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His foot was scraped on the gravel again, cutting the bottom of his foot...again. The blade dug into his side, causing his breath to hitch every time he moved. He was lost down this gravel road that seemed to lead nowhere, in pain and unsure why. Despite the warm July night air he was freezing and soaked. He had woken up wet and confused. He had no idea how he got this way, where his shoes went, or where his shirt went. He felt weak, unnaturally weak... He was dazed and disoriented, all he knew was he needed to keep going. He had to find someone to help, and to find Lauren. She was close by, he knew that. He had been on his way to see her before, before what? He wished he could remember.

He stumbled and fell, scraping his knees and hands. He wasn't sure he was strong enough to get up.

C'mon Dean. He told himself. You gotta get up. You gotta get up now. You don't get up you'll die here, and you'll never see Lauren or Sam again. Or your kid. Get UP! He obeyed and stood carefully moving over the hill he had been trying to get up. He crested the hill and saw the lights, the motel lights. He smiled weakly and tried not to fall again. He was so close to being safe. He staggered down the hill and fell again when he hit the bottom.

Get up. You're so close. Get up! He pushed himself up again, draining more of his strength. The mysterious cuts and bruises stung as his muscles stretched, the blade sticking into his side pinched and he winced, too weak to cry out. His legs hurt too, they throbbed every time he moved, but he had to make them work. He staggered back toward the motel and finally reached the back wall of the building. He came around the front and searched the numbers, trying to make them out in his blurred vision.

Five...six...seven...uh, eight! Finally. He fell against the door, raised his arm and weakly hit against it. When there was no answer he tried again. Still nothing.

"Dammit..." He slurred. His hand pushed into his pocket. Please be there, please be there... His prayers were answered when he found the key and pulled it out. It took him three tries to get it into the lock and four to turn it and the knob.

The door fell open and he held himself up barely on the doorknob. He grabbed the key and yanked it out, pushing the door closed behind him. The neon lights poured through the windows and gave him just enough light to see. He looked around, looking for the bed. His vision still swirled, he found his mark. As carefully as he could he stumbled toward it, strength incredibly close to being gone. He reached the side of the bed and collapsed, missing it entirely and falling next to it, out of sight from the door.

He couldn't take it anymore. The darkness around him was so welcoming...he gave in.

Lauren opened the door to her motel room and sighed, closing the door behind her. She was extremely tired. She had thrown up more times than she could count and was very sick of looking down at the slight bulge she was getting.

She walked over to the mini-fridge and pulled out a bottle of water, setting down her car keys and purse. She opened the bottle and sipped.

Suddenly she felt strange. She ached, her side pinched terribly, she was exhausted and cold. This wasn't a vision it was more...real. Like she was feeling what someone else felt.

"Something's wrong." She said aloud. She turned around and saw something lying next to her bed. She walked over cautiously, .45 in hand. She approached the form slowly, unsure if this thing was human or not. She reached the darkened mass and nudged it carefully with her foot.

"Ahuh…" The figure moaned. So it was human. Lauren bent down next to it and grasped the person's shoulder, rolling him over. The faint neon light filtering through the dingy curtains barely offered any light and it took her a moment to make out what she was seeing.

She saw a bared torso, covered in goosebumps and dark bruises. The body was trembling, but it was one she knew. She leaned in closer, staring at the person's face. Short dark hair that was dripping with water. Stubble on a strong jaw. Full lips twisting into pain when the rest of the beautiful face winced. She gasped, instantly feeling like the dumbest person alive.

"Dean!" She yelled. Her hand instantly went to his face, which was cold and wet, like the rest of him.

"Mmnnn," He moaned. His eyes fluttered open and he smiled weakly at her. "Laur-Lauren." He whispered. Lauren ran a hand over his face, concern in her eyes.

"Baby what happened?" She asked. He shook his head.

"I un no." He slurred. Lauren took a second to try and absorb what was happening.

"Alright, Baby I have to get you off the floor okay?" She said. He nodded weakly. She gently put her hands under him, grabbing his waist and lifting him up.

"GAHHAN!" He screamed.

"Sorry." Lauren quickly. "I'm sorry." She carefully laid him down on the bed and let him go. She looked down at her hand and gasped, instantly horrified. Her hand was covered in a pink liquid, Dean's blood and water. She turned him sideways slightly and found the source of the problem. A black colored...something was barely sticking out.

"Hang on just a second baby." She ran out of his sight for a moment and quickly came back with a whiskey bottle, first aid kit, and pliers. "Alright baby open." She unscrewed the lid and tipped the whiskey into his mouth. Dean couldn't breathe and it was hard to swallow, but he did. Lauren pulled the bottle back and let him breathe, only to hear shallow, ragged gasps. "One more." She said and poured the slightly burning liquid down his throat again.

She poured more on the wound itself to numb it and placed a washcloth in Dean's mouth. "Bite down on that okay?" She said. Dean nodded and obeyed. She took the pliers and gripped the black rectangle, and pulled. Dean bit down as hard as he could and stifled his scream.

"It's alright, shh, it's okay." She soothed. Lauren paused for a few moments, letting Dean catch his breath before continuing.

The rectangle turned out to be a blade. The blade was about three inches altogether and had symbols on it she didn't recognize. She put the blade on the bedside table and turned back to Dean.

"Are you alright?" She asked. He nodded feebly, his breath heavy, eyes filled with tears. "I gotta stitch you up." She said, he nodded again. She finished his stitches and caressed his cheek, dragging her thumb across his lips. "Let's get you out of these cold clothes." He nodded and she moved to remove his jeans. Her brows furrowed.

Dean's belt was gone. His jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped and ripped immensely. She shook her head, pushing the idea away, and started pulling them and his boxers, which weren't in much better shape, off, only making him colder. She looked at his waist and was puzzled further. She wasn't sure in this dim light, but she thought she could see bruises, deep ones pressed into his pelvis. Once again she shook her head and threw the idea away. He had to've walked here. He just, fell.

She went over to her own bag and pulled out a pair of Dean's boxers and sweat pants. They each always carried an extra pair of clothes with the other, just in case. Lucky them.

Once he was dressed she pulled the comforter up to his chin. She ran a hand through his damp hair.

"You have no idea what happened?" She asked. He shook his head again. "Are you alright?" She asked. He nodded and closed his eyes.

"Jus need sleep." He said softly. He was asleep seconds later. Lauren grabbed her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed Sam's number.

"Sam? It's Lauren. Hey I need you to get over here...Dean's hurt...No no no he should be alright it's nothing serious...I don't know. He doesn't remember...nope nothing...Yeah you and Maggie. Call Bobby too. I got somethin' I want him to look at...yeah, thanks Sam." She closed her phone and looked at Dean, worried. "Don't worry Baby," She softly stroked his cheek. "We'll figure this out."

Dean couldn't hear her. He was dreaming of hands, unfamiliar faces, and pain.

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