Naruto: Hitoshirezu Years

Chapter 1: A New Class, a New Adventure!

The sun was shining brightly to a new morning in Konohagakure. The golden rays reflected off of rooftops, decorating shadows with the greeting of dawn. The first thing to see the sunrise every morning was the great Hokage monument; the five guardian faces watching over the town as the first joyous rays met them. The light sounds of the morning birds were echoing through the air as dew drops fell from the green blades in the training fields. Shopkeepers step outside of their stores to enjoy the fresh, cool early breeze before preparing for work as their children run into the streets to play.

Another beautiful day in Konoha begins.

Just outside of the Ninja Training Academy, one of many carrier pigeons stopped on a tree for one of the blue-vested chuunin to receive. The Yamanaka flower shop opened its doors, revealing ruby roses, frail baby's breath, and sapphire violets among a vast variety of flora. The dough shop in town began its morning rounds; kneading and baking new pastries, the sweet fumes joining the sweet air.

The people walking calmly down roads, the dogs running through the streets, even the lowly insects crawling from underground get to enjoy a relaxing, warm sunrise.


Hanabi Hyuga snapped out of her daydream and stood at attention. "Yes Iruka-sensei!"

Iruka, a light-faced chuunin marred by a horizontal scar on the bridge of his nose, said "Please recite Shinobi Rule number 2."

With a slight hint of resentment, she said clearly "A Shinobi must always be alert, ever mindful of danger."

"Or, to paraphrase for this situation, a student must always pay attention, ever mindful of the teacher," joked a vibrant boy with dark, spiky red hair sitting near the middle, drawing laughter from the other students.

"Alright, that's enough Kaji-san," said Iruka.

This was not the first time that Hanabi had been caught looking outside of the classroom using her Byakugan eyes. It wasn't that she was not interested in what Iruka-sensei had to teach, but after so many sunrises spent in class, she could not help but enjoy a few with her Byakugan.

And anyway, she already knew most of the things that Iruka-sensei had to teach, despite being the youngest in her class. She was after all, a Hyuga, and as a member of the main house, she was trained harder than any other student in the classroom. Indeed, the only reason she was here was because of the upcoming graduation exam, and one needed to attend the academy for at least a year to be able to participate. As she pushed some strands of her long, dark brown hair away from her face, she braced herself for what Iruka had already told her after each incident, and was surely about to repeat now.

A stern look on his face, Iruka told her "Now Hanabi-san, just because you're the top ranking student in this class does not mean you should become distracted during my lessons. You need to set a good example for your classmates."

"Yes Iruka-sensei," said Hanabi as she sat back down, her blank white eyes showing an allusion of embarrassment.

Addressing the rest of the class, Iruka said "Speaking of good examples, it's time for Transformation jutsu practice!"

Some students remained silent, but others let out groans of exasperations.

"Really? So early in the morning?" asked the same red-haired boy. "C'mon Iruka-sensei; can't it wait until after lunch?"

"There goes Kaji again,"thought Hanabi. Kaji Sogeki, whom many considered to be the class clown, hated sitting in the stuffy room. His red hair held up by a headband because he thought it 'looked cool', he was the kind of boy who craved action. For that matter, Hanabi didn't know what he was complaining about: aside from basic combat training, jutsu training was more exciting than listening to lectures and copying off of the blackboard.

"You're lucky I let you have lunch at all with that attitude! Thank you for volunteering, Kaji!" said an irritated Iruka as he motioned to a spot in front of the class. "You're first," said Iruka, eyes locked onto his most troublesome student.

"Tch', fine, I'll do it," Kaji laughed as he got out of his seat and jumped next to Iruka. Without hesitation, he flashed a simple hand-seal.

"Transformation jutsu!"

A cloud of white smoke enveloped Kaji as he began the transformation. Everyone waited for a split second as the smoke cleared.

And the room exploded in laughter as only a few of the students, and Iruka, did not chuckle at Kaji's transformation. Even Hanabi couldn't stifle a grin.

"Wha- what the hell is this?" Iruka stammered.

Where Kaji once stood was a man with Iruka's ninja vest and pants, even his face and scar. However, the man still had Kaji's spiky red hair. "I think it's an improvement, don'tcha think?" asked the smiling double as he winked and gave a thumbs-up.

A light-green haired girl in a long white dress next to Hanabi giggled "Isn't Kaji-kun the funniest guy you've ever seen?"

