homg, first person is really cool.
Jak's such a BAMF!

Response: Thank you!

YOU KILKED HER! You could of done a sequel. Anyway... I agree with the other people. ALTERNATE ENDING AND DARK LEMON!

Response: Actually I still could. There will be no alternate ending and I don't think I'm going to do a lemon...

loved the story, hate the ending. could done a good sequal with the way you had it set up if you didnt kill off the main girl.

Response: Thank you about your first comment... but the second one not as much. Actually, I can still write a sequel.

Paradise Eco
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG you can't just end like that! RHP will kill you, (and I'm personally thinking about it too at the momment) so I already sent my questions in because I thought this would end ALOT earlier then it did! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YOU CAN'T END LIKE THAT! (I won't let you!) muahahahhaha!

Response: XD Well, I ended like that and you can't stop me : P

Random Hyper Person

RHP: I HAVE MY MUSE BACK!Willow: Great... back in the hands of a crazy psychopath. RHP: HEY! And i just realized if Dark Jak were real(cough cough XD) I would literally do anything he asked... huh... Omg! I would kill family members! I would- Willow: *covers RHP's mouth* OKAY! That's enough! ~OW! RHP: *bites* ...Hmm when the next chapter is up I'm gonna click 'review' first and review as I read the story- I'll have Willow here too as a fail-safe. UPDATE! DARK LEMON! RHP: LOL IT'S ME AGAIN! I'M MAKING GOD DAMN SURE YOUR MOTIVATED ENOUGH! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! WRITE A DARK JAK X DIANA LEMON! EVERYONE! MOTIVATE! THE! AUTHOR! RHP: ALSO: I AGREE WITH cat-demon Kitten! ALTERNATE ENDING!*ANY* OTHER ENDING! I was sad but now I'm **... In fact everytime I re-read that last bit I get even more **! ANGRY RHP IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH! ARGH! I COULD PUNCH A CROCA-PUPPY! (And yes, believe it or not I have anger-mangement, I know it doesn't seem like it cuz I'm usually so hyper, but once something has succeded and ** me off- Its Hell to pay...haha, just ask Charles(you bastard!) I kicked him so hard in the crotch he had to go to the doctor! *laughs maniacally* but It usually takes alot to ** me off- and usually I get sad, *then* **(like now!)) UPDATE! And, hey, a Dark Lemon would appease me! :P RHP: OBJECTION! 1- I do not stalk you!(well... I dont stalk you in real life! I internet-stalk you.) 2- THREE DAYS TO A WEEK?! I CANT WAIT THAT LONG! AND I gotta go to the dentist! Ugh, I'm pretty sure The Waiting Room is as close to Hell as you can get. I start fidgeting, then moving from seat to seat, then by the end I'm pacing. Oh, and UNLIKE EmotionalHobocore I *am* badgering you (That's such an odd expression- What does that *mean*?!)UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! RHP: WHAT?! THE?! HELL?! JUST?! HAPPENED?!! AARRGGHH!! NOO OO OO OO OO!! !! AHH! OMG! I saw that this had been updated when I checked my e-mail, lol I was so excited I got chills!(As you can tell I'm very easily exciteable) I am grounded from the computer so... (just imagine me sneaking through my house going dun dun...DUN NA!') I had to check both of mt parent were asleep (check: snoring). Lol my dad thinks I'm not stupid enough to disobey him... hes *wrong*. But *anyways* My anyways my question is still the same: Dark Jak, will you marry me? Or at least go out?! (XD) UPDATE! DARK LEMON! :P

Response: Okay, scare me just a little and there will be no alternate ending....and yes you actually wrote this much. About 466 words or so. I have a word counter on the Microsoft Word okay?!

Folklore zombie
Wow that was really unexpected. Fantastic chapter. Please write and alternate ending.

Response: Thank you! Finally someone who actually likes the ending/chapter...or not -.-

OMFG...its ova

Response: I know...that's what I said.

