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I awoke to a strange room; it was grey so I knew I was still at the hospital.


"I'm here," I looked over and he was there, my Edward was here with me. "How are you felling?"

The truth?

"I feel like I was just jabbed with a needle that contained enough tranq to knock out a baby elephant," I groaned, I looked around the room, I tried to sit up. Only to find leather straps holding me to the bed, "what's this?" I indicated to the restraints, falling back onto the bed,

"Bella do you remember what happened?"

I let my head fall back to the bed, I tried to remember, and then it hit me. Her body falling before me, clutching at her neck. My hands dropping the scalpel, Edward hadn't told me to stop, he wasn't there, his voice never said anything, he didn't reprimand me, I just carried on. But then he was there, really there. He was holding me, he kissed me.

"Jessica," I whispered,

"Yes, she's not too happy," he murmured, my head lifted up

"She's alive?"

"Yes, you missed her main artery, I managed to get help after I..." he trailed off and dropped his head, when he brought it back up his eyes were filled with tears, his expression broke my heart. He felt guilty, because he had drugged me, but I could never let my angel suffer,

"Edward its okay...you did the right thing," he crossed the small space between us and curled his fingers around mine, his other came to stroke my head soothingly,

"You were so scared, and I know how much you hate needles," his voice was quiet;

"Ugh needles," I shivered, Edward tightened his grip on my fingers as the nurse inserted the needle into my arms, I scrunched my eyes up and moved my head away, Edward chuckled.

I closed my eyes and a few happy tears escaped. He remembered he really did. I felt his lips brush the liquid from my cheeks and I opened my eyes, "I love you so much," he whispered into my skin. I let out a relived laugh,

"I love you too, I always will,"

He laughed and sniffed, he was crying too. He bent down and pressed his lips onto mine in a tender kiss.

Edward was transferred to a large hospital in Seattle, I stayed in Forks, though he visited me every week. Carlisle returned to work after his wife, Esme, had given birth, and he resumed my therapy. I stopped hallucinating and kept taking my meds, Alice had been released, after a long internal study of her behaviour, they deduced that she was healthy enough to be taken care of by her fiancée. About a month after Alice got out I followed. Jessica was fired from her job and dismissed as a nurse under violation of the confidentiality law and threatening a patient.

I moved in with Edward and he proposed again, saying that after six years apart we needed it. We were together again, the years apart couldnt be erased, Edward had a new life and I built mine back up, it was just a case of merging them together. I got back in touch with Jacob and I resisted the urge to say 'I told you so' even though he told me to. He hugged me so tightly and whispered that it was good to have me back.

And I was back.

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