Chapter 1:


I watched the sunshine down on the beautiful meadow, if it had of been any other day this would have definitely been the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. But the beauty of this meadow was nothing compared to the angel that lied beside me. I smiled at that thought and turned to stare into Edwards eyes.

"What are you thinking?" his smooth velvety voice whispered, his warm breath caressing my face as he stared back at me, unleashing the full power of his eyes.

"I was just thinking about how lucky I am" I said closing my eyes trying to embed everything about him in my brain. As I did so he lightly touched his lips to mine bringing his hand up and placing it softly on my arm.

"Bella?" he said softly

"Bella? Come on Bella" I slowly opened my eyes

"Bella, wake up," suddenly the cool hand, was replaced by a hand that was extremely hot and it was shaking me, trying to wake me up

I looked at the clock it was 4:00. "Go away" I groaned, pulling my doona over my head and closing my eyes hopeful that I may return to that wonderful dream.

"Fine be late for work, see if I care," my roommate Jacob said to me shattering any hopes I had of falling back asleep, still I tried again. "It's not my ass on the line if you're late," he hissed

"Ok, Ok I'm up," I fired back angrily throwing the covers off, glaring at him as I sat up in my bed. "Happy?"

"Extremely," he said smugly and chuckled at the reaction he got out of me. "Gee, Bella you would think that after a year of nursing you would be used to early mornings, I made coffee for you princess."

I not so politely told him where he could stick his coffee as I made my way to the bathroom slamming the door shut for dramatic effect. A little over the top I know but some times Jake annoyed the crap out of me. Not that the reaction this morning was really his fault, it was mine. Me and my stupid imagination. I mean I dreamed of Edward every night but nothing like this. Usually I was just running after him, never being able to catch him of course, but yet I still chased. I was used to that dream so it had no effect on me, but not this one. This one was so vivid. I could feel his cold, hard marble skin, I could smell his sweet scent, I could feel his breath on my face…I could feel his lips against mine.

It had been 4 years since Edward had actually touched me, 4 years since I had actually felt his perfect lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around my chest as the whole in my heart twinged. I remembered the day he left me like it was yesterday.


"Bella, I don't want you to come with me." He had said slowly and precisely

"You don't want me?" I asked

"No" he replied

End of Flashback

I became slightly breathless as I remembered that horrible day, a solitary tear slid down my cheek I wiped it away quickly, getting a hold of myself. "Get a grip, Bella" I thought angrily to myself as I stepped in the shower "It was a stupid dream, don't let it affect you like this". I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and turned the tap letting the water glide over me.

I stood there, for I don't know how long hoping that the warm water would wash away my dream. When I realised it wouldn't I got out and got dressed in my nursing outfit. I never thought of myself as a nurse, it was Jake's idea actually. He'd mentioned one night that I'd be great at it. I started studying it at uni and loved it so I never looked back.

Jake was always helping me like that; he truly was my best friend. He was the person who saved me. He was the one who held me together when Edward left. If it wasn't for him I don't think I could have survived it. I loved him, not in a romantic way of course, it was more in a way a sister loves a brother. There was a time when he thought maybe it was more than that, but he soon realised that we were better off as friends.

Now we live together in Seattle, Washington. We chose Seattle because I'd always loved Seattle Grace hospital and I wanted to work there. Also Seattle isn't too far from Forks, so if there was an emergency in LaPush and the pack needed Jake it wasn't too hard for him to get home. It was hard for Jake to leave the pack, I told him that I would be fine by myself. I was a big girl and didn't need a babysitter. But he was just so damn stubborn and insisted on moving with me. Actually I think Charlie had something to do with it. Jake and Charlie always had, and still do have, secret conversations about me. I think Charlie was the one that convinced him too come and watch over me because he couldn't do it himself.

It's not that I don't like them looking after me and watching over me. It's just that I would rather somebody else to be doing that instead. Unfortunately I was too boring for him and he had moved on, I can't do that. It's not that I haven't tried, I mean I've been on a few dates but it just could never compare to Edward and the way he made me feel. So eventually I just stopped trying and just settled on being without someone for the rest of my life. They always say that the only man a girl can trust is her father. I guess that's true, well with one major exception, Jake. He and my father are the only people now who care for me.

I was pulled from my own thoughts when I heard a soft knock on the door

"Hey Bells you almost ready?" Jake asked. There was a hint of concern in his voice. Great now Jake knew something was up. "Good one Bella" I chastised myself.

"Yeah, I'll be out in a minute," I said back, trying but failing to keep hurt out of my voice. Jake now definitely knew that I was upset and there would be 20 questions about what's wrong, great. Why do I have to be so readable?

It wasn't really my fault though, Jake is just so damn observant when it comes to me. He always knew when something was up and he usually new exactly who it was about. I composed myself and put a smile on my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Great work Bella you should become an actor", I thought to myself as I looked at my reflection. The smile I had on was so fake I don't think even Jessica Stanley would have believed it. I opened the door slowly, trying my best to be cheerful

I walked to Jake who was now sitting on the couch playing Need For Speed on the Playsation. Wow I must have been in the shower for a long time, no wonder Jake knew something was up. He stood up and walked over too me.

