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Alucard conscience

Alucard thinking


Alucards Point of View

Alucard woke up from what seemed like a deep sleep, but did not open his eyes right away. It would seem that Seras was able to find a cure for the poison after all. I was worried that the mummies might actually hurt her. Then it came to him; the smell of blood. But not just any blood, the blood of his Police Girl. What the heck. He opened his eyes in a snap and just in time saw his beloved Police Girl falling onto the bed with a blessed bayonet in her heart.

He was frozen for what seemed like an eternity, but quickly gained his composer and sat up. After quickly taking the accursed weapon out of his fledgling's chest, he looked around the room to find who was responsible for this crime. A laugh was heard on the other side of the room. Alucard looked up and saw the Paladin looking smug and cocky with himself. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Judas priest." Alucard said with as much control as he could muster.

"Yes, it has been awhile since the last time we faced each other." replied the human regenerator. "I was hoping that I would kill you while you were still asleep, but I find it better this way. This way, I will be able to torture you and you will see the error of your ways. Then I can send you a one way ticket to the pits of hell." continued the Paladin.

"Like I would allow such a thing to occur." Said Alucard as he got up from his bed and place the Police Girl where he once was. "After what you have done," continued the No Life King "I will be the one torturing here!" He roared as he charged the Paladin with a speed greater than anything of this Earth. Alucard flung his fist and was able to hit the Paladin square in the chest, thus sending him through the wall and into the hallway. But Alucard was not done and he ran after him. What is this rage? he thought as he grabbed Anderson s arm and breaking it in one squeeze. Is this all because of Seras? he thought again as he tore at the priests flesh. How can I feel this way? I am the No Life King! Plus vampires are not suppose to feel emotion. HE was snapped out of his t6houghts though as he tried to maneuver himself out of the way of the oncoming blades.

"I will not let you do what you have in mind monster." said Anderson "I am the divine tool of God, and you are just the devils slave. What hope do you have against me?" Anderson did not give Alucard time to answer as the Paladin threw more bayonets at him.

"I don't care who you serve." barked Alucard "I don't care what your cause is!" he started to gather dark energy from deep within himself, concentrating it into a ball of fury. "All I do know is that if you touch what I hold precious to me and what is mine you die on the spot, but if you hurt what is mine and put her life in danger then" he said with growing fury "I will make you wish you were never born!" With that Alucard sprinted to the Paladin and shoved fist full of dark energy into priest, thus making him unable to move. "Now die like the trash you are!" With that said Alucard released his hell hounds and killed the Paladin slowly and painfully.

"Alucard what happened here!" said his master as she and some other men came toward him .

"Nothing my master, I was just taking out the garbage."

Couple of Hours Later

Where am I? She thought as she stared into the nothingness around her. She tried to move but could not. Am I dead? It certainly looks like it. She was starting to get cold. She could not cry out for help, she could not get warm again. What's happening? Everything around her was getting darker. She felt like she was drowning in the darkness around her; pulling her down into its depths. At least…at least I could save master. She thought to herself as she kept on falling into the darkness.

Then all of the sudden, she could fell something in her mouth. It felt like a liquid, but it was thicker and richer than anything she had ever tasted before. It was also very sweet and powerful with a warm spicy taste in the mix. What is this? It tastes so good. She could feel herself gaining strength and the oppressive feeling to drowning was getting weaker, but she hardly noticed for she could only focus on the magnificent taste of the liquid in her mouth that just seems to keep coming.

'Seras, come to me. Your master calls for you.'

'Master? Master I'm coming!' She tried with all of her might to get out of the darkness surrounding her, but she was still weak and could not move as well as she once could.

'Do you want to come back Seras?' said the disembodied voice of her master.

'Yes, master. I want to come back. I want to be with you. I don't want to die.'

'Why?' was her masters only question, and it was the one answer she did not want to give. Should I tell him? 'Why do you hesitate Seras Victoria?' It was then did she realize that her master just said her name.

