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"Hey, Chandler, you wanna go with me and Pheebs to the play tonight?"

Chandler Bing looked up from his newspaper on the couch. "Oh, sorry, Rache, I promised a friend I'd help him move his stuff into his apartment."

"What?" Ross turned to him from the chair by the TV. "Chandler, you promised you'd come to my lecture tonight."

"Ohhh, yeah." He racked his brain for a way out, but all he could think of were dinosaur-related comebacks. "Sorry, man," he finally managed, "he was pretty desperate."

"Well, what friend? He can't possibly know you better than I do."

"Uh..." Chandler scanned the newspaper in desperation, finally satisfied with a name from the obituaries. "Lou Thompson."

Suddenly Ross narrowed his eyes and glared suspiciously at him. "Doctor Lou Thompson of the paleontology department? Who died on Tuesday?"

Oh, crap. "It was a living Lou Thompson," he protested with a squeak.

Just then the door swung open, and Joey walked into the apartment. "Hey, Chandler, you're still comin' to my audition tonight, right?"

Ross and Rachel both glared at him, and Chandler struggled to find an answer. Ross beat him to it.

"No, Joe, he's got to help Lou Thompson move his stuff to the afterlife."

Chandler shot Ross a look, but Joey was oblivious. "What? So you're not comin' to my audition?"

Chandler pretended to focus on his paper. "Can't, Joe. Next time, I promise."

"Hey, Chandler," a voice called from the doorway. He turned around. "Phone for you. It's an 'Alyssa' or an 'Allison' or something," Monica said.

"Yes!" Chandler jumped over the couch and ran for the door, but turned around just before he left. "I officially owe all of you gigantic favors. See ya!" And across the hall he went.