"Ok let's go" I said and playfully punched him in the arm. Huge mistake. There was a searing pain in my right hand. "Owwww," I said and grimaced as the pain intensified. I glared at Jake who was clearly trying not laugh.

"Ugh, you bas-,"

"Bella," Jake interrupted before I could shout at him, his mouth twitched at the corners "how was this possibly my fault?" Jake continued letting out a small laugh. He composed himself and then looked at me waiting for my answer.

"Uh…..well…," I said trying to think of a reason. He was right I mean I should know that punching a werewolf probably wasn't the best idea.

"See" he said smugly his mouth now smirking at me "now let's go before your late, plus I think you might need to get that hand checked out". I walked toward the door.

"Stupid werewolf" I muttered as I walked outside. I heard Jake chuckle behind me and soon we were in his car driving to the hospital. At least one good thing came from me punching Jake. He had now forgotten about me being upset. I quickly took a side glance at him. He was watching me from the corner of his eye, concern clearly etched on his face. Ok maybe he hadn't forgotten, Damn! Our eyes met and I knew what was coming next. Yay, question time.

"Bells" Jake sighed "are you going to tell me what's wrong or do I have to guess?"

"Neither," I said back to him inhaling deeply, "because there is nothing wrong," I lied. I knew this wasn't going to work but I had to try.

"Bella," Jake growled back angrily, "you are a shitty liar and you know it, come on talk to me." He stopped the car, as we were at the entrance to the hospital, and turned to look at me grabbing my hand which, I was surprised, was no longer hurting "Please," he added. His eyes bore into mine, I instantly wished they were Edwards topa- "Stop thinking about him, he doesn't love you," I told myself angrily before I could get any deeper into that thought.

"Jake," I sighed tearing my eyes from his, "I have to get to work, I promise we will talk about this later." He opened his mouth to argue. "I just can't talk right now ok."

He closed his mouth and sighed.

"Ok Bells, we will talk about it later." He said clearly emphasising the will. He leaned over and gave me hug. I returned it; I loved Jakes hugs it was when I felt safest. After about a minute I let go and opened the door and hoped out slowly.

"Bells," he said before I could close the door, "you know the drill, if you need anything at all give me a call and I'll be here, ok. Oh and don't forget to get that hand checked out".

"Actually my hand isn't hurting anymore," I replied smiling slightly. It wasn't a real smile but it wasn't completely fake either. "I'll seeya after work Jake. Bye". I closed the door and gave him one last wave before turning to walk into the hospital. As I did so I gasped in shock.

I could have sworn I saw a flash of bronze through the doors of the hospital. When I looked again there was nothing. "Excellent Bella, you're crazy," I angrily thought to myself, "not only do you dream about him, you now imagine that he is here". This of course was ridiculous. He couldn't be here in Seattle.

I turned a little to see a middle aged woman approaching me "Hey Bella, excited for another day of work?" she said smiling and stopping to stand beside me.

"Yeah, of course," I said forcing a smile on my face. She smiled back and then walked towards the entrance of Seattle Grace. I took a deep breath, preparing for the days work and followed her in.


As I walked into the Nurses station I could hear two nurses talking animatedly. Hmmm I wonder what's got them so excited. Did one of them get laid last night? I smiled to myself as I thought about that and walked over to them. There names were Jen and Millie, they were my two best friends at the hospital. We weren't really close but I felt semi comfortable around them.

Jen was tall with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. She had perfect lips and a smile to die for. Millie had platinum blonde hair with big blue eyes and a perfect bone structure. It always surprised me that they were nurses, I always thought that they would be better suited to modelling. As much as I liked them there was always one thing that annoyed me. They were the two biggest gossips you would ever meet. When they started gossiping I usually tuned them out or pretended to be interested in what they were saying. When I reached where they were sitting they both turned and smiled at me.

"Hey Bella" they both said in unison. They then both giggled excitedly.

"Hey" I said and sat down on a chair that was free next to Jen. She turned and looked at Millie and then turned to look at me again. Ok here we go.

"Oh my gosh, Bella we have two new doctors. They are both absolutely gorgeous. Apparently they are father and son and just moved here recently. I can't wait for you to see them. Did I mention they are gorgeous?" Jen said whilst jumping up and down in her swinging chair. She looked at Millie again and they both squealed.

"Ok cool, what are there names?" I said feigning interest.

"Dr C-" Jen started until we heard a beeping noise coming from one of the patient's rooms. I ran into the room and saw that the patient was crashing. I quickly ran to the bed and pressed the button.

"Code Blue ICU, Code Blue ICU," I heard come over the speakers. Jen and Millie ran in with crash cart and I began resuscitating the guy. Almost instantly a doctor entered the room and began to take charge. I didn't look up to see which doctor it was. I was too busy trying to save the guys life. The doctor began telling me what to do. His voice sounded familiar but I couldn't concentrate on that right now. We had to save this guy.

Eventually we got the patients heart rate back up and he was stable. I breathed deeply relieved.

"Good work everyone" the familiar voice said. Wait a minute that sounded exactly like. No it can't be. I turned around to find the source of this voice, my jaw dropped and I gasped.