1. Ten Years Ago…

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AN: AU- Lockon doesn't die and Season 2 events don't happen. And hint of SetsunaXSaji

Tieria was highly uncomfortable while sitting in his fifth gundam the Resistance. He was still slightly in shock that peace had finally come. It had taken ten years and too many deaths to get to this point. The world's three major powers had unarmed after it became clear that they were not going to defeat Celestial Being.

Now, Tieria and the other three original pilots, as well as a couple of later additions, were sitting as an honor guard of sorts for the official announcement and celebration. They were also going to be asked by Wang Liu Mei to step out of their mobile suits and unmask themselves. That had been part of the peace accords.

"Tieria, do you know where we were ten years ago today?" Lockon's voice came through the communications system.

Frowning, Tieria glanced through the see-through cock-pit towards the Silanthus. "What?"

Before Lockon could answer Haro spoke up. "Going away, going away."

This struck a chord for Tieria. "Oh… I remember. That was when we took a short vacation."

Another voice added to their conversation as Lyle from his gundam the Wraith put in, "A short vacation? We couldn't find you for two weeks."

Lockon chuckled as he propped his feet up beside Haro's resting station. "It was too short for us. Maybe after this we can talk them into letting us have some time off."

"Enough… It's time to make our appearance… Though I wouldn't say no to going to see Saji and the baby." Setsuna said as he began opening his unit.

Tieria froze for a moment before he noticed Lockon opening his. With a quick breath, he keyed the Resistance to open the cockpit and stepped out in front of the crowd. Outside, the people all hushed as the Gundam Meisters stepped forward. With a word from Wang Liu Mei, they all removed their helmets. As the questions from the press poured in, Tieria felt a hand slid into his and he looked up at his taller lover.

"It'll be okay… We'll get that vacation and go back to the beach house we were at ten years ago." Lockon whispered.

This made him smile slightly before he noticed that someone was asking him a question. Turning his attention to the speaker, he kept a firm grip on Lockon's hand as he formed an answer.

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