I own nothing in Stephenie Meyer's world of Twilight. However due to her wonderful writing and plots I find myself obsessed with both the characters and the story. So I am humbly burrowing her characters to create a Twilight world of my own. No malice or copyright infringement is intended – it's just purely for my own enjoyment of the greatness she's created.


About me- This isn't my first Fanfic, yet it is my first Twilight one. I have been reading many stories here at and was inspired to try my hand at my own. I hope you enjoy the idea behind this story and like any author I enjoy feedback and constructive criticism.

I have never written in first person before so please allow me to find my way in the first few chapters.

About the story-

Jacob is the Alpha of the pack not Sam. Jacob took his rightful place and Sam willing stepped aside.

Sam and Emily are married.

Edward never went to Italy and he never came back to Forks.

Bella does her best to make a life for herself and move on without Edward.

Bella is a senior in high school just about ready to graduate.