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"I love you." I said, smiling brightly as I pressed my warm lips over his cold ones. He sighed, pulling back from me as I tried to recall how to breath.

"Love you too." Edward replied, smiling his own crooked smile.

We were lying in Edwards bedroom, me getting ready to sleep, Edward holding me tightly against his body.
"Will you be here when I wake up?" I questioned, snuggling against the hard body next to me.

"Do you want me to wake you up before we leave?" He questioned, his mouth turned up slightly.

"Please do." I replied, thinking how sad it would be for me not to wake up in his arms.

"I promise." He laughed, pulling me closer. I closed my eyes, sighing.

He chuckled. "Sleep, Bella. I'll wake you in the morning." Then he started humming the lullaby he had made me so many months ago, making me lull into a deep sleep.


"Bella, its time." A voice said, making me blink sleepily. Then a pair of cold, familiar lips pressed against my forehead and I woke fully, smiling up at Edward. He smiled back, my god-like fiance, gently running his hand over my face. "Hello, love."

I smiled up at him, self-consciously running my own hand over my hair. "Hello."

Edward laughed gently, taking my hand gently in his. "We're getting ready to leave. Jasper and Emmett are going to go hunting tonight instead."

I sat up, leaning against him. "Why aren't they going with you all now?"

Edward rolled his eyes, a smirk on his face. "Its their punishment. They were wrestling last night and broke Esme's favorite vase."

I giggled, knowing that that sounded exactly like something the two of them would do- and something Esme would do in retaliation. "So, are you leaving now?" I asked, the sudden sadness ringing in my voice.

Edward stared at me intently, his lips pressing against mine. "They're already in the car." He kissed me yet again, then stood, his hand lingering on my cheek. "I love you. You know you can stay here as long as you want."

I smiled at him, though I still felt sad. I knew it was irrational, he was only leaving for two days, but I couldn't help it. "I love you too."

He sent me one last grin, kissed me, then squeezed my hand and walked out of his room.

That was the last time I saw him.


I stayed at the Cullen house for another hour, but then I decided to go on home. Emmett tried to get me to stay, said he needed "bonding time with the human", but I told him I had other things to do. Jasper just laughed at his brother, giving me a small smile.

So I drove myself home, deciding the house needed a good cleaning. Charlie had been home alone for the last few days, so it looked pretty unpleasant.

I had just finished the kitchen when I felt it. The heartbreaking sadness that instantly made tears come to my eyes. The feeling of emptiness. The same feelings I had had those months ago- when he left me.

But they weren't my emotions. I knew that. But I also only knew of one person that could do that. I turned quickly, opening the front door. There stood Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper, all looking as if they were going to cry- if they could.

"Bella, we have to talk." Rosalie said quickly, surprising me by placing her hand on my arm. I stared at her, confused, worried. What was going on?

I led them into the living room, sitting on the couch quickly. Jasper sat beside me, Rosalie and Emmett squeezing in on my other side. "Bella, after we left this morning, Alice had a vision." I felt the sadness swell at the name, and my fear grew. "She saw the Volturi coming for us. Saw them waiting. But she didn't know why." Rosalie said, her voice betraying how sad she really was. "Carlisle thought they just wanted to talk. But they didn't. They wanted Alice and Edward. Wanted them to join them."

I sat up straight, my fear intensifying. "Where is he?" I heard the panic in my own voice.

"They told them they could either join, or they would be killed. Alice and Edward both refused, of course." Rosalie continued, as if I hadn't spoken. "Did you know the Volturi has a vampire that can make other vampires unconscious? She hit me, Carlisle, and Esme."

She turned her eyes on me, and for the first time ever, I saw sympathy there. "When we woke up, there were two huge fires."

I stared at her, feeling like I was drowning. Fires. The only way to completely kill a vampire. "They're-"

I didn't have to finish the sentence, I saw the answer in Emmett and Rosalie's eyes. I felt the tears fall from my eyes, felt like my entire world had been torn apart. Again. And this time, there wasn't anyway it was coming back. I saw black dots swim in front of my eyes, heard myself having trouble breathing.

"Breath, Bella." Emmett said, the worry clear in his voice.

I shook my head, my chest feeling like it was about to explode. I heard a muffled sound beside me, and then I was scooped up in someone's arms, sitting on there lap. I looked up, staring into a pair of topaz eyes, the blond hair falling into them. I turned my face into his shoulder, sobbing.

And Jasper just held me, feeling the sadness for all of us.