Authors Note: Because school is getting hectic and as much as I loved writing What Is Wrong With Me, I can't help, but find it hard to write about it lately. So instead of a sequel I am sorry, but I will do a story of drabbles as the sequel about the characters up until the end. I hope you will enjoy them, and still read them!

Title: The Heart Loves Drabbles

Author: Shelby

Rating: PG and Up

Summary: A sequel of drabbles to What Is Wrong With Me. Casey, Derek, and the other characters and learning about growing up, heart break, domestic simplicity, and above all things life. (24 drabbles for 24 hours in the day)

Disclaimer: Oh how much I wish I owned Michael Seater and amazing self. I sadly though do not own him or Life With Derek. I do however own all of my characters and ideas with this story.



Derek groaned rolling over in bed as the loud crying process began right on cue at two in the morning. He looked over at Casey who simply mumbled with eyes closed, "It's your turn."

He glared sitting up, "It's always my turn dear." He then searched the floors for his boxers. He stumbled around the bedroom for a few minutes, thank fully not hitting his foot on the furniture again, he had finally gotten used to the new house.

Just as he was about to leave he heard Casey speak from under the covers, "He turns one tomorrow you know?"

Derek smiled rubbing his eyes, "How could I forget you bought him every toy in the store, you're spoiling him you know?"

She sat up throwing a pillow at him, "Shut up you spoil him too mister! Now go he's crying and it's your turn," she then fell back down placing the pillow over her head, she had been moody for about a week now and he didn't know why.

He opened the bedroom door going down the hall to the nursery his eyes finding it hard to adjust to the night light Casey snuck in again. He sighed walking over to the crib where Effrom was crying and attempting to stand up arms reached up towards him.

Derek bent down picking him up gently and whispering, "Shh… shh Effrom it's okay daddy's here."

Effrom's crying slowly started to end as hiccups where heard a little afterwards and then almost silent snores. Derek smiled continuing to bounce him just a little for comfort as he sat down in the chair Casey nursed him in.

Derek then lied back as Effrom gripped onto his chest lying on it. Derek smiled a little closing his own eyes finding it hard to stay awake. He then found himself drifting off to sleep.

Casey rolled over in bed grabbing the clock it had been an hour and Derek hadn't come back. She sat up listening for any crying or tired moaning from Derek, but there was nothing. She then stood up putting her robe around her and walking out of the bedroom.

She walked down the hall stopping when she heard soft snores from both her boys, and stuck her head in the doorway smiling softly. Derek and Effrom were both asleep, Effrom holding onto Derek and Derek holding him carefully, it was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

She then smiled tiptoeing into the room and reaching in a drawer pulling out a camera she always kept stashed for moments like these. She then smiled snapping a few pictures, the third flash waking Derek up, "What the…"

She covered his mouth quickly, "Don't you dare finish that sentence in front of your son Derek Venturi."

Derek looked up at her laughing a little, "He's asleep and as I recall you cursed a storm when he was being born."

She glared at him and then Effrom's little head bobbed up and he looked around seeing Casey. He immediately sat up reaching his hands out for Casey. And then he opened his mouth, "Ma ma! Ma ma!"

Derek and Casey's heads both snapped towards each other realizing what had just happened. Casey smiled about to cry, "He said ma ma."

Derek nodded surprised, "He said something and I understood it." Casey then squealed, "Oh my god his first word was ma ma!" She then stretched her hands out taking him from Derek and hugging him tightly.

Derek playfully glared, "Traitor."

Casey smiled babying Effrom, "Oh he loves his mommy doesn't he and daddy's just jealous because she's more fun, oh yes she is, oh yes she is." She then laughed as Derek stood up rubbing his head.

Effrom laughed looking at Derek as if he understood and giggled, "Ma ma… Ma ma." Casey giggled and Derek grunted, but couldn't hide his own smile for too long.

Casey then smiled walking towards the door, "Come on my sweet boy you can sleep with mommy and daddy tonight."

Derek moaned, "He hogs the bed Casey, and he freaks out when I try to touch you." Casey laughed ignoring him and going into the bedroom making sure Effrom was situated perfectly. Derek came in lying on his side and reaching out to touch Casey's arm, but sure enough Effrom let out a small scream not stopping until Derek removed his arm.

Derek moaned, "He's so selfish."

Casey laughed, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree dear."