'Why did you use my name?'

"I do believe I asked you first Seras, but since you asked I call you by your name because you have proven yourself worthy of it, but I won't get use to it because I rather like calling you my Police Girl. It reminds me of the first time we met." replied her master. "So tell me now Police Girl, why do you want live? What is your purpose in your unlife?"

She was silent, trying to think if she should tell him. I can't tell him though. If he says he does not feel the same I don't think I could take that."My purpose is to serve you, master." was her only reply.

"Why?" thinking of a way to get out of this interrogation Seras decided to fudge the truth a little.

"Because you are my master."

"Seras you are lying to me. Tell me the truth." It could have just been her, but his voice almost sounded gentle. It looks like I can't lie to him. What else can I do? "I live because I…I love you." There was a moment of silence before she heard her masters reply.

"Sleep my Seras."

One Month Later: Alucard's Point of View

Alucard was stumped. How the heck are you suppose to deal with a girl who says he loves you. It's not like he has never been told things similar to that, but usually he would just reject them or just have a one night stand with them. But he really did not want to do that to his Police Girl. Just thinking about it made his undead heart clench. What the hell is this felling?! I am the No Life King! I do not feel emotions such as love and kindness. But still there was the aching in his heart that told him otherwise.

It has been a month since his Police Girl confessed her feelings to him and so far she just tried to ignore him or avoid him whenever possible. This made him both happy and sad at the same time. Happy because he got some time to think, and sad because he found that he missed his Seras and did not like the fact that she was ignoring him. The last time he even spoke to her was after she first woke up two weeks ago.


Seras had just woke up after two weeks of sleeping. She looked better now, and, thanks to the blood he gave her, she looked less pale. He wondered what would be her first reaction upon seeing him. He also wondered if she would remember what happened in her dream like state. He was not really sure if he wanted her to remember or not. This is because he still did not know what to do in this situation. Her eyes were open now, and she looked rather confused as to why she was there. What should I do now? I had two weeks to try and figure out what I am going to say to her, but I came up with nothing! This is not how the No Life King should be acting. In my day I would just take the women that I liked by force if necessary, but I don't think Seras would like that so much. I don't want to hurt her...... which is odd in itself. He looked at her as she tried to sit herself up on the bed, but failed miserably and fell back down. She looked really weak, but she still continued to try and get up anyway.

Just looking at her made his undead heart flip. OK, it's now or never, and I'll just have to face her head on. With that thought in mind he came out of the shadows in which he was hiding in and helped his little fledgling get up. She seemed relieved that she could finally sit up and able to better observe her surroundings. Then when she turned to thank whoever helped her get up, her face turned to shock at seeing him and turned her face away. Although, to Alucard's amusement , he noticed that a light blush was slowly overcoming her face. "Th..th...thank you master." was her shy response. "No problem at all Seras." There was an awkward silence, and he just could not gather enough courage to speak to her. I should talk to her about what she said about her loving me. She probably said that in the heat of the moment. That particular possibility made his heart clench in his chest. Damn! What is this feeling? It feels as though my heart is being constricted.

"Master?" Seras asked.

"Yes Police Girl."

"Ummm.......there was some liquid going down my throat when I was dying, what was it?" she asked.

Alucard sighed and said "To save you, I gave you some of my blood so that you could heal faster."

"But-But that means I am no longer your servant!" exclaimed Seras.

Alucard looked at her and asked "Do you still want to be at my side?"

"Yes." was her answer.

"Then you will always be my servant. Besides you belong to me anyway, you cannot escape that." There was a long pause, and just as he was about to say something to her about what she said about she loving him the door opened revealing Walter and his master, Sir Integra. "Officer Victoria, it would seem that you have awakened. How do you feel?"

"Ummm, I guess I feel fine. How long was I asleep?"

"You were asleep for about two weeks." replied the iron maiden. After that Alucard left the room. Gerrrrrr! I can't believe it! The one time I think of something to say and master has to come in and ruin the moment! I'll have to try again later.

