Throwing myself on the moss covered ground, I breathed in the strong earthy scent of the groundcover. Relaxing instantly, I felt the fire simmer down to its usual heat along my throat. I could smell nothing but the soil pressed against my face, although I could still hear her erratic heartbeat only a breath away. So close yet unreachable.

All my 90years of… well life I had known one simple fact. I was a monster. The worse kind. I am the world's most dangerous predator. A monster that didn't deserve life, and every day that I saw innocent people die it pushed that fact in my face harder and harder. But today I proved myself wrong. I ran away from someone that needed help. Someone that needed MY help. Someone that wanted me. Someone that I cared about. And I denied them of that.

Dragging myself into a sitting position, I watched and I waited. For someone to fix it. Someone that had the strength and control I didn't. I couldn't leave. I would never forgive myself if I moved any further than the misty air of the forest. Close enough to hear her heart beat and each sharp intake of air yet too far away to do any good.


Blinking, I opened my eyes to see the odd shade of blue Charlie had painted the ceiling. I wasn't sure it even had a name. Then it hit. It felt like someone had knocked me out using a bowling ball. The pounding make thinking difficult. Something trickled down my neck… water... definitely water since it looked like I was in a bathroom. I had no idea what had happened. Where the hell I was? Why was I stark naked or why I had this vivid dream that Edward had been in this bathroom sometime earlier. Pulling myself up onto my elbows I felt the blood rush from my head and the dizziness incapitate my body. Shivering as a lied back down on the ice cold floor, I tried to remember. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Except Edward. But I knew that could very much be a product of my imagination rather than a memory. Closing my eyes, I wondered if I would be found.

I heard feather footsteps coming up the stairs. Charlie had said he would be out all day, but I couldn't remember extensive periods of time.

"Bella..?" A soft females voice called out from somewhere on the other side of the wall.

"In the bathroom" but it came out as a slither of air. There is no way she could have heard me. But out of nowhere Alice, my only friend since coming to Forks, appeared next to me.

"OMG… I only saw glimpses.. OMG I would have come… What hurts Bella?... hey I where's Edw…" Her sweet voice stop dead mid sentence as her finger touched the blood running down my forehead. Her eyes darkened and her hand began to shake. Closing her eyes, she looked like she was concentrating on something very hard.

"Alice….? Are you okay? What were you saying about Edward?" Struggling I forced myself into a sitting position, wincing at every moment. She opened her eyes and smiled, way too forcefully to look natural. Reaching into her pocket she grabbed her mobile and began talking extremely fast. Or maybe it just felt like that because I was feeling light headed.

"Bella, can you move? I'm going to take you to the hospital okay? You've got some pretty serious injuries" Gently she slipped her arm around my waist, and pulled me to my feet and walked me to the black Mercedes sitting in my drive way.

"Alice… What did you say about Edward? Do you know him? She just looked at me with that look she got when she was worried and guided me down the stairs.


"ALICE" I roared jumping to my feet as I watched her dance across Bella's front lawn arm firmly around her shaking waist and press her into the passenger's seat. Darting around to the other side of the car, she was chanting a random nursery rhyme. Trying to keep me out.

"Alice… I heard you say Edward before? What did you mean by where is he?" The tone of Bella's voice stung as she struggled to understand. She was pale, as well me, I winced at the dried blood on her face and splattered across her shirt. Monster.

"Bella… It's kind of complicated and I cant… wont answer for my brothers choices"

"YOUR BROTHER?" I saw the incredulous look that shot across her face at the word brother.

"Yes my brother. He hasn't lived with us for a while… he was on exchange. He isn't my biological brother Bella, Carlisle, who you have met, is my… well our... adopted Father" She was struggling to piece together a believable story, that wouldn't incriminate either of us later.

"I won't lie to her Edward" Her tone suggested it wasn't a threat. No, it was blunt honesty.


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