Title: Did you have a better idea?

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Timeline: Alex is 18 years old and still a spy.

Summary: A spy for MI6, an assassin for Scorpia, a bed and a bottle of wine or two. Alex should have known it was not his best idea to spend his night off. On the other hand Yassen does not think the same.

Pairs: Alex/ Yassen

Disclaimer: The characters from Alex Rider books belong to Anthony Horowitz. I just 'borrow' them.

Chapter 1: Wake up

Alex felt his head heavy and his stomach empty and nauseous as he drifted into consciousness. He could tell he must have gone to bed quite drunk the night before. It was a feeling he had felt only once before but had decided not to repeat after Jack was done yelling at him. That had been on the evening that his best friend, Tom, had reached his majority and he as well as several guys from school had gone out to celebrate. Alex was the only one not old enough to order but he somehow passes as an adult and they had not asked him for an id.

'Why did I drink again?' he wondered as he struggled to sit up. He desperately needed an aspirin

But try as he might, he could not move properly.

Cracking a bloodshot eye open he finally took notice of a strong, muscled arm around his waist.

'An arm is usually attached to a body,' the spy rationalized. Thus thinking he turned around only to meet a finely toned chest.

A very unhelpful and very hormonal part of Alex could not think past the hard, pale flesh where scars of various sizes and shapes were carved.

Feeling more awake, his eyes inched upward and he soon closed them and bit back a groan.

Because it turned out that his bed partner was none other than Yassen Gregorovich.

'It just had to be him,' the young adult groaned.

Then the hand tightened around him and Alex stilled.

Soon, a deeper male voice spoke in clear English, but with a faint hint of an unidentified accent.

"'Morning Alex."

The British spy was turned easily around on his side and he was now facing the Russian assassin.

End of chapter 1

A/N: How was it? This will story will have two more chapters that will be shortly posted. I hope you like it. It is my first fiction with this pair and I really want to know what you think.