"Bet you wish he's going to be on your team, huh Madoka-san?" muttered Hanabi.

"Yes, don't you, Hanabi-chan?" asked Madoka, smiling at her classmate.

"I sure hope not; I wouldn't want to get stuck with that," thought Hanabi. Madoka Hayashi and Hanabi always sat next to each other in class. The only reason for this was that Hanabi was content with Madoka's convenient silence, and Madoka praised the robust Hanabi, looking up to her despite being older by a few years.

After the outburst, everyone tried to quiet down, but the anticipation of Iruka-sensei's tirade made it difficult.

"What kind of class do you think I'm running here Kaji?" exclaimed Iruka. "Do it again, correctly this time!"

"Alright, alright, calm down; it was just a joke Iruka-sensei," smiled the red-haired Iruka. "Transform!"

Another puff of smoke, and this time a perfect copy of Iruka was standing before the class, some of whom were still laughing.

"Heh, I did so well," boasted the duplicate. "I think I could take over the class like this, don'tcha think Iruka-sensei?"

"Yeah, yeah, just get back to your seat," growled Iruka as his doppelganger turned back into Kaji, who wore a wide grin.

After Kaji jumped back in his seat, Iruka scanned the classroom. "Alright, who haven't I called on yet? Hmm, how about Wasumaru-san?"

Hanabi shifted her gaze to a silent boy drawing something in one of the far corners of the room. At the sound of Iruka-sensei's half-suggestion, he looked up from his paper, black, wide eyes gazing at the source.

"Wasumaru? That kid hasn't done anything all year. I doubt he'll start now," she thought. Wasumaru Zakūusho is a pale, stoic boy in gray robes who, from Hanabi's recent memory, did not do anything except draw during classes. He seemed to know the shinobi rules as he was able to recite them whenever Iruka called on him, but he took to jutsu and combat training like a turtle would take to a footrace; no matter what the time was, Wasumaru was seen drawing on his seemingly endless supply of canvas.

And then there was his hair: almost as strange as his behavior, he had thick hair around the top of his head that was parted down the middle. His round face complemented his hair, which actually made him look somewhat handsome, if not for the fact that the left side of his hair was ghostly white and the other side was jet black.

"Hmm?" wondered Iruka as he looked towards the back of the class, "Wasumaru-san, what did you draw now?"

Still staring at Iruka, Wasumaru gently took his paper and revealed it to the class.

For the second time within a few minutes, the room exploded with gales of laughter: Wasumaru had sketched Kaji's first attempt at copying Iruka-sensei very accurately, complete with colorful red hair. Iruka was left speechless. "It does have a lifelike feeling to it, huh?" said Kaji, imitating the pose on the picture.

After most of the laughter died back down, Iruka could only say "Okay then Wasumaru-san, how about you show us your transformation jutsu?"

Putting his drawing back down, Wasumaru walked slowly from his seat in the back of the classroom to the front of the classroom. He stood at the center next to Iruka and stared at him.

"Any time you're ready," Iruka encouraged.

Wasumaru looked at some point in the back of the classroom, brought his hands up to make a simple hand-seal, and without any conviction at all, said "Transformation jutsu."

Whatever anyone expected to happen, it probably wasn't 'nothing at all'. But it was exactly that that occurred as a few seconds of stunned silence passed before the whole class laughed again.

"What was that?" laughed Kaji from his seat. "This far into the year, and that's still all you can do? Pathetic!"

"Well, I guess it was foolish of me to expect anything else," thought Iruka. Aloud, he said "Alright everyone, pipe down. Wasumaru-san; you can go back to your seat."

Without another word, Wasumaru calmly walked back to his seat in the back of the classroom. Hanabi thought from her seat "if Wasumaru could perform jutsu as well as he could draw, maybe he'd be at the top of the class instead. Oh well."

Next to her, Madoka looked worried. "Poor Wasumaru-kun; he's been here for three years already, and that's still the best he can do."

Hanabi was confused. "Why is he still here then? If he can't perform jutsu, then becoming a ninja is an impossibility.

"I think his parents wanted him to come here," Madoka replied. "That's what I've heard anyway."

After Wasumaru sat back down, Iruka said "I think this is a good time for recess. But be warned; I expect everyone to work extra hard when you all come back. Dismissed." Not wanting to waste their precious time to rest, all of the kids made their way to the door to enjoy the morning.

