As some of you might have noticed, I like making Stork squirm, in my own special way. Insert disturbing smile here.
Rated "M" for some "stuff" in later chapters, and if you can't guess the nature of said stuff you honestly shouldn't be reading this.


Stork woke up sweating for the third time that week with the sun streaming through his window and Finn banging on his door. "Yo dude! Rise and shine Stork, we've got places to be and Cyclonian butt to kick! Come on, wake up!" Stork groaned and rolled to his feet, pulling on his uniform and groggily punching the door to let Finn know that he was up and irritated.

He looked over at the clock next to his bed. Eight twenty-nine. Scratch that, eight thirty. "It must be close to full moon… I have had one of those dreams in a while." He mumbled, rubbing his bleary eyes as he tried to erase the knot of images from his mind. It wasn't that he hadn't enjoyed them, but he couldn't exactly concentrate on flying the Condor with her sitting so close to him if he still had thoughts like that in his head. For a moment he slipped backwards into his reverie.

Her skin was warm to the touch as he began to undress her slowly, savoring the feel of the fabric slipping gently away from her body, revealing more and more dark skin that he could touch… that he could kiss… that she begged him to caress and stroke and lay his hands on, despite the way it affected him. She held his face in her hands and tilted it toward hers and their lips brushed against each other's and he fell deep into her carnelian eyes, kissing her deeply and pulling her body against his in a desperate attempt to unveil his emotions without having to use the forbidden words; I love-

"Sto-ork!" Finn yelled, hammering on the door incessantly. "Come on! We just got a call from Terra Amazonia! Don't let Aerrow have Radarr drive again!"

"I'm coming!" He yelled back, both irritated and grateful for having been dragged back to reality. Finally ridding himself of his fantasies through intense concentration on what it would be like to eat Junko's cooking for a month, he turned to the calendar hanging on the wall. "Huh, I'm not usually late changing this thing." He said, flipping it over to the new page which was already three days old. Catching sight of some markings on the page, he felt the blood drain from his face. "Oh fuck."

Piper rolled her eyes at Finn when he bounced onto the bridge with a very subdued Stork in tow. "Where have you two been?! We have to get going if we want to make it to Amazonia before the Rex Guardians cheat us out of another mission!" Stork inched around her to his post at the helm, carefully avoiding looking at her full on and hoping no one noticed. Unfortunately, someone did.

"Hey Stork, are you okay?" Aerrow asked, placing one hand on his shoulder. Stork flinched away and trained his eyes on the skies in front of them.

"Not really…" He mumbled.

"Why, is something wrong?"

"I think I might be infected. Probably Jrecian Cerial Sliders." Stork paused, hoping the Sky Knight wouldn't be able to distinguish between this 'disease' and the real dangers whose signs he constantly ignored. "Overtiredness… lack of focus…" He gulped, nervous and almost whispered the last 'symptom.' "Hallucinations…" A cool hand rested itself on his forearm and he flipped out at her touch. "Gah!"

Stork jumped around to the other side of the steering console, twitching madly. He felt his pupils dilate and knew his normally pale yellow eyes had most likely shot down to glowing irises surrounded by pale gray. Looking from the navigator to the Sky Knight confirmed his suspicions. "Um, Stork? Your eyes…"

His hands flew to his face, feigning shock. "I- I should go." He started, snaking around the two of them and sprinting to his room.

Once there he closed the door, locked it, thought for a moment, and reprogrammed the lock. He glanced over at the calendar and wished it were wrong. On the glossy white paper, in bright green pen, written straight across the week of the third, were the words 'BLUE MOON.' Stork sighed.

"I hate mating season."

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