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Gym class is no less torturous when you're undead than it was when you were alive. The problem with gym class for us is that we have to be so cautious not to hurt the weakling humans. It's pitiful really the amount of energy they have to put into doing one pull-up or spiking a volleyball. We were playing volleyball one day in gym class and Emmett, in one of his competitive states, lost track of what he was doing and REALLY spiked the ball. Let's just say, I'm really glad no one reacted fast enough to get between the ball and the floor because there's still a tiny dent there and the ball is no more. We used our standard excuse—Adrenaline Rush—to explain it away. The floor---faulty floorboards.

The one interesting point of gym class is the locker room because that's where the girls gossip. It's so funny to hear them talking about life as if they know so much about it when they've only been on the planet 17 years and lived very little of their lives. Sometimes they bore me, rattling on about prom and stupid Mike Newton, but occasionally something they whisper, thinking I can't hear, peeks my interest. I also have to admit, another reason I adore the locker room is because while we're changing, they always stare at me. My body is gorgeous and I know they are wishing they could have even half of figure.

Today in the locker room, silly Katie, a girl who thinks she's the shoe in for prom queen, is rattling on about trivial things, like her rich father's plans to take her on a yacht over the summer and see the wonders of the Mediterranean. She's really just bragging to her friends who are eating it up. Apparently he's going to allow her to bring whoever her boyfriend is at the time.

"So dad is going to let me bring a boyfriend with me on the yacht trip. I think he's just trying to sway me from picking up a new guy in every port," Katie exclaimed.

"You are so lucky you're parents are so cool. My parents won't even let Alex come up to my room, much less join me on a yacht...if we had one..," her more down to earth friend Sarah replied.

"Yeah I guess they are pretty cool. I know exactly who I'm going to take with me too."

"Who's the lucky guy?" questioned Sarah eagerly.

Katie looked around shadily, apparently realizing I was far enough away, and whispered softly into Sarah's ear, "Emmett Cullen."

"Emmet Cullen! But he's with Rosalie, they are like inseparable."

"Yeah but Emmett's really interested in me. He's been flirting with me non-stop since he got here from Alaska. I'm pretty sure he won't even think twice about ditching the blonde bitch to cruise around Europe with me."

I could feel a growl building in my throat. These silly little girls, talking about my man like that. Completely and totally unacceptable. As if my Emmett would give them the time of day. A locker slammed, and lucky for those girls, they walked out of the locker room before I could rip them to shreds. It's almost comical. As if my Emmett would give the girl a second look.

I hopped into my ridiculous gym uniform—doctored a little by Alice to make it slightly less heinous and started to walk out of the locker room. I stopped in my tracks halfway through the door, that silly twit Katie had apparently caught my Emmett waiting for me outside the door.

"So Emmett, can you show me how you can walk on your arms? I've just never seen someone with so many muscles," her voice shrieked.

"Umm I guess so. I'm really strong. Really strong. Stronger than Edward by far and I mean far," my clueless man replied sending pointed thoughts to Edward, who is also in our gym class.

I could hear the girls giggle, as I can only assume Emmett completed their request.

"Wow, Emmett that was amazing. I've never met someone so strong, muscular, and freakin' hot," she whispered the last part, I assume, to my Emmett. "We should really hang out some time; maybe you could help me with my workout. I've always been interested in weightlifting—at least watching a cute guy like you do it!"

"Well..umm….I..," my baby tried to stutter out, however he was interrupted by my hand, having had quite enough, reaching out the door, grabbing Emmett, and dragging him into the locker room and away from the silly little girl. When he was fully hidden by the closed locker room door, I slammed him up against a locker, pinning him there.

"So...you're going to, (I batted my eyelashes.), help her with her workout. You know she was saying in the locker room that you are constantly flirting with her. And that given the chance you would easily leave, how did she put it, the blonde bitch, for her," I said gruffly.

"Babe—you know that's just..,"

"No Emmett, you don't get to talk right now, APPARENTLY, I need to remind you some of the reason that you love me and stay with me." I flung my ugly gym shirt over my head and onto the floor.

The mix of shock and arousal on his face was almost comical. His jaw hung open. His "breathing" hitched, and I swear if he could drool he would have.

