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Harry could not help but stare at Raye, watching as she played with her hands in nervousness. How did she come back to life? That strange girl, the one in white, brought both Cedric and Raye back by using a crystal? He then looked again to her arm, which still wore the Dark Mark, the black symbol fading a bit. Sirius also looked at her, but his eyes held much more contempt than those of his Godson.

It was so awkward, sitting in this silent room. Harry was sitting across from a girl who once tried to kill him, and they were saying nothing to each other. It was not long before they began to hear footsteps running up the spiral staircase leading up to Dumbledore's office, girl's voices traveling through the stone passageway. The old man motioned to the entrance, wanting everyone to gaze in the eyes of Harry's saviors.

Lita was, to say in the least, very surprised to see everyone looking at her when she bound in, followed shortly by Serena and Amy. Harry was there and appeared relatively safe. Did they already catch Moody?

"Professor Dumbledore?" Serena ran up to the desk and looked very worried. "We have reason to believe-"

"That Professor Moody is dangerous?" He smiled warmly and watched as the girls face's grew very confused. "We already have that taken care of Miss White."

"Oh," Then she looked to Harry and all of her emotions seemed to hit her at once. Remembering Harry getting tortured by Voldemort while tied to a gravestone and glancing at his bloody limbs was too much. Everyone was surprised when tears sprung to her eyes and she jumped on the boy, engulfing him in a hug. "Harry! I am so glad your safe!"

Harry was very embarrassed, not knowing what to do since there were adults present. Sirius looked very amused and laughed.

But, then both of the boys were confused. Dumbledore had said that Harry's 'saviors' were coming up the staircase. These were just teenage girls. Sirius cleared his throat and successfully got Dumbledore's attention.


The old man nodded. "Yes, right. I think it is time that we told your Godfather the story, Harry."

The three Senshi realized this was probably their cue. Amy took a step forward and acknowledged Dumbledore. "We will be on our way then, Professor."

They were surprised when he raised a hand, stopping them from their exit. Using his wand, he moved three more chairs that were lazing about his office to the center of the room. "Please, have a seat."

Serena took a seat at the end, the one closest to Raye. She would not look at her. It was almost as if Raye was ashamed to do so. The Gryffindor took a hand and sat it on Raye's forearm, the one bearing Voldemort's mark, and Raye jerked it away, still not looking directly in her eyes.

This was so sad.

"Well, the Triwizard Cup was a Portkey. It took me to some graveyard and Wormtail was there." Harry noticed how Sirius' nostrils flared and fists tightened at the mention of Peter Pettigrew's nickname. "Don't worry, Sirius. He's dead."

The man looked astonished. "What? He's dead?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, some girl killed him. She had these really strange powers."

"What kind of powers?" His Godfather asked, but Dumbledore interrupted them, telling Harry he should get on with the story and he could explain it later.

"Wormtail performed a ritual, using my blood, and brought Voldemort back to life." Harry looked at the girls surrounding him. Why did they need to here this? "That is when those girls showed up at the graveyard. They called themselves the Sailor Senshi. Cedric was killed when I got there, and one of the girls was upset about it. She killed Wormtail when she found out he killed Cedric."

The Senshi were very anxious. Did Dumbledore know of their true identities? He had to or else he would not have asked them to stay in his office. Serena continued to stare at Harry as he recalled his terrifying experience in the Little Hangleton graveyard. Although she had been there, it was still a tough thing to stomach.

"Then a lot of things happened. Voldemort summoned his Death Eaters using the Dark Mark on Wormtail's arm before he died." Harry took a nervous glance over at the Slytherin beside Serena. "That is when Raye showed up."

Dumbledore turned to Raye, Sirius glaring at her the entire time. He had never hated a kid in his adult years, but he was sure it was borderline hate he was feeling for this girl. She almost killed his Godson!

"Raye, do you care to explain this part?"

The Russian girl nodded and sat up straight, trying to retain all the dignity she had left. Her fingers ran over her scared arms absently. "I was trained very rigorously as a child. My father, Demitri Chernicova, is a Death Eater, and desired nothing more than for Darien and I to follow in his footsteps."

"Darien is his favorite, so when Voldemort needed an inside job done at the school my father recommended my services. I was then transferred from Durmstrang Institute and placed in Hogwarts, under the watchful eyes of Professor Moody, who you now know as Barty Crouch Junior. Naturally, Darien came with me." She cleared her throat. "I placed the Confundus Charm on the Goblet of Fire and used the Imperius Curse on Viktor Krum so Harry would be guaranteed a spot on the list of Champions. I gave him Gillyweed for the second task because Moody's idea for Neville to suggest it to Harry did not work."

Harry was completely baffled to hear the planning and devices used in the plot to kill him. It was nerve-wracking, but astounding at the same time. Voldemort went to a lot of trouble to kill him. The question was why did he go through all this trouble in the first place?

"In my training, my father stressed the importance of Transfiguration and becoming an Animagus. To get off school grounds I transformed and flew to the graveyard before the Third Task started." Raye felt her lip quiver, but tried her best to hold in her tears. "When I got there Voldemort gave me this!"

Everyone flinched when she thrust out her arm, which not only bore the Dark Mark, but an abundance of other scars.

"He told me he would kill Darien and anyone I was close to if I didn't do this!" She was in tears at this point, but kept her calm composure. The tears silently slid down her cheeks. "Harry, I hope you can forgive me one day, even though I do not deserve it."

The boy-who-lived looked at her strangely. "But, you aren't all bad."

Everyone looked at him strangely, especially Sirius. He knew for a fact that would be the last thing he would say to his assailant.

