Sookie sighed and rolled over again it was only 2 in the morning, Eric was still awake and she wasn't ready for bed yet, "Eric?"

"Yes Lover?"

"What exactly happened to Massacre last night?"

Eric sighed and sat up a little, "did she not tell you about her ability?" Sookie shook her head, "well she is a telepath, but unlike you she was one of the few trained to use her ability. Like thinking to someone and reading vampire's minds. She can also get images of peoples past, like what she did tonight, her singing caused people to want to forget there troubles, therefore thinking them, and oddly it can put everyone at peace. Massacre passed out because she was singing to much and got winded and she also had to many memory's coming into her head. That's why she told you to close off your mind, not that you listened." He chuckled.

"How do you know that?"

"You looked like everyone else, at peace. Which mean she probably saw everything, you can ask her tomorrow when she'll be feeling better. Hopefully."

"That's so weird; there are people who can train you to use your telepathy?"

"Yes. You know the telepath that was talking to you when we first arrived?"


"She's one of them. Massacre is another." He said, "You should get some sleep you look tired." Sookie sighed and snuggled into his side. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her as she fell asleep.

When Sookie woke up Eric wasn't there any more, he had probably gone down to his coffin after she had fallen asleep.



Any plans for today?

Yeah. Just get dressed and meet me at the dining hall, all you can eat buffet.

Oh yummy. I'll be there soon.

Sookie jumped up from her bed and into the bathroom to get dressed. Once that was done she rushed down to the dinning hall. Massacre was already there waiting for her, "good morning. Don't you look lovely this morning." She giggled.

"Morning, you feeling better?"

"Yep, much better," She smiled, "and even better once I get some food."

They ended up sitting at the bar with plates full of pancakes and eggs and bacon along with some milk and juice. "Mmm, this is so delicious!"

"Yes, it is." Sookie agreed, "Very delicious."

"Alright come on." Massacre said once they were done and stood up heading for the door, "I suppose my dad told you what I could do and why."

"Yes he did."

"Well I can also block people out and it doesn't take that much work so we're going to see someone who can help you with that."

Sookie looked confused but followed Massacre anyways, they went back across the beach to a building right next to the spa, it was tiny and nobody appeared to be there. But Massacre went in anyways all the way in the back where a tiny room with a fire place and three chairs were, as well as a tall brown haired woman was sitting in her chair watching the fire, "Sandra."

The woman nodded and waved them over to the two remaining chairs, "welcome back Ayslin, and who is your friend?"

"Sandra this is Sookie Stackhouse, Sookie this is Sandra Patterson, my mentor."

"Ah, so this is the other telepath you were telling me about."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, today I will be your mentor. First we will work on blocking. Ayslin will be thinking random things, you need to block her, but not forcefully. Just relax and try to focus on something other then her thoughts. Begin."

Wow, they were so loud last night, I mean really they woke Pam up, what a set of lungs she has. Sookie was blushing deeply but trying to concentrate on something else.

Hmm, no wonder Pam thought she was lucky, hmm weird. Didn't need to hear my dad though I mean really scar me for life. Maybe that's why- her voice was gone, Sookie was a deep scarlet color by now and trying to look away, she didn't even realize that she couldn't here Massacre's thoughts, "very good Sookie."


"What ever you were thinking you kicked Ayslin's thoughts out of your head. You can even hear her calling to you can you?"

"Uhm no." the woman smiled.

"Now we try searching for people, unlike when you did it before. Sit right there next to Ayslin on the floor." Sookie did as she was told and sat knee to knee with Massacre.

"Close your eyes and open your mind, don't try to find peoples brain waves, just have it open." Sookie did as she was told, she could here the brains of vampire's shifters and other demons, and they were all staticy but still there.

"Now just open your mind." She let out a deep breath, and then she could here, well no see a few images, Eric's dream. She gasped and opened her eyes and closed the connection.

"Are you okay Sookie?"

"Yes, I saw Eric's dream."

"Hmm still the only vampire you can read. Maybe you can just read him." Massacre said, "Is that possible?"

"Yes. It is."

"But it is odd that you can read vampires, Ayslin, even I can't. It may be because you are half vampire. You are a mix of everything. You are by far the most abnormal girl I know."

"Hmm. Oh! I have to go. Sookie find your way to the café when Sandra's done with you." She giggled and shot up off the ground and out the door.

"That girl. No respect for being courteous." Sandra said shaking her head, "alright, try to read thoughts im not thinking, normally I wouldn't do this so quickly but im leaving tomorrow. You seem to be learning quickly though. Ayslin took a bit longer."

"How do I read them?"

"Just try you will get it." Sookie sighed and looked at Sandra, then closed her eyes, come on child you can do it.

She pushed harder, nothing and then once more she tried and pushed through the normal barrier Oh, did I leave my oven on?

"I sure hope you didn't that wouldn't be good." Sandra smiled.

"Very good child. You may go now if you would like, I need to go check my oven." Sandra got up and shuffled into the kitchen of the house. Sookie smiled and stood up slowly making her way outside.

"Wonder where it is.."

"Are you lost miss?" a big tall man asked coming up beside her, "looking for someone?"

"Uhm no. I was looking for the café." Sookie replied.

"Oh, I can show you the way." The guy said, "follow me." He walked off to the left toward the wooded area. "I'm Max."

"Sookie, pleasure to meet you."

"You too." They were pretty deep in the forest by now, "you sure are pretty here by yourself?" he asked turning around to face her and pinning her to the tree, "would be a pity if you weren't." he ran his hand down her hair.

SHIT! Oh no oh no oh no! his hand traveled down her body, she tried to shove him away but she couldn't find the strength to shove him away, so she did the only thing she could think of, she screamed.

Massacre was sitting in the café watching an episode of Strawberry Panic when a scream ripped through the almost silent café. She jumped up from her seat, Sookie.

Pam and Eric who were sleeping in their coffin's still woke up as well, "Sookie." They both jumped out of there coffins and ran toward the forest.

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