"Obviously you've forgotten our chemistry together, so I aim to show you all about it, but shh…the walls are thin in this changing room," I grabbed his shirt and ripped it over his head. Free of his shirt, I was able to gaze hotly at the hard chest that my husband has. Muscles rippled everywhere. I could see the muscles of his abs tensing a little under my gaze. I glanced lower all the way to that hot little line that's so defined where his torso and legs intersect leading to even more pleasurable parts of his body. I placed one hand on that line giving myself a little bit of butt to caress as well, and I leaned up and started kissing his neck right above his collar bone. This is one of my man's special spots. I was immediately rewarded by something poking at me through his shorts. My kiss moved lower to his right nipple. I couldn't resist it, so I had to bite. A growl roared from his throat. I had to taste my lover. I stood on my tip toes so I could reach his lips. I took control of the kiss from the start, starting softly, but increasing with each moment, when I softly bit his bottom lip, apparently my man had had enough. He growled low in his throat then grabbed my shorts and panties pulling them down in a movement human's wouldn't have even seen. He pushed me backwards until my back was on the bench of the locker room. With his hands free, he ripped my sports bra in two pieces, tearing it from my breasts, then replacing it with his monstrous hands. He began kneading my breasts, and after the day of teasing, it felt so good to feel him there (who am I kidding, it always feels good, he's a master). He took my already hard nipple and circled it with his index finger torturously before grabbing it roughly and rolling it between his index finger and thumb. I have to admit the slight pain of his roughness is an extreme turn-on for me and I found myself in the middle of a growl and a moan. It appears as if I had lost control of this situation complete, and I like control. I used all my might to push Emmett backwards and I heard the bench crack as his back fell onto the other side of the bench. I strattled him easily. His erection was making a huge tent in his boxers and all I could think was lucky boxers.

"So, if you did decide to leave me for Katie… (I bit his neck)…do you think…(I bit his pec muscle)…she could make you..(I bit the line between his pelvis and leg)…growl like (I took my free hand and ran it along the line of his gym shorts)….."

I moved up to kiss my man's lips, distracting him, while my free hand found its target, his gigantic cock. I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed gently moving my hand up and down his hard pole. I whispered in his ear, "this." A growl fell from his lips and I could see the smokiness in his eyes. He grabbed my hand away from his manhood and in one quick motion even by vampire speed, he had me pinned up against the lockers (making a nice clang from the metal locks hitting the lockers) and he had somehow rid himself of his shorts and underwear too. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around him. I could feel him poking at my entrance. I grabbed his hard ass and pulled him in. He bit at my neck as he plunged in and completely out again, and then drove back in. The force of his thrust was giving the metal lockers behind me a workout. I reached up and held on to the top of the locker column so that I could have some leverage and meet his thrusts with my own. We danced in the most natural dance since the beginning of time. Each of his thrusts elicited a soft little high pitched sigh from lips. I didn't know I was capable of any sound so completely feminine since becoming a vampire. Emmett seemed to like the noise, he had a cocky smirk on his face, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You like that babe?" I didn't even have time to reply as he pulled back again and drove in bringing the same girly sound from my lips. "Well I can't wait to hear the noise you make when I do this," He reached between us and started stroking my sensitive bundle of nerves as he continued thrusting into me. That was it, I fell to pieces, I grabbed his shoulders and found my release so well that if I'd ever doubted that Emmett and I were meant for each other this would have proved the case. (not that I ever had..I'd known from the start this was my man). My walls clenching around him triggered his final release too and we fell backwards onto the floor with me still plunged down on his hardness. We lay there for a moment on the by-human-standards cold floor. I lay on top of my husband resting my head on his chest before deciding we should probably get up before someone comes looking for us. I bit his nipple playfully, gaining another groan from my love. "You're trying to kill me woman. If I could sleep, I would be completely out right now. " Lucky for me though, he couldn't sleep and was always ready to satisfy my needs. I am a lucky, lucky woman. I looked around the locker room to survey the damage. I also wanted to check out who's locker we'd bruised. I started to chuckle.

Emmett and I emerged from the locker room at vampire speed so no one would notice that we both came out of the girl's locker room. I was met with a glare from Edward who was obviously sporting some wood of his own now from the little show we'd given him in his mind. Oh ease up Eddie, with you and Bella playing the chastity card, we had to give you a little bit of fun so that it doesn't shrivel up and fall off in your prudedom. Plus it's worth it, watch this, it's going to be hilarious.

Emmett had sauntered over to Katie who was in the corner surrounded by her gangly little girl group. Katie obviously flustered at seeing me pull Emmett into the locker room and then him coming over, had a cocky look on her face, like she had won.

"Katie, can I speak with you alone for a moment?" Emmett asked.

"Sure Emmett, you can always have me alone," she chirped, turning around to mouth OMG to her friends.

"Katie I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry. I couldn't wait to get Rosalie away from the group and in our haste to be together..completely.. and the lack of private places to go in this school, Rose and I somewhat dented your locker. I hope you can forgive me and I fully intend to supply some money in case anything was broken. You know how it goes.. when you love someone as much as I love Rose, you just can't control yourself. Again, my apologies and I'd appreciate it if you could keep your mouth shut about this."

The girl's cocky face dropped as she realized that the object of her desire had just banged me senseless up against her locker. I put my own cocky smile on and she glanced around the room and her eyes fell on me. I couldn't help myself, but I started giggling internally as my man walked away leaving her stunned.