It was a typical recess; some, like Hanabi, did solo training workouts like pushups or forms. Others, like most of the other girls in the class, stood around and talked with their friends about the latest gossip. No matter what one did to spend the recess however, everyone could agree that it was a fine day to be outside, and the one thing that dampened their spirits was the knowledge that they had to go back inside after half an hour.

Wearing her traditional sleeveless Hyuga training outfit, Hanabi was practicing her gentle fist style that was burned into her muscles by her father, Lord Hiashi. She was fighting invisible opponents gracefully, moving with the elegance of a dancer, and the purpose of a warrior.

She was just in the middle of parrying an invisible strike when she heard a voice from behind her: "Bang."

Eyes narrowed, she turned around to see who interrupted her form. "What a surprise," she said, feigning excitement. "Kaji."

"Heh, you gotta have better perception than that if you want to be a true shinobi," Kaji said mockingly. "If that was a real situation, you'd be dead."

"I have more perception than you can ever dream of," Hanabi replied with disdain. Activating her Byakugan for a second, she said "For instance, I see you're just a clone. You're really behind that tree, ten meters from this spot."

The Kaji in front of her vanished into thin air. And indeed, the real Kaji jumped from his hiding place behind the tree in front of the academy entrance to Hanabi's feet. "So, you saw through it, huh? As to be expected of someone from the Hyuga clan."

Kaji played this trick on Hanabi the most times out of every other classmate. She hoped this did not mean that he had taken a liking to her. As she went back to her forms, she said "If you used your chakra to train rather than spend it on this childish game, you probably would be better than me."

Stretching his arms behind his head, he replied "I'm already better than anyone else here. I'm the only one here who can perform the true shadow clone jutsu."

Not stopping her form, she retorted "The knowledge of jutsu does not determine one's power. Besides, how many clones can you actually make before you run out of chakra? One? Two? Hardly impressive, even if you are the only one out of us that can use it."

"Whatever gives me an advantage in the exams tomorrow," said Kaji. "I'd say the only one who can compete on my level is you,"

Stopping her form for a second time, Hanabi replied "Don't put me on the same level as you. Your exam scores are nowhere near my level."

"You mean all of those shinobi rules, right?" laughed Kaji. "Scholars don't win in battle; warriors do. I don't like to tell them what I'm made of; I show them."

"Seeing as how I outclass you in that regard as well, how am I on the same level as you?" Hanabi asked with a hint of a grin.

"Ah, your replies are sharp as kunai knives Hanabi-chan," Kaji said, holding his chest in mock pain. "Well, in any case, we'll see who's better than who come exam time."

"I don't need to wait until the exam to see which of us is better, Kaji; I already know it's me,"thought Hanabi.

Something else caught her attention as she went back to do her forms; two classmates were walking towards the far corner of the playground. At the corner of the playground, Hanabi saw Wasumaru, paying no attention to anything except what he was drawing. "Hmm?" she wondered. "What's Reiko and Hirosho doing?"

"Dunno," Kaji replied. "Ah well, not my problem if the kid can't defend himself."

But Hanabi clenched a fist. "I can't stand people who prey on the weak; it only shows how weak they are. I'm going to go help him," she said as she started walking towards her three classmates.

In his usual corner, Wasumaru was drawing with his collection of pastels that he keeps in a small, wooden box. Every day, he would draw what he felt like drawing. Today, he was drawing a tree just outside of the fence where five small birds were residing.

The picture was so simple; no complex colors or moving parts, other than the birds. But to Wasumaru, this picture must be given his full attention. Every detail must be captured; the leaves swaying in the breeze, the beetle crawling up the trunk, the mighty branches reaching towards the blue sky, the small white clouds above drifting with the wind. It was all so, serene, so calm.

"So, beautiful," Wasumaru whispered under his breath as he savored the sight of the calming scenery.

"Hey kid!"

Dirt had suddenly splashed onto his drawing. With wide eyes, Wasumaru looked up from his sullied work to see where the dirt had come from. He soon realized it was from a kick aimed by one of his classmates: a tall boy with a condescending sneer on his face, light brown hair that went down to his neck, and a black shirt with beige shorts. Wasumaru recognized him as Hirosho Nakagare.

