I was sittin' on the fence, and I thought that I would kiss you
I never thought I would have missed you
But you never let me fall, push my back against the wall
Every time you call, you get so emotional
I'm freakin' out
--"Ring Ring," Mika

Stork hummed to himself, watching the reflection of water dance on the ceiling and rubbing one hand over Piper's arm. The water was lukewarm and the low lighting from the crystal bulbs around the edges of the room cast shadows on the ceiling. The rest of the squad had long since been by and Piper had made an excuse about trying to get Slimer goop out of her hair, failing to mention that their pilot happened to be with her. After all, it wasn't like asked…

It had been four hours since the incident and he had spent the majority of that time alone in the bathroom with a very sexy, very naked crystal specialist, but he hadn't had the unbearable urge to sex her, even now when she was sitting in his lap, sleeping and perfectly vulnerable. He sighed happily. Maybe all I needed was just that once, and now the drive will go away and I can be with Piper again. Like we were before, only… better. Less awkward. He made the mistake of looking down at her and felt himself stiffen, a hot flush rising in his cheeks. Or… maybe not. Piper shifted slightly in her sleep, rubbing against his erection and causing sparks to shoot down Stork's chest to his groin. He gulped and sat her up enough to slip out from under her, laying her back against the side of the bathtub when he was up. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, tiptoeing out the door and down the hallway. It was deserted, mostly because it was about eleven at night and the rest of the ship was asleep. He got to his room and stepped inside, not bothering to lock the door behind him and settling on the edge of his bed.

He shot a dirty look at the calendar pinned to his wall. "I hate you." he said, as though the glossy paper could hear him. "And I'm not going to recycle you at the end of this year. You might get turned into a different calendar and end up ruining someone else's nonexistent love life. I hereby condemn you to spend the rest of your miserable existence rotting in the landfills of Terra Sibred." He fell back onto the bed and glared at the ceiling, trying to ignore the throbbing need emanating from just below his beltline.

"Stork?" he bolted upright. Piper was standing in the doorway, a towel held loosely around her body. Stork felt his pupils begin to constrict and dragged his eyes up to her face, his hands going to his lap in a failed attempt to hide the tenting there. "You left, what's up?"

"Uh… umm- you apparently. Sorry, did I wake you?"

She moved across to his bed and sat down beside him, her covering slipping a little in the process. "Yeah, but it's no big deal. I shouldn't have been sleeping in the tub anyway. Not without a buddy." She smiled at him and brushed her fingers over his arm. His skin prickled pleasantly at her touch.

"Yeah- uh- not a good idea- the sleeping I mean! You could go under and- uh…" Piper was trailing her fingertips absentmindedly up his arm and making it hard for him to concentrate. "Umm… hey Piper?"

"Hm?" She didn't look up from his arm so she couldn't see his blatantly ogling her chest.

"C-can you- I- would you-"

She leaned up and kissed him on the lips, hiding a smile at his clumsy sentence structure. "It's fine. You don't have to be nervous. Just tell me what it is."

Stork looked down, up, away, anywhere but at her, and then blurted out a rushed, too-loud, "Will you have sex with me?" quickly followed by an embarrassed 'meep' and him smacking both his hands over his mouth and blushing uncontrollably.

Piper blinked, surprised, and flushed. "Stork, we just-"

"I know! But the Blue Moon doesn't end until tomorrow and I can't really control- it- very well, so I'm still-" he stopped himself and shielded his lap self-consciously again. "And- I know you said you read about it but- most fully matured Merbs pick a mate and you don't see either of them again for a week and because I'm younger I guess it's easier for me to resist the urges but I still need to- and I know we already did once, but I-" Stork's blush darkened considerably. "If you don't want to do it could you please at least leave so I can take care of this?" he finished awkwardly.

She looked away, embarrassed, and stood, drawing her towel more tightly around her body. "I don't think I'm ready to do this again. Sorry, Stork."

"Nono," he mumbled, shuffling his feet on the floor, "Not your fault. Thanks anyway."