Aurayalis Sun
... WTF WOMAN! WHY?! I think I'm about to cry here. I have to say though, it was a suprising ending. It made me drop my jaws and silently say, "Damn, I didn't expect that." This have got to be one of the best Jak and Daxter stories I've read in awhile. ^_^

Response: Aw... I'm sorry. I know, I just love my end. Thank you very much!

cat-demon Kitten
*glares darkly at Author* i hate you. i mean you killed Diana! and before she and Jak/Dark could tell each other their feelings! at least make an alternate ending! i hate this ending! i love the chapter but im sorry the ending sucked. your a great writer but the way you ended this story was horrible! at least with an alternate ending you make the readers (who you probably ticked off with this ending) happy and it gives room for a sequel if you ever want to write one. you know there are three more games to the Jak series, Jak 3, Jak X and the new one that's coming out this fall. please consider the alternate ending, heck you can combine the alternate ending with the lemon, if you want.

Response: Well, I'm sorry you feel this way. To tell you the truth, I don't like writing stories with a happy ending like Twilight. It bothers me because I know nothing, no matter if it's fiction or not, can't be perfect. Which is one of the reasons I made Alex get banished into the Wasteland - if I didn't then Diana would have stayed with him instead of Jak. I'm really sorry that you didn't like the ending and unfortunately for you, I will not be writing an alternate ending but I'll hope you'll read the sequel and see why I ended this story that way.


Response: XD I know.

Is it fair to say that I have the right to send Jak on your **?Wait don't answer that..OF COURSE IT IS...I can't ** believe you did THAT...YOU KILLED HER...and I thought she could end up being my friend...YOU would not believe how much I want to rant right now ...YOU ** KILLED HER...but the weird thing is I'm sitting here trying not to laugh about how outragous I'm being...Di wouls have been the most awesome girl for Jak...and you go and kill her off...I hate you SO ** much right now ( Is it just me or am I using that word alot?) :/ and now I doubt there'll be a sequel...because you obviously didn't leave yourself enough to work with...unless we all want a story about a depressed Jak...which...I'd probably end up crying about...I still can't believe it...lucky you my brother gets the rant...You don't have ANY idea about the annoyance I'm saving you...And how can you be so ...laid back about killing her off?! She was THE BEST OC I've read about...I'm so depressed I don't even wanna listen to my fave Nickelback song...I'll be looking forward to my answers in the next chapters...for now...I leave you with no rant...I still can't believe you did that...*tear* oki now I HAVE to laugh at that! Hehe

Response: Aw, thanks for your love on Diana. And there are reasons that I had her...killed off. Don't worry - you'll understand in the sequel.

What?! You killed Diana! How could you!?
You're evil!
But other then that it was fantastic.

Response: I had to, vital part of the story. And thanks!


Okay, theses are from ParadiseEco.

Question 1: Diana in Greek history Diana is the goddess of the hunt, and she also begged her father Jupiter to give her virginity forever. If you could be like this would you?

Diana: O.o Uh... well

Dark: (Pops out of no where) Hell yes kitten will!

Diana: Don't answer for me, Dark!

Dark: (Smirks in response)

Diana: (Ignores him) Well, ParadiseEco, to be honest. No, since that would give Dark more a reason to rape me.

Dark: Like you wouldn't want me to.

Diana: ...Your point?

Dark: (Laughs his insane laugh)

Question 2: So Jak how do you feel about crazy, freaky fan girls writing about you everyday? Do you enjoy it? Or does it scare you?

Jak: Actually it depends. If it's with an obsessed Mary-sue character than hell yes it scares me other than that it's okay.

Diana: (Stares at him) What about the lemons and stuff?

Jak: Well... (Silence)

Diana: (Laughs)

Questions 3: Dark Jak if I asked you the question 'Would you rather have eyes that smile or a voice that makes children stop crying' which would you choose?

Dark: The hell kind of question is that?

Diana: (Rolls her eyes) Just answer it.

Dark: (Huffs) Well, I guess the eyes that smile bullshit.

Diana: (Raises a brow) Really? Why?

