So this is my next fic, its Bella's POV, It's AU and AH, this is the prologue and first chapter...enjoy...dont forget to tell me what you think...
Oh yeah, everything in italics are memories, flash backs, that sort of thing.... its mostly just her therapy sessions, in which we find out about her story and a load of cute little scenes with Edward,

Disclaimer: Twilight isnt mine, if it were...I'd be sunbathing with Edward right about now...


I sat there covered in the woman's blood, looking down at the body. No I can't do this, I didn't. I was getting better,

"I WAS GETTING BETTER." I yelled into the open space of the office. I fell against the wall clutching my hands to my chest; my breathing had escalated into hyperventilation as I slid down the wall to the ground. "I was getting better," I whispered, crying into my blood stained hands.

"Bella?" his voice rang out, it was too late; he was going to find me.