The boy next to him was grinning at Wasumaru, mocking him. He had long gray hair that was cut diagonally in the front so that Wasumaru could only see one of his brown eyes. He was dressed with a light blue shirt with green shorts. Wasumaru recognized him as Reiko Yakusabe.

Hirosho laughed at Wasumaru and said "Hey, nice transformation jutsu today. I could almost make out a couple strands of your freakish hair changing!"

Reiko grinned along with his friend. "If you can't do a simple jutsu like that with the exam tomorrow, you might as well not show up."

Noticing the drawing on the ground, Hirosho bent over for a closer look. "What'cha doin' here? You like art little boy? Hah! You belong in an art school, not a school for ninjas! It does look half-decent though; maybe I'll just take this," he said as he reached for the drawing.

Before he could grab it however, Wasumaru said quietly "Leave me alone."

Reiko leaned in, hand cupping behind his ear. "Sorry? I couldn't quite hear that little boy; could you speak up?"

The boys' laughter was cut short when Wasumaru stood up. The skies darkened as gray clouds suddenly filled the sky. Thunder rumbled through the schoolyard as the boys stood in fear, for Wasumaru had grown to four times his size with glowing red eyes that instilled panic in all who gazed at him.

Trembling with horror, Reiko and Hirosho could only stare at Wasumaru as he opened his menacing mouth of razor teeth and yelled "I said, LEAVE ME ALONE!"

Screaming as if their lives were in danger, the two boys ran as fast as their legs could carry them away from Wasumaru, away from death incarnate.

When Wasumaru saw that the boys had left, he sat back down to wipe the dirt off of his canvas. He then calmly reached for his pen-brush he had dropped and went back to work on his drawing. Unfortunately, he found that he could not complete his drawing;

The birds had left the tree.

Hanabi was quite astonished.

One second, she was walking towards Hirosho and Reiko with the intent on teaching both of them a lesson. In the next, the two of them were suddenly stricken with fear, and were now trying to put as much distance between themselves and Wasumaru as possible. But Hanabi couldn't see what made them run away like that.

"A genjutsu?" she wondered. If so, she could only wonder what Hirosho and Reiko had seen.

Kaji was also stunned. "Whoa, that was weird. What happened?" he asked.

Hanabi replied "A genjutsu most likely, but I didn't know he could do that."

"Who could've known?" said Kaji. "He hasn't done anything all year except draw."

From the doorway of the academy looking out towards the playground, Iruka had seen the whole confrontation. "Hmm, a genjutsuist eh?" he wondered aloud. As he looked to a letter in his hand, he said "I see what his parents meant now. He could probably graduate without knowing the clone jutsu or the transformation jutsu. But, just to be on the safe side, I should test him tomorrow."

The next day, another morning in Konoha came, flooding the village streets with the opening rays of sunshine. It would have been easy to enjoy the sunrise, were it not for the academy exams that began early for the students.

The students began filing in the classroom, ready for the three-hour exams. Most of them were nervous; Hanabi and Kaji were not among them. They both knew what they had to do, and they also knew that they would not fail; they simply couldn't. The consequences of failing combined with their own determination made failure an impossibility. And so, Hanabi and Kaji were among the calmest students in the classroom.

Wasumaru was always calm, mostly because he did not completely grasp the full meaning of today. For him, today was like any other class. As soon as he sat down, he took out his pastel kit, a small pen brush, and a sheet of canvas, and went straight to work on his next drawing.

Once all of the students took their seats, Iruka entered the room with a stack of exam papers. "The written portion of the exam will be handed out. You have thirty minutes to complete it," said Iruka as he handed out the test.

"Alright," said Iruka after the last test was handed out, "you may begin."

The air was soon filled with the sounds of pencil on paper as thirty students started scribbling answers as fast as they could.

For Hanabi, the written test was simple enough; she blazed through the questions effortlessly, armed with her tough mental training as well as physical. Because she was so well prepared for the exam, she finished the test first after only fifteen minutes since the starting signal.

"And that's that," she thought as she put her pencil down. She looked around to see who else had finished, and was shocked to see that Wasumaru had also finished a second after her and was now back to drawing at his seat.

"He finished too?" wondered Hanabi. "Perhaps I wrote him off too quickly," she thought as she fixed her gaze back to the front of the class.

