I have been reading and writing entirely too much angst lately.

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It never failed to amaze him how powerful those simple words were. Hearing them in her voice made him feel like dancing, backflipping, and mostly, grabbing her and kissing her until he passed out unconscious.

But while he took the saying as the world's greatest gift to man, Aang noticed Katara was more and more using it as an excuse for, well, everything.

He'd tease her and she'd elbow him in the ribs.

"What was that for?"

A kiss on the cheek. "Because I love you."

He'd find her covered in rice and the kitchen a mess.

"You're cooking a Fire Nation delicacy…why?"

A blush. "Because I love you."

He'd find out from Suki that she had told Toph about her favorite closet in the Earth King's palace.

"You said this to Toph?!"

An embarrassed giggle. "Because I love you."

He supposed he shouldn't take it too seriously. After all, her saying it as often as she did only reaffirmed she meant it, but still. He almost liked it better when they reserved it for special occasions.

And now it popped up in everyday conversation.

"I'm going down to buy some papayas, but only because I love you."

"Not everyone finds Momo a cute, innocent creature. But I put up with those people because I love you."

"Okay, if you jump out from nowhere, grab me around the waist, and scare me to death one more time, I'm going to waterwhip you in the head just because I love you."

He was beyond confused.

But Aang as returned his focus to steady breathing, he supposed the overuse wasn't all that bad. The sound of the words still gave him the dancing, backflipping urge. They always would.

Another thing that gave him that urge was, well, what she was doing right now.

"Um, Katara?"


"It's a little hard to meditate with you…pulling at my shirt like that. …Why exactly are you doing that?"

A kiss and a blush and a smile. "Because I love you."


So that's what she meant.

The next day, when he caught her by surprise yet again, he managed to dodge the waterwhip aimed for his head and smash his lips to hers. Of course, it was so sudden she actually lost her balance and he had to catch her before they toppled.

While he laughed hysterically as he set her back on her feet, she turned bright red and ran a hand over her mouth.

"What was that for?"

He leaned in again, nose bumping hers. A smile.

"Because I love you."