Old Secrets


Wall-E and Eve shared a wonderful life together, both full of love for eachother. They lived on earth and have been for the last century, each working hard at making their home more livable. Captain McCrea was growing old and was thinking about retiring his job. People wondered who would replace him.

Many robots worked each day cleaning, planting and growing. Humans and robots lived together in harmony and no hatred ever came from anyone. Life seemed perfect. But the simple fact is life isn't perfect. Something was bound to happen at some point and it did. How did it happen? Well this is the story.

Chapter 1: Activation

Wall-E and Eve were out on a stroll through the city. The inhabitants on earth had decided to call it Life. As they strolled they held hands, Eve's eyes in upward crescents displaying her happiness and Wall-E making a joyful beep now and again to also display his emotions. Eve giggled and they continued their stroll. As they rolled and hovered, Eve decided that maybe a look in the Axiom would be fun, and so lead Wall-E in too. It was an odd sight to see when they entered and it gave them a case of déjà vu.

Wall-E and Eve hadn't been back to the axiom in a century; in fact, no one but the repair bots had entered the axiom to manufacture spare parts. What was really interesting was the fact that everything seemed untouched. The hover chairs were right were they had last seen them and all the lights remained on. Eve, although still very familiar with the Axiom's inner working's, couldn't help but be curious at how everything had been preserved for a century. "Ohhhh." She hummed. Wall-E was eager to explore the Axiom in search of valuables.

"Wall-E search?" Wall-E asked Eve.

Eve giggled. "Yes, meet here one hour?" Wall-e nodded his approval and they were off.

Wall-E headed down toward the lead-o-deck and Eve headed toward the rocket bay. As she entered the large room, memories flashed back to her. Memories of before she meet Wall-E and the planets she visited in that time. She shivered; those were days she hated to remember. Meeting Wall-E had changed her in ways she couldn't have imagined.

Suddenly her flashback was over and she headed toward the rocket. As she neared it, an alarm went off. A female computer voice spoke.

"Unauthorized entry; Please verify authorization."

Eve was startled, "Eve, Probe One."

A moment passed and the computer spoke again. "Accepted." The doors on the rocket began to open and four probes, identical to Eve, were placed under five blue lights. The first light, which was vacant, Eve recognized as hers. Curiosity took control of her robotic instinct to stay away. Each robot looked exactly like Eve. The only difference was that they had gathered dust for a long amount of time as M-O wasn't around to clean.

"Probes Activated." Said the computer.

In order from left to right, each EVE probe activated from left to right and emitted a sound like Eve did, doing it in such a way that it seemed to echo. Each probe spoke three words.

"EVE Probe Two"

"EVE Probe Three"

"EVE Probe Four"

"EVE Probe Five"

And then, in perfect unison they spoke;

"What is directive, Probe One?"