A few minutes later, Kaji put down his pencil. "Meh, that's all I can do. See ya in the practicals," he said as he rested his legs on his desk, untroubled about not being able to answer a good portion of the questions. His cocky behavior caused some students to look up from their papers, but they were quickly corrected by Iruka's gaze from the head of the class. The students that had looked up also knew that time was of the essence, and they could not afford any distractions to deter them.

At the end of the half-hour, Iruka said "Time is up; pencils down." Some of the students groaned at not finishing in time, others set aside their pencils with confidence.

After Iruka gathered all of the test papers, he said to the students "The practical exam will begin shortly. For the exam, you need to perform the clone jutsu. Good luck to everyone." A few of the students were dismayed at the requirement for the practical exam, but Hanabi and Kaji remained confident.

"The clone jutsu huh?" thought Kaji, "Just perfect; I'll ace this portion of the test, no problem!"

A few seats away from him, Hanabi thought "I cannot fail; I have to be stronger. I must become a genin!"

In the back corner, Wasumaru was still drawing, oblivious to the world around him.

About a half-hour later, the practical exam began. One by one, Iruka called on each of the students in alphabetical order to go into the testing room and perform the clone jutsu. One by one, nervous student after nervous student attempted to execute a perfect clone jutsu.

Some did well, creating multiple images of themselves. Others either created clones that were exhausted from the lack of chakra, or created a small number of them from lack of chakra control.

As Hanabi stepped out of the exam room, she met Madoka just outside of the door. "How did you do, Hanabi-chan?" asked Madoka eagerly.

"How do you think?" grinned Hanabi, "I created five images of myself. I could've done more, but I didn't feel like using all of my chakra on this test. Besides, I think five clones are enough to pass."

"Wow Hanabi-chan, you're so great! I could only manage three clones," said Madoka as the two walked outdoors to the warm morning.

A while later, Kaji walked into the academy playground where all of the other students were waiting for the results. He boasted "I managed to create two clones; real ones, not the cheap images that they make us learn."

Several 'ooh's and 'ahh's came from the crowd of students who gathered around him, impressed by his feat. "Aren't you tired?" asked one of the students.

Rubbing the back of his head with an arm and grinning like a fool, Kaji admitted "Yeah, now that'cha mention it, I'm hungry. I hope they let us soon; I can't wait to celebrate my graduation from this place."

Back in the exam room, only one student remained; he was drawing peacefully in the back corner. It was nice having the room to himself since there was no one to bother or distract him. Complete tranquility was contained inside these four walls, and Wasumaru liked it.

This peace was to be short-lived however: "Zakūusho, Wasumaru," called Iruka's voice from the doorway.

Wasumaru looked around, and calmly put away his pastels and drawings of the empty room. He then walked down to the exit, and entered the practical exam room. There, at the head of the room was Iruka-sensei, a pen and pad at the ready. Wasumaru walked slowly into the middle of the room, sat on the green-matted floor in front of Iruka, and waited.

Iruka gave Wasumaru an encouraging smile and said "Whenever you're ready Wasumaru-san, show me the clone jutsu."

Wasumaru looked into Iruka's eyes with his own, and then looked back down. He brought his hands to form the ram, snake, and tiger seals, and said emotionlessly "Clone jutsu".

Like yesterday during Wasumaru's attempt at the transformation jutsu, his passive attempt at the clone jutsu showed no results.

Iruka sighed and said "Wasumaru-san, this is your third year here. All I ever see you do is draw in class. You're not really trying now, aren't you?"

Wasumaru's only reply was raising his head so once again, he was looking into his sensei's eyes quizzically.

Iruka kept gazing at Wasumaru and said "There must be some reason why you are enrolled here. What is it that you want?"

He was almost shocked to see that Wasumaru opened his mouth in thought. Iruka was more shocked by his response:

"I want to see, everything. I want to share, everything, with, everyone."

Iruka almost didn't know what to make of it, but after a second of thought, he realized what Wasumaru meant. "If you want to see things outside of Konoha, you must become a ninja. To do that, you have to show me that you know how to perform the clone jutsu. To get what you want, you must pass this exam. Do you understand?"

For a moment, Wasumaru stared at Iruka, and Iruka stared right back. After that moment, Wasumaru brought his hands up to make the three seals again. "Clone jutsu!"

A puff of smoke engulfed Wasumaru, and when it had cleared, there was a perfect clone sitting next to him, staring at Iruka.

