Oh my God, this is the last one! Woah, that's freaky. I'm so glad I did this! Special thanks to Becky Scarlett-Cullen for introducing the challenge!


Date: December 24th

Character: Aro

Stimulus Word: Feast

"Jane, that's beautiful! Alec, great work!" I stared at the tree that the children decorated. They did a great job. Renata and Felix were setting the long dining table, and my brothers were fixing the chandelier. I walked to my room, anxious to get the party going.

When I arrived, everyone was sitting at the table, chatting about the holiday festivities. I sat down in between my brothers, and called to Heidi to bring the food.

Everyone fell silent.

Heidi walked to the door and led in a group of men and women, bundled up from the cold outside.

"Dig in," she said, and stepped back.

I stood up, going into a crouch. I licked my lips and a snarl ripped through my throat.

Oh, how I love the holidays.