"You jumped in front of the Killing Curse to save Sailor Moon." Harry watched as her eyes shined a tad brighter. "You died for her."

The room was silent for a moment before Dumbledore interrupted again, clearing his throat. Cornelius Fudge was waiting to speak with him he knew, so this conversation could not dally too long on one subject, despite the fact he would not mind otherwise.

"I think this is where we get to introduce your saviors, Harry." The old man smiled before motioning to the door. "Here comes Miss Ackerman."

When Harry saw the blonde Hufflepuff walk through the door, his stomach sank. Everything was now so obvious. The only person who would sob so much over Cedric's dead body, aside from family, would be his longtime girlfriend. The only person who would have believed in Raye so much to the point of begging her to live again was Serena. Dumbledore smiled as he watched Harry make the connection.

"Y-you guy's are the Sailor Senshi?" He asked warily, watching as they all looked at him strangely.

"W-what?" Serena began to laugh nervously.

Mina followed suit, not aware of everything that had previously transpired considering her late arrival. "Harry, what are you saying? We are very, and I mean VERY, ordinary girls-"

"Give it up." Amy sighed and squeezed the bridge of her nose. "Dumbledore already knows. Harry would have figured it out sooner or later."

The Gryffindor boy looked at them in all, but turned to Serena. "Is that why you were so spacey at the beginning of the year?"

She nodded and blushed. "Well, our 'Sailor Senshi' selves weren't supposed to be in this time after we fought Beryl, but since I clung onto my memories I forgot everything else. That is why I was so weird."

Harry and Sirius sighed, considering they had no idea what she was talking about. The former spoke first. "That explains so little."

Dumbledore lifted a hand. "I apologize, but the Minister of Magic is outside my door and I am sure he is wanting a statement on the events that transpired tonight. This conversation will have to be postponed an hour or two. However, Miss Chernicova, there is a matter of utmost importance we need to discuss now before Fudge arrives."

The girl nodded. "I know."

Serena looked very confused. "Wait, what are you talking about?"

"Everyone saw my Dark Mark when we came back from Little Hangleton, Serena." She sighed. "I willingly participated in a crime against innocents and in attempted murder with the Dark Lord."

"I still don't understand." Serena clutched to Raye's forearm. What was her best friend saying?

"I'm a Death Eater! It means I'm going to Azkaban!" She bit out fiercely, but felt her face soften. "But, I need to go."

No one in the room spoke. The weeping of a single individual broke the silence.

"Just tell them you had to or they'd kill Darien! We can testify to your change of heart!"

Raye grabbed her friend's hand and smiled. "Serena, I have to go. Voldemort will kill Darien if he suspects disloyalty. I can even do inside work after I escape! It's the perfect plan!"

Amy was shocked. "Escape Azkaban? That's impossible."

"Tell that to him." Raye looked at Sirius and they both smirked. Maybe he could learn to like Raye, especially if she gave him credit for his achievements. "Azkaban prison is not Animagus proof."

Professor Dumbledore looked at the girl and smiled. "You seem to have your mind set."

Raye nodded. "We just need to be convincing."

Harry and Serena walked the corridors of Hogwarts hand in hand the night of the last feast. Auror's took Raye and Barty Crouch Jr. to the Ministry, the former with a court date in a week and the later being indisposed in Azkaban after being given the Dementors Kiss. As much as it pained her to see her best friend go, especially after she had only just got her back, Serena knew it had to be done.

After they had left Dumbledore's office, Serena recounted her life as a Senshi to Harry, helping him to better understand her odd tendencies at the beginning of the year. However, everything would be different next year. She received her memories as Serena White when she transformed into Princess Serenity. Maybe she would make better grades in Potions next time around.

The Great Hall was filled with bittersweet students. Mina and Cedric both looked ecstatic, talking with their friends excitedly. The boy was still unaware of Mina's secret identity, but it was best that way. If less people knew, the safer they all were. The two both made plans to hang out together all summer.

Amy and the Weasley twins were a sight as always. The two boys had both made it a personal mission to embarrass the girl one last time before her departure back to France. When she was least expecting it, they both gave her a kiss on the cheek, making sure they made a loud smacking sound so everyone noticed. Amy laughed as she blushed, smacking the two shortly after.

Lita and Viktor Krum made plans to see each other over the summer holiday, and Krum even gave her season tickets to all of Bulgaria's Quidditch matches. She was psyched, to say in the least, and flaunted the tickets for everyone to see after she got them. Pansy, who had managed to bump into Lita in the corridor, was very jealous.

Draco Malfoy looked very sad, but Serena knew that inside the boy was probably happy that Raye survived the ordeal. After finding out what she did about her best friend, Serena understood why Raye was always with Draco. He understood her and her situation, whereas no one else did. Serena smiled and waved at the blonde, but he did not respond. She did not expect him to anyway.

Serena did not know what to think of Darien when she saw him, watching as he spoke to Hermione. The girl seemed very hesitant considering the inevitable incarceration of his sister, but Darien had 'reassured' all the right officials he was innocent, and as a result Hermione eventually began speaking with him more freely. Serena could not explain how she felt as she observed it all. Ron however, knew very well how he felt about it and tried to run the boy off as soon as he could.

Harry squeezed her hand and smiled. "So, hang out this summer?"

"Of course. I just will need to find a way to get to where you are."

The brunette smirked. "Doesn't Sailor Moon have any fancy ways to teleport herself?"

Serena gasped. "No! We can only transport in a group!"

The boy waved his hands in front of himself. "Kidding!"

As the students all took a last drink from their goblets with a toast, Dumbledore smiled knowingly, feeling that change was on the horizon.


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