Ensign Nawrk stood at attention with the other medical officers in the sick bay as the Klingon, Doctor Klarrn, paced back and fourth in front of them. It was very obvious that he was a very disciplined Starfleet officer. While perhaps he would have been more suited being on board a Klingon vessel, barking commands at others of his kind that would respect that sort of behavior, he had to deal with these Federation humans and other species that were not accustomed to that kind of gruff tone. Klarrn growled as he eyed each one of them, sizing up his medical staff and giving a slight glare to their face as they tried not to stare back at him.

"What a pathetic bunch of dogs you all are!" He shouted. "I have seen each of your records and find it to be most disappointing. I will not have a weak staff under my command."

Nawrk gave a worried brow as he wondered what exactly was put into his files, having only missed one test in his whole training because of being drunk with Kirk the night before, still he feared this would be the one instant that would send him back home or reassigned to some dismal space station.

"You will all learn to work together and be the most efficient medical team." The Klingon continued to growl. "Mistakes are not acceptable. Missing your duty shifts is punishable. Patients are our first and only priority here in this place and I will not stand for those who would jeopardize their safety by failing to carry out my instructions to the letter. Is that clear?"

"YES SIR!" The staff quickly responded.

"Good." Klarrn smirked. "If you are very lucky, many of you will learn and go on to be the most respected doctors, nurses and medical staff in the whole of the Federation. They will see that you have honor and that you have no fear when it comes to any medical challenge brought before you. But, having seen those files of yours…"

The young Ferengi gulped as he saw the Klingon doctor stop before him with a strong gaze.

"I wonder if that day is a long time coming. I have much to teach you all, show me that you want it. Do you – Ferengi – want it?"

"I – I – I guess…" Nawrk stumbled.

"You guess?" Klarrn said with flared eyes. "I said – DO YOU WANT IT?"

"YES SIR!" Nawrk screamed back in fear. "I want to learn and be the best of the best."

"Good, Ensign." The Klingon said bearing his sharp teeth. "That is the only answer I want to hear from you at all times."

The Ferengi nodded quickly and stood at attention to him. Klarrn was satisfied with the young man and walked to the end of the group again. Placing his hands behind his back and looking the proud warrior Klingon, he raised his head and lowered his tone of voice at them.

"This ship is about to disembark on a five year mission. I want this place running smoothly by the time we leave the solar system and keep it that way for as long as this vessel exists. Now, to your posts everyone."

"Aye!" The group quickly answered back and proceeded to prep the medical bay with haste.

Klarrn grinned with delight as the smell of fear within his staff made them move as if someone had a phaser lodged into their backs. But as he was enjoying the moment of his discipline in action, the Vulcan captain entered the room with Ensign Liam by his side.

The youth was still looking pale and wincing his eyes from the pain growing louder in his mind again. The captain gestured to Klarrn for attention and looked down at the Ensign with concern.

"The pain is returning?" He asked.

"Yes." Ensign Liam nodded. "Can't shut them out. I can't shut them out!"

"Focus your mind, Ensign. Build a barrier to block the sound."

"I can't!" The young man screamed in agony. "It's so loud!"

Klarrn quickly came over and caught the ensign just as he collapsed, with a hypospray on hand; he eased Liam's suffering by making him sleep. The Klingon doctor managed to carry the limp youth over to a bed and used his tricorder to examine the boy.

"He's a Betazoid." The Klingon observed.

"Yes." The Captain stated as he stood on the opposite side of the bed. "His mind is being overwhelmed with thoughts of the surrounding people. I would recommend that you use a suitable neural inhibitor until he can properly adjust to – "

"Yes, I am fully aware on what is best for such a case!" Klarrn rudely interrupted. "So spare me your Vulcan medical advice."

"I beg your pardon?" The Captain said with authority.

"Excuse me, Captain Serrik." The Klingon apologized. "But I am trying to work here. Forgive my outburst."

"As you wish, Doctor. I will leave you to it then and tend to the bridge instead." Serrik said sharply and walked out of the sickbay.

As Klarrn growled at his own stupidity for shouting at his superior officer, he focused back at the tricorder as he scanned the ensign's head. The readings made the doctor give a concerned look as he tapped a few buttons on the screen. Rubbing his chin in thought, he closed the device and placed it on the counter beside the bed. Klarrn looked about for someone to assist him and noticed Narwk walking by looking confused as if he didn't know where to be.

"Ensign!" The Klingon shouted.

The Ferengi froze in his place and gulped. He gave a toothy grin of nervousness and practically groveled before the gruff doctor.

"Yes sir?" He said with fear.

"You will assist me with this one."

"Ah – Are you sure you want me, sir?" Narwk stuttered.

"I called to you, did I not?" The Klingon glared.

