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Letting out a shaky sigh, Dean ran his fingers through his hair worriedly as he swept his eyes across the waiting room, taking in all the Doctors bustling about, seldom pausing to pick up charts. Nurses rushed in and out of various operating rooms while distressed family members and friends anxiously awaited news on their loved ones. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, taking in the stale air thick with the scent of antiseptic.

"Dean Tucker?"

The young blonde stumbled his way across the room, nearly barreling over the doctor, cutting him off mid-introduction. "That's me. Is Sammy okay? Can I see him?"

The man-- Dr. Sturges as he'd introduced himself, let out a sigh. "Your brother was in pretty bad condition, Son. We've managed to patch him up, but we nearly lost him-- twice," He paused to give Dean a moment to absorb the information before continuing, "Tell me, has there been any problems at home lately?"

Dean nearly balked at the insinuation. "Excuse me?"

The Doctor nodded his head in understanding. "I'm afraid Samuel had some sever injuries-- especially to his ribs. That alongside his current condition put him in a tough spot. I'm obligated to ask with my patients best interest in mind."

The older Winchester closed his eyes briefly, taking in the physicians words before replying through gritted teeth, "No sir, there hasn't. My fathers out of town on the moment on business. I suppose my brother and I have been arguing more lately, even more so after he got into a fight a few days ago."

Dr. Sturges gave Dean a sympathetic look. "Alright, follow me," with an inclination of his head the older man set of towards the younger Winchesters room, Dean no more than two steps behind him.


Dean suppressed a gasp at the sight of his baby brother. His heavily bandaged arms barely contrasting against his skin. Next to the bed, a machine beeped rhythmically, monitoring the young teens heartbeat. Two IV stands stood adjacent, one steadily pumping saline solution, the other blood.

"Oh, Sammy." The older Winchester brother trailed off, raking his eyes along Sam's pale body. He looked so small and fragile beneath the thin bed sheet, his shaggy bangs hanging limply against his face, long hair hugging his colorless cheeks. Dean ran a hand down his brothers face, gently tucking loose strands of hair behind his ear.

Guilt once again welled up inside his chest as he grabbed Sam's hand in reassurance "I'm so sorry, baby brother." Dean closed his eyes and allowed a single tear to escape before leaning down to kiss his brother on the forehead, "So, so sorry."

Sams eyes fluttered briefly beneath his eyelids. His hand twitched in Dean's grasp, lacing his fingers tightly between his brothers before before settling back down.

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