Title: Persuasion

Author: Dark Hooded Eriol the Magician

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Sasuke x Sakura

Theme: 15. Stubborn

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. It would be good for us fans if I did. XD




"I don't want to marry you," Uchiha Sasuke said firmly.

"Why not?" Haruno Sakura demanded. She stomped her foot. "We eat together, sleep together and even live together. Why not?"

He frowned thoughtfully. Seeing her so mad made him appreciate her true beauty. She was fiery and exciting. He could almost imagine what kind of life they'd have if they got married.

His lover screamed in frustration.

Sasuke hid a smile. They've been lovers for two years already. It was an unexpected development that worked fairly well. They were good for each other although he would never admit it. His girlfriend would never let it die down.

"My parents are expecting it," Sakura said matter-of-factly "and the boutiques are asking already. They even have designs that are ready for me! You don't even have to count on the florists, caterers, chocolatiers..."

He raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Why was Konoha Village so interested in their wedding anyway?

She continued on, "Tsunade-sama was even hinting about some special techniques that she'd teach me as a wedding gift. So why not just marry me and get it over with?"

"You just want your dream wedding," he pointed out "and not your marriage."

Sakura stopped carving the carpets. She gave him a sheepish smile. She'd always loved Sasuke. Her love for him was so deep, so rooted in her consciousness that she didn't know when or how it started. So when they started the relationship, she assumed that it was only natural for them to marry each other.

"I still won't," Sasuke reminded her.

"Why not?" She sat down and hugged her knees to herself. Her emerald green eyes filled with tears. "I love you. Don't you love me too?"

"I do," he murmured "but I can't live with a woman who snatches the blanket away from my body every night."

"THAT'S IT?!" Sakura got up and stared at him furiously. She reached for a blanket and a pillow angrily. It was their only blanket because all of their linen was in the laundry. "You won't marry me because of THAT?"

Sasuke gaped as she carried everything to the living room. He realized that she had stripped their bed of everything.

Sighing, he said softly, "Sakura..."

"Don't 'Sakura' me, Sasuke-kun," she glared. The pink-haired woman marched to the couch and spread everything with alarming efficiency. Her emerald green eyes flashed with fury. "I'm sleeping there. Sleep in the cold, Sasuke-kun!"

"Don't be so stubborn," the Uchiha heir said quietly.

"You're stubborn," she shot back. "If you can't live with me and my blanket-snatching ways live without it!"

Sasuke sighed and closed the lights. He left the bedroom door open to see his beautiful lover settle down on their lumpy couch. He lay down and curled up into a ball. It was a cold night. He wished that he didn't anger Sakura so much...

The next morning, when Sakura woke up, she found a black velvet box in her pillow. She smiled to herself as she opened it to stare into a glittering diamond solitaire. What made her day was when she found her boyfriend draped over her legs and hugging her waist while using her chest as his pillow.

She knew she'd get what she wants. It takes just a little bit of stubbornness to persuade him after all.