Chapter 11: Happy Ending

Eve took Wall-E down to the bridge and easily deactivated Auto. She then imputed the controls to land. A holo message appeared in front of her.

"Wall-E?" It was the captain.

Eve saw him and saluted. The captain smiled.

"I trust that you're back to your normal self now?" the captain asked.

Eve nodded.

"Well that's good. I've prepared the second landing sight. See you soon."

Eve brought the ship down safely onto the landing pad. Wall-E felt relieved. He was back home again.


The captain met them outside. "It's so great to see you guy's unharmed. Thank goodness. Did you have any problems with the Auto on board?" said the captain.

Eve shook her head. "No."

"That's good." The captain said relieved.

Wall-E and Eve shared a spark kiss. The captain left so as to not spoil the moment.

Suddenly M-O saw them and came by. He showed his thanks that Wall-E and Eve were back by cleaning them up and giving a few joyful beeps.

Seeing that the moment was over, the captain returned. "What should we do with your sister bots Eve?"

Eve thought for a second. Erasing their memories would be the best option, seeing as they probably couldn't live with the fact that they failed their directive. Now that Eve thought about it, she hadn't failed her original directive. If she had, the same might have happened to her.

"Delete memory." she told the captain. The captain nodded and floated in on his hover chair to retrieve the probes.

Eve looked at Wall-E and thought about the things he had gone through. Maybe forgetting wasn't always so bad. But Eve preferred it differently. She preferred never to forget and to always face her future, no matter how ugly it is.

Eve transformed her fin into a hand again and invited Wall-E to take her hand. Wall-E did so, and they went home together. It was the end of a very long stroll.

This chapter was really short, but I felt I couldn't add much more to it. I will add more stories in the near future about Wall-E and Eve. I've already got a few ideas. I hope you enjoyed this story because I certainly enjoyed making it. Thank you for reading.