"Yes." The cowering Ensign nodded. "Yes you did sir."

"Then you will assist me."

Narwk gave a look of discontentment, but did as he was instructed. Klarrn pointed to the medical cart to him and snapped his fingers. The young Ferengi quickly ran over to it and wheeled it to the cranky doctor. Holding out his hand, the Klingon waited for the officer to give him the instruments needed.

"Twenty ccs of Traflican-molithicde."

"Yes sir." Narwk answered back.

Taking out a hypospray from the cabinet, the Ensign prepared it for the doctor and loaded the cartridge of the compound. He set the controls for the required amount and handed it to him.

"Very good, Ensign." The Klingon doctor mused. "That was efficient. You located that rather quickly."

"Yes sir." The young officer grinned. "I trained on this cart back a number of times in the academy. Vulcans use some of the medications in this unit as well."

The doctor nodded in delight and used the hypospray on the patient. Once it was finished he handed it back to Narwk and studied Markus's eyes.

"That should suppress the telepathic shock for now. I'll have to use a Myelin Regenerator to ease the swelling and give his mind time to adjust."

"What's wrong with him?" Narwk said with professional curiosity. "Traflican-molithicde is a strong inhibitor for someone of telepathic abilities, too much of it would cause brain damage."

Again, the Klingon was most impressed by Narwk's medical knowledge and spoke to him in a more respectful manner.

"So long as the dosage is within specified limits." Klarrn grinned. "Besides, Betazoids tend to have better tolerances to such medications. Especially for a case like this."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"Judging by the scan I took of him – " Klarrn said as he turned his gaze back to the young man laying on the bed. "I'd say he has Keovet Syndrome."

"Ah." The Ferengi nodded.

Klarrn seemed to be offset by that comment and folded his arms with curious gaze at the young medical officer.

"Do you know of this disease? Quick! What is the cause of it? Answer!"

"Well, ah, it's a – " Narwk struggled to say as he tried to think on his feet. "It's a rare disorder that occurs to those that were on colonized on the world just outside of the gamma quadrant."

"Go on." The Klingon said as he stroked his thin mustache.

"Keovet Nine was polluted by a species dumping their genetic waste without the colony's knowledge. It became airborne and infected all the population living there. It was recorded to be the worst environmental disaster in Federation History. By decade's end, only twenty five people survived the side effects from the disease."

Klarrn chuckled as the young Ensign waited for his reaction. He could see that the doctor was impressed by his knowledge of the event and of the disorder. Klarrn tweaked his mustache one last time and patted the Ferengi on the back.

"Excellent." The Klingon laughed. "Now tell me, what is the cure for such a thing?"

Narwk gave a confused glare and thought hard as he searched his mind for the answer.

"Well, Ensign?" The Doctor asked.

"I – I 'm afraid I don't know." The young officer answered. "I don't think there has ever been a recorded cure for it yet."

"And you would be correct." The brute man smirked. "Keovet Syndrome can only be treated with a dose of neural inhibitors. In a case like this, double the requirement is needed for a patient experiencing such pain."

Narwk gave a quick nod of understanding and took in the information. The Klingon doctor used the tricorder again and studied the results. He gave a pleased, toothy grin as he noticed the boy's symptoms had begun to decline.

"Begging your pardon, sir." Narwk asked. "But, I thought there wasn't any survivors left of that colony. From what I can remember, most of them died out from the disease."

"Indeed, they did." The Doctor nodded as he closed the medical scanner. "All but one. And you are looking at him. For whatever reason, this young boy seems to be able to control it from time to time. Perhaps he was the fortunate individual that wasn't as severely affected like the rest."

"Should he be in Starfleet then?"

"Should you?" The Klingon scowled at him. "His condition is treatable. No more then any other that requires medication in order to function. Cures do not come easy, Ensign. He is able to live his life for now."

"That's not a very Klingon way of seeing it." The Ferengi snickered. "They'd see it as a sign of weakness."

The Klingon doctor took offense to the comment and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

"You are not Klingon! So do not dare to even question me about being one, Ferengi!"

"Yes – Yes sir!" The Ensign nervously apologized. "Sorry, Sir! I was just – I was just – "

"Just – What?" The Doctor growled in a sarcastic tone. "Go on – I am so interested to know what you think as a junior medical officer. Something that a well skilled, full ranking medical doctor couldn't possibly understand."

The young Ferengi gave a sheepish laugh and patted the Klingon on the shoulder – very gently.

"Just going to ask you if you would like me to finish setting up the med-bay."

"What a brilliant idea." The Doctor growled back.

Smiling nervously as the Doctor released him from the strong grip, the young Ensign quickly vanished from his sight as he nearly tripped from walking away backwards. Klarrn rolled his eyes in frustration and gave low sigh as he tried to calm down.