Dark: (Smirks at her) Because I couldn't seduce you besides the fact that you think it's sexy.

Diana: (Looks away from him) Well, I'm not the only one.

Question 4: Koneko if you could invite 5, and only 5, people from this story to a tea party who would it be?

Koneko: Well, I'd have to say...Jak, Dark, Alex, Diana and Chrno. Jak because, well, he is a sexy BAMF, Dark because he's a smexy dark elf, Alex because I love his snarky attitude and his sexiness, Diana cause she's awesome and Chrno because he's cute :3

Question 5: Koneko if you could invite your reviewers to a party, where would we go?

Koneko: Well, I'd take you all to Subway. Why? Because I'd love a submarine from Subway right now XD

Question 6: Torn if you had a chance which of the Jaks would you make-out with?

Torn stares wide eyes at the question, Jak spits out the water he was drinking, Dark raises an eyebrow, Light blinks with a unreadable look.

Torn: What the hell?!

Koneko: Answer the question, Torn.

Torn" (Grumbles curses) Jak...

Everyone stares at him.

Koneko: (Grins) Is it because Dark and Light would be your seme and Jak would be the uke?

Torn: (Shoots her a glare)

Koneko: Oh, and for those who don't know what ukes and semes are, ukes are bottoms and semes are tops.

Questions 7: Torn & Daxter if I locked you two in a closet together who do you think would go crazy first and try to kill the other person?

Torn just shoots Daxter a deadly glare while Daxter grinned cheekily.

Everyone except Torn and Daxter: Torn, obviously.

Question 8: Diana if I asked you the question 'Would you rather sing Brittney Spears' Crazy for a day non stop or talk in a very high voice for a month?' which would you choose?

Diana: To be honest, neither but since I have to choose, I would pick sing Brittney Spears. I might turn into a mute if I talk that high. I would just hurt other people's ears if I sung.

Dark: And you say I'm evil.

Question 9: Dark Jak will you marry RandomHyperPerson? If yes, can I be the priest?

Dark: (Reads over RHP reviews) ...Even if I do say no, she would probably still stalk me. But you can be the priest person, or whatever.

Question 10: Koneko can you please make another fanfiction? (And I suggest you say yes... because I fear RHP just as much as you do)

Koneko: Well if you mean sequel to this story, I was going to and I still am. If you mean a completely different story I'm working on it.

Questions 11: Diana if you could be in a girl group with Tess, Rosette and Koneko who would play what?

Diana: I defiantly would play the electric guitar.

Tess: Call the drums.

Rosette: Bass Guitar - then I could make Torn deaf!

Koneko: Well, then I'll...sing?

Questions 12: Koneko (I had to come up with a really could if you rather question for you) if I asked you the question 'Would you rather lick a hairy man's unwashed armpit or eat one of his unwashed toe nails' which would you choose?

Everyone except Koneko bursts out laughing.

Koneko:...What the hell kind of question...?

Dark: (Slings his arm over her shoulders with a grin) Just answer the question, koneko.

Koneko: (Stares at him) You know the irony of your statement is that you call Diana the same thing - just in English. (Sighs) I guess the unwashed toe nails. (Everyone stares) Well I mean the unwashed armpit could have like a bush of hair and the sweat clings onto that while the toenails are just dirty. Besides, it's only one of his toe nails and it's only a clipping since you can't take off his whole nail from his toe. And it could only be from pinky toe.

Everyone starts to laugh again.

Okaaay, on to Red-hEadNightlOver questions

Questions 1: Who does Rosette like if it isn't Chrono? and who does Chrono like?

Koneko: Ah, I think you're the only one who paid attention to that. Rosette actually likes Torn - hence why she always fights with him. Chrno and Rosette used to go out but she didn't like his shyness to well. As of now, he has a girl crush (Does that make sense? XD) on Diana and a small crush on Tess.

Question 2: Does anyone know why Dark Jak's horns kinda disappeared in Jak 3? It kinda made me angry once I realized.

