Don't Get Caught

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The wonderful Ms. Stephenie Meyer is a genius to whom I could never compare. I am so happy she brought Edward Cullen and this family into my life.

Rosalie and Emmett attempt to control their lust.

Chapter 1:


I love Emmett. Since Emmett came into my life, I can't imagine him not being by my side. Don't get me wrong, Emmett can be obnoxious occasionally, but really it's part of what I love about him.

One of the most difficult parts of our intense relationship is that it's extremely difficult being separated from him. We've been together as man and wife for so long now that the monotonous tasks of acting like a teenager, going to school, living in a full house—all can make it very complicated to find privacy.

Emmett and I have always been very passionate. The difference between our passion and the passion of my siblings' relationships is that Emmett and I are very forthright about our feelings. If I want sex, we have sex. If Emmett wants sex, we have sex. We aren't very good at depriving ourselves. When we were first married, our need was so urgent that Carlisle and Esme actually asked us to leave for a period of time because it was a little embarrassing for everyone involved. What can I say? I love my man…and I love what my man does to me……

Refocusing. Refocusing.

But like I was saying…sometimes our demanding desires can pop up at inopportune moments. Let's take high school for example. High school is boring enough the first time. When you get to the 14th version of learning about the laws of physics, your mind easily starts to drift. Well when Emmett's mind starts to drift, I'll give you three guesses where it goes, but I bet you only need one. My man knows what he likes.

Today in physics, this is exactly what happened. Emmett and I were listening to the teacher drone on about "An object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force", when I felt Emmett's hand rubbing up and down my back. That's not too strange. We really like to be in constant physical contact with one another.

"Rose, I need you," he whispered low enough that only I could hear.

I looked over at my man and saw that familiar look in his eye. Emmett was feeling playful and judging by the sultry look in his eyes, his mind had wandered back to our early morning activities up against Edward's car. (I can't help it. Edward is such a prude and I know how to fix cars really well. He probably won't notice the dent.)

"Okay class, we will now be watching a film strip demonstrating the principles we've just discussed. Please complete this worksheet during the film," the teacher droned on and someone passed out the worksheets. I, however, was only aware of one thing, and that was the fact that the lights were going out and my Emmett was feeling amorous. I scooted my metal stool closer to Emmett's, feigning the need to move to see the film strip better.

"Did you need help with an answer Emmett?" I questioned my husband with a playful tone, leaning closer to his paper, blinking my eyes innocently, and making sure to give him a little flash of cleavage. Emmett's mouth curled up in a mischievious grin.

"NO TALKING," boomed the incessant little man's voice from the front of the classroom.

"Sorry, Mr. Sampson," I said, and dropped my left hand onto Emmett's thigh.

"I don't think he wants us to talk, Emmett," I whispered low enough for only Emmett to hear, "that means you need to be very quiet." I ran my hand up and down the inside thigh of his khaki slacks. I was rewarded with an unnecessary intake of breath, when I found his semi-hard cock and repeated the action on it. I turned and pretended to lean over and whisper something to Emmett, but I really just placed three small bites right below his ear.

When I turned back to the film strip, I looked across the room and saw Jasper glaring at Emmett and I. Poor Jasper must be getting a nice dose of lust right about now. I shrugged my shoulders slightly and continued my hand movements through Emmett's pants. His dick was really straining and stretching the fabric now to the point that I was afraid his wood would actually break the material, so I faked a cough while quickly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants with my other hand.

Emmett's boxers had been a casualty of the fun on the car this morning, so when I lowered the zipper and reached in, I could feel his gorgeous erection. I freed it from its cage and wrapped my hand tight around it and continued the subtle movements that had my gorgeous husband squirming in his seat.

"More Rose..please more."

Well now this poses a problem. Because as much as I wanted to hop on his lap and give the kiddies a show, that might..just might..blow our cover or at the very least get us kicked out of school. But like I said before, if Emmett wants to get off, I need to get my lover off. A light bulb went on in my head.

"OH SHIT!," I exclaimed.

"Rosalie, that language is not permitted in this school…" retorted our teacher.

"I'm sorry Mr. Sampson, my contact lens fell out and I was just frustrated that I can't see the film strip. I'm just going to find it really quick."

"Here Rosalie, you can use my key chain flashlight," said my always helpful honey.

"I'll turn the lights on," Mr. Sampson said.

"No worries, sir, the flashlight will be fine and if you stop the filmstrip now everyone will miss out on this part and its one of the best parts!"

Luckily, he took the bait and I slid out of my stool and onto the floor under our lab table. Vampire speed has its distinct advantages because as soon as I was out of view, I grabbed Emmett's cock and ran my tongue along the head. I wrapped my lips around the tip where my tongue had been and sucked the head like it was a lollipop. I could see Emmett's hands gripping his lab stool tightly and could hear the faint sound of the metal bending beneath his hands. I released the head and focused on the underside massaging it with my tongue before taking his whole dick in my mouth to the hilt. I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock, stopping occasionally to swirl the head with my tongue. I could feel him start to twitch and jerk and I knew that his release was forthcoming. I buried his dick in my throat, and he found his release. I drank it in until he was completely spent and then released him, swallowing his fluids and placed a playful bite on his inside thigh. His dick twitched a bit with the bite, letting me know he would be ready to play again later.

I "found my contact lens" and sat back up on my stool right as the bell rang. As we walked out of the classroom, Jasper gave Emmett and I the death glare before running off, at speeds that could not be considered human, to find Alice, all the while clutching his Physics text in front of him.

This is my first smutty fanfic so be kind!