"Sometimes I wish this was a Klingon ship. Then I would have the excuse to kill him."


Kirk and Sarah arrived on the bridge to start their duty shift. As the doors slid open, they stood in awe as they took in the view of the well-designed room. Like all federation vessels, the area was circular and full of computers surrounding the perimeter wall. Each station was devoted to various departments; Helm, science, security, medical - it was all there with someone manning the post. Jason Kirk seemed to grin ear to ear while taking it all in as he walked to his post at navigation. Sarah Lorna tried not to be as obvious as him, but couldn't help but give the odd innocent glare from time to time. As they approached their seats in front of the dual helm, the Vulcan Captain greeted them in typical cold manner.

"To your stations."

The two Ensigns nodded to him and quickly sat in their place. Kirk quickly glided his hands on the brand new console, it still had that tactile feel of never being used, no warn out spots or indentations of finger jabs like the older starships had. Lorna just watched him with an eye of curiosity as she leaned over slightly towards him.

"Would you like a moment alone with it?" She sarcastically remarked.

"You wouldn't understand." He snickered.

"That you're stroking a flat panel oddly? I guess not."

"And that's why you'll never be a Captain." He smirked at her. "One has to know the ship – like a lover."

"That's just rude." Lorna winced in disgust.

Kirk smiled at her in delight and gave a comedic wink. She rolled her eyes and focused back the console as she entered in her command code to start operation of the computer. Captain Serrik stood near Kirk while he was in mid-grin and tapped the flat panel console on his side.

"Please refrain from anymore lurid suggestions, Mr. Kirk." The drone-voiced Vulcan stated to him. "You are a Starfleet officer now, so start acting like one. Please activate the helm and proceed with disembarking procedures."

"Aye – Sir." The young man said clearing his throat in embarrassment.

The Captain raised his eyebrow at the two of them and walked away with a look of disapproval.

"Nice going." Lorna scornfully said to Kirk in a low voice. "You're off to a good start."

"Bah." Jason replied. "He'll warm up to me yet."

The Captain sat down into his chair and pressed a button on the small console built into the arm of his command chair. A high-pitched whistle echoed throughout the ship as it signaled the attention of the entire crew. As everyone paused in their steps and listened, Serrik's voice boomed out over the intercom.

"This is the Captain speaking. We are about to embark on the maiden voyage of this brand new class of starship. Over the course of time and though the journey we are about to undertake, we will all become familiar with this vessel and see what lies beyond the stars ahead. For many of you, this will be your first mission, a five-year stretch that will give you the chance to learn and grow. This is not the academy – this is real life. The ship and the well being of the entire crew is now your focus. So let's do our jobs and begin our journey into the vast unknown."

The Captain switched the intercom off and tilted his head back. He folded his hands together and gazed at the large view screen on the front wall of the bridge. Outside, the loading ships were moving out of the way and the docking clamps retracting back into the sides of the dry-dock where Genesis was residing. With simple sigh of his breath, Serrik leaned back in his chair and nodded to Kirk as he waited for the order.

"Clear all moorings, quarter impulse." The Vulcan said to him in a commanding tone.

"Aye Sir." Kirk smiled. "Quarter Impulse."

"Heading, sir?" Lorna asked as she turned to face the Captain.

"Once we've cleared the station you will go to warp eight on a heading of two-one-zero-four-zero-eight mark two three." Serrik stated.

Lorna looked hesitant as he told her the co-ordinates, she understood that was just past the boarders of Romulan space. The Romulans still weren't fully trust worthy of the Federation, the fact that they've been in negotiations since the destruction of their home world was enough to make her worry. They still blamed the Federation for not aiding them faster and cursed the Vulcan Ambassador for failing in his mission. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Ambassador Spock and of Romulus' destruction was still very much talked about in the Academy.

"Is there a problem, Ensign?" The Vulcan captain inquired.

"That course will take us through Romulan space, sir."

"Yes." The captain acknowledged as he pressed his hands together in thought. "But it is our destination nonetheless, Ms. Lorna. The Romulans have allowed us passage through that region as long as we do not stop with in it."

"We're not are we?" Lorna questioned to him as she looked back.

Serrik raised his eyebrow to her and simply pointed ahead. He didn't have to speak a word, she understood that simple command and that his order remained as it was. It was not her place to ask such questions, nor was she to likely to get an answer from a Vulcan that was intent on a mission. Kirk just snickered to himself and gazed over at Lorna as she placed in the co-ordinates.

"Looks like you're off to an even better start."

Lorna gave a scornful glare and punched the final button in a bitter gesture. With that last touch, the ship proceeded to head out of the station and into open space.