Koneko: Really? I didn't really notice...I'm not sure why though...

Question 3: Are you going to make a story about Jak 3 or Jak X after this?

Koneko: Hm...well I have the sequel I'm making but I can. Maybe more Jak 3 than Jak X since I like Jak's hair in 3 more than X.

Question 4: Does Tess have multiple personalities? Does she count as a as a person who likes furries because of Daxter?

Koneko: Well, in my story she does. She has the happy go luck side while the other is the pissed off. And yes, yes she does.

Question 5: Why is Vin so amazingly spastic-ly funny?

Koneko: I dunno, maybe cause he so paranoid it's funny..?

Fun Facts!
...And stuff...

About the Characters: (By the way, I'll have links to what all my Original Characters look like in my profile)

1) Diana/Ashley

...I don't really know how to explain this one. Some of her attitude is based off of me, except I don't maul my friends. Basically, you all know she is completely oblivious to any means of love which the story has a least two example that is pretty obvious. Others can be if you squint. Some of them are just crushes though. Anyway, she understanding, clearly, but she can be rude when she wants to - as seen with the final fight with her and Jak. Other than that, it's pretty hard to piss her off.

2) Jak Mar

Well, Jak of course has the BAMF attitude like he always does - Cocky, rude, badass, etc. But then he has his shy side since not all of his younger innocence was wasted away in the prison. The only thing he is really shy about it loves/ crushes. Hence, why he was so awkward with Keira in the game. But he does have his flirtatious side, but he's not as forward with Diana then how he was when he first met the 'garage lady' in the game.

3) Dark Jak

Alright, on to Dark. Believe it or not, he was based off of Hollow Ichigo, or as most of his fans call him Hichigo Shirosaki, from Bleach. Dark is obviously more perverse and forward Hichigo. However, I came up with Dark calling Jak tamer since Hichigo calls Ichigo King. And it would be kind of weird if Dark calls Jak King and then they find out he is supposed to be King of Spargus, right?

...Or would that just be ironic?

4) Alexander Cross/ NERO

Aw, my lovable Alex! Actually, he was based off of Nero from Devil May Cry 4 - just ruder, snarkier and more of an ass. I guess it was kind of obvious with the name and his right arm. I learned to love Nero all over again though X3

5) Link & Kaiten Hylian

This is more obvious. Link and Kaiten were based off of Link and Dark Link from The Legend of Zelda, except Kaiten actually has a personality, prior to Ocarina of Time.

6) Zackary & Zidane Mousy

Zackary was based of Kaitou Dark, or in the English version Dark Mousy, from D.N Angel. Zackary's more forward when he hits on someone while Dark is more forward just with that 'kissing is a greeting' thing. But that's also why I love him X3 Zidane is based off of Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy IX except he's less perverted and kinder. We couldn't have the twins be exactly the same or that would just be chaos X3

7) Chrno & Rosette

Again, another obvious one. They were based off of Chrno and Rosette Christopher from Chrno Crusade.

8) Crystal and Credo Cross

Well, these just keep getting to obvious, neh? They were based off of Kyrie and Credo from Devil May Cry 4 except Crystal was more of a cry baby than Kyrie and Credo was just too rude.

9) Errol

Okay, for those who hate him I really wasn't planning on making him seem good. Why? Cause he's the smexy evil villain, that's why. But I didn't want Diana to be loved so much so I just made him overly protective of his best friend.

About the Story:

To be honest, I didn't think the story through at first but near the ending, I had a whole plan set out. The ending wasn't going to be as shocking as it but it is what it is for a reason - don't worry about it. If I did an alternate ending, people who wanted it, it would only screw up the sequel I'm making. Yes, I'm making one, happy? But I probably won't post it for a while. Oh and there was supposed to be a bitch fight with Keira and Diana but I'll make that in the sequel - along with Ashelin. But after reading all the reviews for the last chapter I'm not so sure I will make a sequel anymore...

Well, that's it. It's done. No more chapters after this. Sigh...such a pity it ended so soon...Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked reading it.