End Flashback

That was two weeks ago and he still had not said anything to his fledgling regarding on what she said before she fell asleep. What to do what to do.

Maybe you should figure out your own feelings first.

What the hell? Who are you?

I'm your conscience here to help you in your time of need!

I don't need your help! I can figure this out by myself thank you very much.

Now Alucard, we both know that that is just your pride talking and you really do need help.

Gerrrrr fine! What do you think I should do?!

Tell her how you feel.

I can't do that! I'm the No Life King! I'm not suppose to feel anything.

Then how come you have not rejected her yet? there was silence. See you really do care about her! Now get off you undead butt and talk to her. I bet she is in her room right now being bored as usual. It would be the perfect time to tell her!

I don't know if I can do this.

What?! You just said you are the No Life King, and if you are that then you can do anything! Now get going before something happens.

No, and what could possibly happen?

Hmmmm......Weeeeeell if you are so inclined on doing nothing, I suppose you would just let one of the perverted soldiers get her first then.This peeked his attention.

What do you mean? Seras would never go for one of those perverted pigs. She is to good for them.

I don't know. If you keep her waiting for to long then she might fall in love with someone else. After all she still hangs on to her humanity, which would mean that she could fall for one of the human soldiers.

NO way in hell! With that Alucard faded through the nearest wall and into his fledglings room.

Time skip

OK, this is it. I'm going to tell her what I feel. Alucard took another deep and unneeded breath. Man why am I so nervous?! He had been hiding in the shadows of his fledglings room for two hours now and he still could not come out of his hiding place and confront the Police Girl.

Come on! She is right there! Just step out and spit it out, then you will be done with it. After taking another unneeded breath Alucard finally stepped out of his hiding place. She spotted him right away and was so surprised that she let out a little 'eep'. Alucard thought that was so cute, but let no emotion come across his face to show it.

"Master wh-wh-why are you here?" Seras stuttered out.

"I am here to talk about what you said the moment before you fell into a deep sleep." She fidgeted in her chair as he stared down at her. He new he should not try to frighten her, but he needed to know the truth before he came out with his feelings. "Ummm, I-I....." she paused for a moment. "Master, I'm sorry if you do not feel the same way but what I said before I fell asleep was true. I have fallen in love with you, and I understand if you do not share those same feelings for me." He stopped listening when she said 'I have fallen in love with you.' So it is true, a sane person actually had fallen in love with him and did not see him as a monster. As these thoughts registered in his mind, his undead heart felt like it was about to burst in his chest. I can't believe it. She does not see me as a monster. That is truly a miracle.

"Ummm master?" He looked down at Seras and saw that she was looking at him with fear in her eyes. This made him frown a little bit. I will not give her any reason to fear me as long as I can help it. "Seras," he started "you do not have to fear me in any way, I'm not going to hurt you in any way." He knelt down in front of her so that he was looking into her eyes. "Though I may not have shown it at times, I really do care about you. I never would have thought that you would ever have any romantic feeling with me for I am a monster so please forgive me if I have hurt your feelings in any way."

"Your not a monster master. You may look like it at times, but I think all you really are is misunderstood and lonely." said Seras. This surprised him yet again. No one had ever said such things to him in all of his life, and it brought tears to his eyes. Seras reached up and cupped his cheek in her hand and whipped away some of the blood tears that were falling down his face. He could not take it anymore and reached out and brought her into his arms. She squeaked a little bit and looked up at him. He smiled down at her and placed his lips over her own. She did not kiss back at first, but after a while she seemed to gather some courage and kissed back. Alucard licked Seras's bottom lip, asking for entrance. She did not hisitate to open her mouth. They battled with there tongue for a while before he pushed away gently.

"Thank you my Seras, you do not know how much that means to me." He said.

"I love you master."

"Alucard, call me Alucard." She looked up at him with a puzzled expression before she nodded and said "I love you Alucard."

"Thank you. I love you also Seras Victoria."