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Edward POV

I laid Bella on the bed, kissing her lightly on the cheek. Good night my Bella, sleep well.

Next I ran towards Alice's room. "I'm ready for the vision."

By the time I was in her room she was standing by her made bed, the one she never uses. "Okay, it's about Bella and James."

"I kinda figured that Alice, let's get on with it!" I snapped at her, I needed to know what was going on!

"Okay, geesh! James was seriously attacking her. I mean he was, but he wasn't…" She said. It's just very confusing! "I mean it's like he's there in my vision, but I can't actually see him. They we located somewhere around Phoenix, but then again a mixture of the forest here in Forks. Bella kept yelling at him, I couldn't understand what she was saying. It was the most confusing vision. Almost as bad as trying to see a werewolves future. "

"Almost like seeing a werewolves future? But you can't even see it. But I understand." I said. So was he half werewolf or something now?! I hated him even more than those filthy mutts.

"Hey don't blame me, at least you have that much information. Maybe Carlisle can help make some sense from it." She said, determined. I wanna know what's going on with her to Edward. She's my sister.

I knew she loved Bella, almost as much as I did. And I'm determined to stay by my Angel.

Edward we're here for both of you Esme's 'voice.'

"I know mom, I love you too." I said. And I meant it, Esme was the perfect mother for us. Sometimes too forgiving yes, but the perfect mother.

"Let's go talk to Carlisle." I said to Alice.

We ran to his room.

"You still think its post-traumatic-stress Carlisle? How do we make sense out of Alice's vision?" I said, I knew he'd already over-heard our conversation. All the vamps in this house could. (Haha. ;) )

"Honestly Edward, I'm still trying to conclude myself." He said. It's all I can do son, I promise we'll figure this out.

"I know, I was just hoping that would help some," I said, unsatisfied. I wanted to know what was wrong with my Bella!

"I'm going to go lie down with Bella. We leave later on this morning." I said, I really didn't want to start taking off anywhere and just keep her safe here. "Do you think it's still safe Alice?"

"I think so Edward, I mean the future changes. I'll go too just in case if it will make you feel better?" She said, clearly she wanted to be there. I just don't know for sure if I can trust this mixed up vision. I wanna know for sure that she'll be okay. her 'voice.'

"I understand completely Alice." I said. I loved my sister, and thankful I had her.

I ran up to my room, and laid beside Bella.

".. Edward." She barely even whispered.

"Yes, my Love?" I said, maybe she'll talk to me.

".. I-I love you Edward." Same as before.

"I love you to Bella." I barely even said. I wanted to cry. I wanted all of this to disappear and for Bella and I to live passed all this. But we don't get everything we want. But I'll try my best to make things perfect for us.

Bella's POV

I dreamed of Edward, Alice, and I. We were running through the forest, I had finally been changed. I looked abnormally beautiful just like Edward and Alice. I saw from a third persons view, being outside my body I was okay with that. I could see the happiness in my amazing smile, and I could see that I finally felt I was enough for Edward. "Edward." I said to him. "Yes, my Love?" He said, closing my eyes to his beautiful velvet voice. "I-I love you Edward." Looking in his eyes, "I love you to Bella," his voice lowered. In this dream I was wearing a flowing white summer dress, and not like those one's you'd find in an old store, much prettier. The only thing that frightened me was the red color in my eyes, showing that I was just barely changed, but I knew I'd get out of that after a few years. It was blissful. I smiled and looked at the sun pouring through the trees, and lifted my arm to see what looked like diamonds jumping all over my arm.

And with a shake I awoke.

"Time to wake sleeping beauty." Said Edward.

"But I just had the most wonderful dream! I'm not ready to wake up!" I said, I wanted to be back in that happy place!

"Well you can sleep on the flight then, 'cause if we don't leave within the next 30 or so minutes we'll miss the flight." He said. Informing me.

"Fiiiiine." I said playfully.

"You know you wanna see your mom!" He smiled and said in my face.

"You know what else I want?!" I said.

"What? If you remember correctly, I can't read your mind Ms. Swan." He said looking at my lips and back up to my eyes.

"That I wanna have my dream back, and have a good morning kiss." I said. He started moving in toward me, and I jumped out of the way of his kiss.

"I thought you wanted a kiss? Change your mind already?" He said, trying to sound hurt.

"No, I'm just gonna go brush my teeth real quick!" And ran to the bathroom.

I really wish my dream could have been real. I said in my thoughts. Boy am I ready to give up this human life or what?! And it was the truth, I was. I just wasn't ready to lose my mother Renee and my father Charlie just yet. I loved them dearly, and graduation was coming up so fast. Man….

I walked back into Edward's room.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Yes, Mr. Cullen I'm very ready to see my mom." I said as I smiled. I can't wait to see her again. This was the best birthday. I just hate that they think they have to spend so much on it. As everyone in this house clearly knows, I hate expensive gifts. Well not hate, but I strongly dislike people spending a large amount of money on me.

"Awesome. Let's get going then Sweetie!" He said.

Alice was with us, and Edward actually drove us to the airport. He never gives up his car. I thought as I rolled my eyes.

As we were grabbing our luggage from the trunk of the car, Edward was going over his over-one-million-rules about driving the Volvo. The kid will never learn that Alice was very comprehensive, and was very trustworthy with his car.

"Again Alice nothing over 140 or 100 for that matter." He said, clearly wanting to make things "not fun" for Alice. Vampires and their sense of humor… geeeh.

"Okay kids, let's get moving or we'll miss the flight." I said more toward Edward.

"Yeah Edward mind your owner! And Bella, if anything just pull the reins on your puppy, he'll learn." She said with a wink.

"I'm not a mutt." He said, clearly annoyed with what Alice had said.

"Well, look at the time, I better get going. See you too love-birds later!" She said, raced to kiss me on the cheek and drove off.

"I think I might miss her." I said.

"Right now not me so much," said the grumpy Edward.

"You will. I promise, not let's get going!" As we raced off toward the inside of the airport.

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