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Chapter one: Nightmare

I looked behind me…even though I already knew that he'd be in front of me. He was hunting me…I was his pray…and he was my hunter.

"You can't get away that easily," he said, in a seductive voice, messing with a piece of hair that had fallen. "I'm a vampire."

"Do you want a metal or something?" I spat, knowing it would only make him angrier. Good. I want a fast ending. Over. Done with, I said in my thoughts.

Then I felt it…he shoved me into the wall…most of his body weight leaning on me—partly crushing me a little.

"I hope they come after me," he whispered in my ear. "It would make a better story line."

"I hope they don't, just to smite you." I said this, hopefully Edward would reach me in time, if he didn't I hoped this would make him reconsider—to make him make my ending come faster…easier.

"I'll soon regret saying that," he said, his breath coming in wafts at me…it smelled good yes—but not Edward…not my Edward.

Good, I thought. Maybe it really will come faster then.

He threw me to the ground still holding the recorder in his hands…it made me sick…to think he would go to such lengths….so the Cullen family—My family would come back and fight him off. I'm still—gasping for air even. I'm sure that there is probably bruises covering me now…from head to toe.

"Having a hard time breathing?" He asks humor in his voice.

"Having a hard time having fun?" I replied annoyed a little.

"On the contrary, no. The 'fun' hasn't even really started to begin."

I shuttered…what else does he have in store? He picks me up, and stands me. I almost loose my balance, but somehow maintain some, and manage not to fall over.

I wake with a jolt. Sitting upright in my bad, sweat covering, I'm betting every inch of me.

"What is it, love?" I hear.

Jumping—almost screaming, I see Edward.

"J-just a n-nightmare."

"It sounded pretty vivid; you said something about Edward…not my Edward.' He said.

"It was pretty vivid. It was just…I really don't know…just scary." I reply, not wanting to tell him—I don't feel like making him hurt.

He comes over and sits by me. "Tell me Bella, what was it really about? I can see that you're hiding it from me." He says his lips only inches from mine—him being unfair. Making me not being able to think straight, I said everything almost in a rush.

"It was only about James. Just a nightmare." I smiled pushing myself the rest of the way to his lips. Glad that my thoughts only belonged to me.

He kissed me back, holding back, but then we both pulled away taking some air needed for me—not him. I read the clock, it saying it was 3:30 A.M.

"I need a human moment." I said.

His reply to this, like most of the time, "Of course."

I grabbed my bathroom bag and ran quietly to the bathroom, trying not to wake Charlie. I turned on the hot water, only barely turning the cold knob on. I needed a hot shower to clear my head, and wash this, now cold sweat off of me. I got in not really noticing how cold I was until I felt the hot water against my flesh. It felt good though even though it really did kind of burn.

I replayed the nightmare in my head. It all seemed so real, the throwing, the pain—the feeling as if the end couldn't, no, wouldn't come fast enough. I sat down in the shower just enjoying the hot water.

Soon as I was finished I threw on some of my pj shorts and a shirt—combing out my mess of hair, and ran back to my room…running to my Edward. There he was…looking god-like. Sitting on my chair in the corner. The clock now read 4 A.M. I still felt a little tiered and laid back on my bed.

"Still tiered love?" He said close to my ear—cradling me.

"Yes, only a little though."

Didn't take long till I heard that wonderful lullaby—my lullaby. It's the most beautiful thing that has ever made sound in my ears, the song Edward made for me. The one that apparently I inspired him to write. Then unconsciousness took me in again, this time all nightmares gone.