Iruka smiled. "See? That wasn't so bad, was it? Hmm, I've also checked your written exam score, and based on what I saw, you pass Wasumaru-san. You're free to go."

Without another word, Wasumaru stood up and walked towards the door. Iruka could almost swear he saw Wasumaru's face betray a hint of happiness as he left the room.

About an hour later, all of the students were called back into the classroom to await the results of their test. Some, like Hanabi and Kaji, were confident that they had passed. Others were less confident, going over the entire exam in their heads and with their friends to make sure that they had done enough to pass.

Madoka turned to Hanabi and asked "Who do you think passed, Hanabi-chan?"

"I don't know, except that I passed for sure," Hanabi boldly replied.

With a small giggle, Madoka said "You're not the top of our class for nothing, Hanabi-chan."

Kaji was quiet, but he had a smile on his face that could speak for itself. His feet on his desk and his head resting against his arms, he knew that his impressive practical more than made up for his mediocre written exam.

Wasumaru was in his usual place, completing his drawing of the school playground. No one paid him any attention, and many believed he had failed the exam for the third year in a row.

Finally, after many tense moments, Iruka entered the room, quelling the buzzing room instantly. He was carrying a box of what everyone assumed to be filled with Leaf village forehead protectors. However, only a few of the students noticed that Iruka had no papers with him.

Iruka set the box on his desk, and addressed the class. "Now, normally, this would be the time where I announce who passed or failed,"

The entire class held their breath (except for Wasumaru, who seemed not to hear anything Iruka was saying).

"But there's no need for me to do that. I'm proud to say as your teacher that everyone in this room passed the graduation exam!"

It was as if someone set off a paper bomb in the classroom; most of the students were giving cries of relief and elation. The thrill and excitement from Iruka's announcement was so great that only a few of the students realized that Wasumaru had passed as well.

"But, surely Wasumaru failed at least, right?" wondered one student.

But Iruka was true to his word as one by one the students were called up to accept their forehead protectors. When Iruka gave out the last one to Wasumaru, he announced to the class "It is now official: you are all Leaf village ninja. Starting tomorrow, you will all be broken into three-man teams, and be sent on missions with an assigned jonin."

Kaji was overjoyed, and was not shy about showing it. "Whoo hoo! Finally; I'm outta here!" he exclaimed as he raised his arms in victory, his forehead protector replacing the headband that held up his hair.

Hanabi was also happy that she was a ninja at last, but she was still as determined as ever. "I must become stronger. I have to be stronger than, her,"

The only one on the room not showing any signs of joy was Wasumaru; he was finishing another drawing of the classroom, forehead protector hanging from his neck. What was special about this drawing was that all of the students in it were wearing their forehead protectors; the new generation taking another step towards becoming the protectors of Konohagakure.

Hanabi: Next time on Naruto: Hitoshirezu Years,

Kaji: YES! I'm finally a ninja! Oh man, I can't wait to tackle real missions and kick butt!

Hanabi: Not so fast! We need to meet our new jonin first, and he's going to give us a test. If we fail, we have to go back to the academy.

Kaji: Say what! No way that's gonna happen. Who is this jonin? Tell him to bring on his so called 'test'; I'm not scared! should be...

Kaji: Huh?

Hanabi: Okay, as I was saying, next time on Naruto: Hitoshirezu Years;

The New Jonin: Shintaro's Test!

Kaji: You guys better not slow me down!

(Hanabi is sitting in the classroom. Wasumaru is drawing quietly in the corner. Kaji runs into the classroom)

Kaji: So Hanabi-chan, who do you think our new Jonin is?

Hanabi: How should I know?

Kaji: Well, whoever he is, his test is gonna be a cinch!

Hanabi: If anyone is going to have an easy time with his test, it will be me.

Kaji: No way! My shadow clone jutsu will wipe the floor with his test!

Hanabi: I already told you; your jutsu alone is nothing!

Wasumaru: *Accidentally smudges his drawing behind Hanabi and Kaji* Quiet please,

Kaji: Oh? And what jutsu do you know that's better than my shadow clone jutsu?

Hanabi: My Byakugan eyes are a lot more impressive than your clone jutsu!

Kaji: Oh please; those eyes are only good for seeing, not for battle!

*the two continue arguing, not noticing the room becoming darker*

*Lightning strikes*

Wasumaru: I SAID QUIET!


Hanabi/Kaji: Scary...

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