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Naruto opened his eyes, watching warily as Tsunade came into his room. The women's face was tear-streaked, and she looked heartbroken.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she whispered as the anbu took him away.

After his battle with Sasuke, he was too weak to fight back. Illness had already taken hold, and he had no doubt that would be unable to move. The villagers and his comrades gathered as he was taken from the village. Blue eyes stared back, an accusing haunted look in them that would haunt the crowd of on lookers for years.

"I won't forget," his voice floated back to them.


Ten year old Kazu ran through the forest. He carried a basket full of medicinal herbs and food. As he entered the clearing, he ran to a figure lying under a willow tree.

"Good morning shinobi-san," he knelt by the ill shinobi, "I have your breakfast ready. How are you feeling?"

Dull blue eyes gazed at him. Kazu lifted the shinobi's head and rested it on his lap. He ran a hand though the ill man's hair, before resting his hand on his forehead. Kazu fed and watered the man, and gave him his medicine.

"See you tomorrow shinobi-san," Kazu murmured.

"Naruto," Kazu turned as he heard the shinobi's whisper.

He smiled softly, "Nice to meet you Naruto-san, I'm Kazu."


Kazu looked up as Naruto walked into the village. He ran up to the older boy.

"Are you alright Naruto-san?" he asked.

Naruto smiled softly, "Of course, you're an amazing nurse."

Kazu blushed lightly as he walked next to the blond. The two walked close together quietly.

"Do you need somewhere to stay?" Kazu asked softly.

"If it's not too much trouble," Naruto stared into green eyes, "You know, you have beautiful eyes Kazu."

Kazu blushed deeply, before gazing up at Naruto.

"Thank you Naruto-san," Kazu mumbled.

"Call me Naruto," he smiled.


Kazu ran up to the older boy, who was sleeping under a willow tree. He knelt by Naruto's side, and rested his head on Naruto's shoulder. These last two months had been the happiest of his life, and Naruto was kind to him. He started as an arm wrapped around his waist.

"What brings you here Kazu?" he asked, opening his eyes.

"I-I…well…" Kazu looked down blushing.

"It's alright," Naruto kissed Kazu's forehead, "I'm happy you're here."

Naruto smiled, before sitting up in alarm.

"Naruto?" Kazu asked.

"I smell smoke," he muttered, "Kazu, wait here!"

Naruto jumped to his feet and started running. He brushed past bushes and trees, refusing to lose any of the speed he had. He froze as he came within sight of the village. Charred corpses littered the streets, along with the blackened remains of the houses. He dropped to his knees, turning his head as Kazu burst out of the woods.

"No…" Kazu whimpered, walking over to Naruto, "It can't be real!"

Naruto stumbled to his feet, taking Kazu into his arms.

"It'll be alright, I'll protect you," Naruto murmured, "I'll take care of you."

Wow…that's really depressing. It'll get slightly happier though, and then it'll get worse. Naruto characters will make the debut in the next chapter, well Sasuke will.