Title: Did you have a better idea?

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Timeline: Alex is 18 years old and still a spy.

Summary: A spy for MI6, an assassin for Scorpia, a bed and a bottle of wine or two. Alex should have known it was not his best idea to spend his night off. On the other hand Yassen does not think the same.

Pairs: Alex/ Yassen

Disclaimer: The characters from Alex Rider books belong to Anthony Horowitz. I just 'borrow' them.

A/N: I know it has been months since the last update but here is the third and last part of this story. Sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy this.


By the time Yassen finished talking Alex had remembered all the hazy and not so hazy details about the night he spent with the older man next to him and he was all too aware of his cock hardening under the thin sheets. And it seemed that Yassen noticed, too.

Chapter 3:

Alex reached for the briefs he saw tossed on the floor beside him but Yassen touched his arm.

"You won't need that Alex."

"I need to get up," the blonde replied.

"Cold showers are not good for you," Yassen commented as he traced his hand lower until he reached the tented sheet.

Alex shuddered when that light touch became insistent and the sheet was yanked away from him.


"You don't need that," Yassen breathed. He moved his hand over the half hard flesh and smirked when he saw Alex reacting to his touch. "You like that, don't you?"

"Don't… don't stop," Alex ordered. He was now fully aroused. He turned and pressed his lips on Yassen's harshly.

The assassin kissed back with equal fervour. Alex gasped when the man pulled back and attacked his neck.

"Oh, God!"

"Leave him out of this Alex," Yassen whispered.

"Ah! There!" the British spy said when the grip on him tightened just a tiny bit.

"I can't wait," Yassen told him.

"Where's that self control of yours?" Alex teased.

"Dead and buried," the other replied. He reached for the half open jar of lube on the night stand. "I want you to prepare yourself," he told Alex.

The younger man smiled and nodded. "Did you watch last night too? Did you like seeing me spread my legs? Like this?"

"Don't try to tease me," Yassen warned. "You won't like that."

Alex laughed and slipped his fingers in the lube.

"Hurry up," Yassen told him when it looked like Alex wanted to tease him.

The spy closed his eyes and started stretching himself. He had considered teasing Yassen but he was in a rush too. He was horny and despite any doubts he had he really wanted to feel the older man inside him, remember all the hazy details from the previous night.

"I think I'm ready," Alex spoke up.

Yassen ignored him. He pulled Alex's fingers out and tried with his own.

"Oh!" Alex gasped. "That's nice, don't stop."

The assassin smirked and pulled away. "I'm just starting Alex."

Next morning…

Jack rang the doorbell of the Rider residence just in case. She waited for a couple of minutes before using her keys.

"Alex?" she called out.

Then a man came out of the kitchen. He had short, slightly red hair and wore only a small towel around his hips. He was all muscle and still a bit wet on the torso.

Jack forgot how to function for a minute, even considered cat calling but her sense kicked in.

"Who are you? Where's Alex?" she demanded when she remembered how to talk.

The stranger smirked. "He's upstairs," he told her. A hand was offered. "My name is Yassen. You must be Jack."

Jack shook the offered hand with confusion. "Are you a friend of Alex's?"

"I'm no friend of his," Yassen replied.

There was a thud and a curse from upstairs. Jack grew worried.

"Alex?" she called out.

The blonde boy she practically raised was getting down the stairs, walking carefully and wearing only a towel like the man she met.

"Jack?" the spy asked.

"Good morning to you too. Although it's nearly noon," Jack told him. "Did you forget I would come over to cook today?"

Alex rubbed his head. "Apparently I have," he muttered.

"You are hung-over," Jack accused. "Is he your drinking buddy?" she pointed at Yassen.

"I'm his lover," the Russian assassin said before Alex could open his mouth.

"You are?" Jack sounded surprised but then it was replaced with delight. "Well, you are staying for lunch then."

"He is not," Alex said.

"Why not?" Jack demanded. She was like a child denied her favourite toy.

"Because your boyfriend and his friends are coming," Alex replied.

"And?" Jack questioned.

"SAS members and free lance assassins don't mix," Alex told her.

"A-assassin?" Jack echoed.

Alex sighed. There really was no use in prolonging this. He best get it over with and fast. "Meet Yassen Gregorovich."

The two men could only watch as Jack fainted once she realized exactly who her Alex was seeing.

Alex turned to Yassen. "Any other bright ideas?"

"SAS Alex?" the Russian asked.

"My former team-mates. Jack is dating Wolf. Fox is a good friend of mine and the rest are good company."

"Well, we better help Jack with the cooking or there will be nothing for lunch," Yassen told him. "But we should get dressed first."

Alex gasped. "You want to sit down and eat lunch with the K-Unit?"

"As long as all guns are locked away," Yassen amended. "I'm not as young as I used to be."

The spy groaned. "This is insane!"

"Do you have a better idea?" Yassen asked him.

"Yes, not drinking anything ever again," the blonde declared.

Yassen laughed and kissed him. "I'll wake her up. You get that ass ready." His gaze lingered a bit more and Alex felt excited. Their eyes met and they knew they had successfully turned each other on again. It would take very little for Alex to get hard and ready for the assassin.

"I thought you wanted me dressed, not ready for sex," Alex quipped.

"I have a flexible schedule," Yassen warned.

End of story

A/N: It's been a while, I know but this is the last part of this story. I might write a sequel or another chapter but it might be a while. I want to apologize for the long time it took me to update and I can only hope you like this chapter.