Hello, one and all. I have recently gotten into Harry Potter and Sailor Moon crossovers and since the new HP movie is coming out in July, I got the itch. So, voila!

Summary: When Sailor Moon beats Beryl, she makes a wish on the crystal that all of her friends would come back to life. She got what she wanted, but in a very different way. They are all reborn in the Harry Potter world, with no recollection (besides Usagi) of their past lives. Now she has to get them to remember again, for if she doesn't, the very wizarding world is in grave danger.

I am only going to say this one time because it is annoying. I do not own Sailor Moon or Harry Potter.

If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask!



Usagi held out her scepter, pouring all of her energy into the crystal. Her friends… her Senshi... were dead. They died protecting her. Now all she could do was cry, remembering her fallen friends.

Beryl stood only feet away, pouring her own energy back at her. It was so hard. She couldn't do this herself.

'Wait… I'm not by myself.' She closed her eyes and began to think of her friends. Ami, the smart one, always trying to get her to do better in school, making her study even when she didn't want to. Rei always yelling at her, but always being there as her best friend. Makoto protecting her and always making her food. Then lastly, Minako, who was boy-crazy and sometimes too vain for her own good, still always helped her take her role as the leader more seriously.

'I'm not alone! I can do this!'

In what seemed like moments, Beryl was vanquished. She had destroyed her, but it all was not over.

'I wish that my friends were alive!'

Her world went black.

End of Prologue