so it showed that on one of the many screens around the room


As I felt her body twitch under my hand I looked up tears staining my face I saw that her eyes were open. The moment I saw I went to say her name and the door flew open and I went flying back, as I was about to hit the wall I saw him, the same old man that had bit raven had her limp body in his arms, as he turned and ran out of the room I hit the wall and went unconscious.