Title: The Longest Battle
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Macross Frontier.
Summary: Alto deals with a pregnant Sheryl.

Sheryl was flipping through the pages of the menu with a pleased smile on her face. She looked to Alto across the table.

"Alto, eating out is such a great idea. Look! They have all kinds of dishes here." Her eyes sparkled as she took in the names of the food and the pictures that went with it.

"Look, look! They have éclairs; I haven't had these since I left Galaxy."

Alto had to chuckle, "Sheryl, you look like it's your first time eating out."

She frowned at him with twin colors on her cheeks. She sat up straighter, trying to look queenly and Alto could only watch with an amused face. She mumbled something of 'stupid Alto' before busying herself again with the menu.

This was a brilliant idea, Alto thought, taking a sip of water. When it came to Sheryl, she was, without a doubt, the fussiest person in the history of Alto's life. Everything had to be up to her ridiculously high standards. Of course, she reasoned out that it was only because she was delicate.
With that said, she had to have customized shoes for her delicate feet, designer brand clothes like 'Coffee Vinegar' for her delicate frame and—well, you get the picture.

Recently, ever since Sheryl's pregnancy, she had become even pickier. Her sensitive and more delicate stomach had to have the best food and she relied on Alto like he was some chef at some five-star restaurant. Alto was a good cook, mind you—but he wasn't a super professional!
So instead of taking hell from Sheryl, he'll let some poor chap in a well-reviewed restaurant kitchen take her ire. No doubt Sheryl would make him cry—not that Alto cried, of course… (Okay, so maybe he got a bit teary-eyed during lunch when she criticized his curry.)

Luckily, just when Alto was about to replay the curry event, their waitress arrived.

"Good evening, ma'am, sir, are you two ready to order?"

Sheryl was born ready.

"Yes, yes. One order of Blanquette de veau, don't cheat out on the white meat. Oh, some pot au feu. A big serving of foie gras…hmm, do you have any boudin blanc? Include that as well."

Blanc? Michel? Alto mused while Sheryl continued to order.

"—Andouillette, bouillabaisse, poached poularde. Dessert will be chocolate mousse, mille-feuille, apple tarts, crème brulee, éclairs, floating island, canale, and finally, a glass of water. I'd order some wine but considering my delicate condition after all." She closed the menu with a snap, indicating her finish.

She certainly ordered a lot, like price was no object. Maybe he should have pondered on the choice of restaurant…

"What will you order, Alto?" Sheryl asked.

Alto blinked.

"Huh? But I thought you ordered for two."

"I did."

"Then, why are you asking"—

"I meant for me and for the baby."


"I'll just have a salad."

When the waitress left with their orders, Sheryl leaned over, smiling ever-so-brightly.

"Thank you for taking us out Alto." She then gave her tummy a pat, "Our baby appreciates this too."

Alto forced a smile.

That brat owes me BIG.

Coffee Vinegar - a brand mentioned in Sheryl's blog.