Piper walked out the door, sliding it closed behind her. Stork managed to stare after her, motionless, for a full ten seconds before shoving off his towel and starting to work himself over.

Jerking off while picturing the girl he had all but forced himself on earlier that day made him feel weird and dirty and wrong but his body was demanding release and he knew Piper would get him there fastest. God, she was so perfect! She was smart and talented and- oh! Don't even get me started on her body… A low, heady moan welled up in his chest.


Stork bolted upright, startled. "Piper! I- y-" She dropped her covering, tapped in the locking code for his door, and crawled onto the bed with Stork, holding herself over him on her hands and knees. "Uh…"

"I changed my mind." She said with a smile.

"But- but-" She kissed him and he stopped protesting, his hands going to her sides and rubbing over her skin.

Her tongue slid teasingly over his lips and he darted his out to try to catch it, keeping Piper's mouth occupied while his hands roamed her body. Suddenly he flipped them over so he was sitting between her legs ginning down at her. He moved from her lips to her neck, kissing and nibbling the sensitive skin, repeating any actions that got her to tighten her grip on his shoulders. Nervously, he trailed his tongue down the center of her chest, feeling her shiver and taking the opportunity to make a detour back up to her mouth.

She never would have guessed that it was his first time. Not really really, because of what happened earlier, but she wasn't counting that because it didn't hold a candle to what they were doing now. Stork was driving her absolutely crazy, his lips and tongue and hands everywhere at once and every action so careful, so well placed that he might as well have a roadmap to her hotspots laid out in his head with color-coded instructions on 'how to make Piper go over' written in the margins. She gripped his shoulders tighter as her left her mouth again to continue exploring lower on her anatomy. He was also completely ignoring his need in favor of taking care of hers. "Aah- AH!" She yelped and sat up and Stork reappeared from between her legs, looking startled and more than a little afraid of her reaction. Piper blinked as cognizant thought returned to her. "A-again?" she pleaded. The pilot warily bent back down and ran his tongue, in a firm, steady line, over the pre-soaked hole between her legs. She shuddered and bit back a curse that threatened to slip between her lips, her back rolling as pleasure washed through her.

Stork tested her with his fingers and his face heated up. "P-Piper? Can I…?" He pressed in and she gasped, nodded, and reaffirmed her hold on the bed sheets. He adjusted himself and leaned over her, pressing a kiss to her lips. His eyes were dark yellow, but not the poisonous shade that meant he had lost control. "If you need me to stop and I can't, punch me."

Piper smiled. "I won't have to."

He went slow, moving only when she wasn't, resisting an urge so strong it was painful. He was breathing hard, shaking with the effort it took to stay in control when she was so close he could taste her and- He covered her mouth with his and pushed in all the way, tasting her shocked cry and starting to pull out. "Piper, can we- faster? I like- but- I need-" He thrust in again and she gasped, her back arching, then nodded quickly and grabbed the bedding even tighter. Stork held onto her hips, trying to keep a steady pace, but the ecstasy was fueling the all-powerful sex drive in his head and making it harder to fight, so his thrusts were uneven and too fast even when he tried to back off.


"Mmnngh." Stork muttered, trying to listen to Piper's gasped words through his haze.

She gulped. "Don't fight it."

Startled, he froze completely. "But I don't want to-"

"I can handle it."

He exhaled and let out just a little and suddenly he was blind and he was moving and she was his and she was screaming but there was a level of depth and pleasure to it that he wanted and he was too fast but his movements were smooth and she was his and she was calling his name and-

She was calling his name.

She tightened around him and it was like hitting a brick wall and he saw white and braced himself over her so he wouldn't fall and they were both breathing hard and he smiled at her and she smiled back and it was good so good and she was his.

"Hey Piper?"


"Thank you."

She grinned and pulled him down next to her. "Shut up, Stork." And he smiled and he did because she was his and he was hers and when they woke up the next day Blue Moon would be over and they wouldn't have to but the might anyway because- "I love you."

Stork wrapped his arms around her and smiled and- "I love you too." -and he did and they did and it was.

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