10 Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy the hell outta Jasper Hale (Cullen)

1. Follow him around and every time Alice comes near you, feel very attracted

2. Talk like a Texan around him, and when asked what you are doing, say that you are just trying to make him feel more at home.

3. Tell Alice that she only fell in love with Jasper because he used his "gift" to make her do so.

4. Tell him you know what he did last week and that you are appalled, watch to see how he reacts.

5. Have extreme random mood swings in your mind while you are in the same room as him.

6. Get him a chew-toy shaped like a human. Call it his "stress buddy" and it's for every time he needs to "resist"

7. Make a bet with him that you know he will lose. When he does, make him burn all of Alice's clothes.

8. Tell Alice what Jasper did to her clothes.

9. Every time you use paper near around him, wear gloves. When he asks why, tell him that you don't want to end up getting a "papercut".

10. If he ever mentions that he's thirsty, drop to your knees and scream and beg: " NO PLEASE!!... I'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN TO LIVE!!!!!!!!!!"

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