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RATING: T for Teen
PAIRINGS: Bones/Booth
WORD COUNT: 538 (Yes, a ficlet!)
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SUMMARY: Bones learns the true power of dance.

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Dancing had never been a formal activity for her. It always seemed like a pointless exercise. She was much happier simply moving to the rhythm of the music, instead of memorizing a complicated series of movements and then trying to match them to the music.

Of course she had seen many others performing the dances. It was an anthropological imperative for every society to develop its own form of ritualistic expression through the movement of dance. She studied many of the steps and hypothesized about the result of such activities on the human body as a means to identify the joint degradation patterns when examining a body. But for her, it never held any of the allure so many others placed on the so-called art form.

That all changed the moment Booth's hands rested atop her hips and he began to guide her through the steps of the tango. It started as a joke when he learned she had never learned how to dance, but when their bodies pressed together in motion to music it quickly became something else entirely.

She could feel the perspiration forming on her skin, and she was certain it had little to do with the aerobic qualities of the activity, and more to do with her constant contact with Booth. His hands were firm and strong on her body, but there was still so much gentleness present she was fascinated by the contrasting sensations.

And then came the dip.

He warned her it was coming, and talked her through exactly what she was supposed to do, as well as what he would do. His words ranged low as they glided into her ear. They once more pressed tightly together as he spoke, and she could feel the vibrations through his chest. It was intoxicating; the closeness, the music, the movements, the tension, and the heat. Everywhere his hands went set her skin aflame with the heat.

And when the moment came, Booth brought her down into the dip with a robust twist, his hands holding her confidently in place, she lost all perspective. She was breathless as time appeared to stop. With her head thrown back, she couldn't see him, and the dizziness she felt made her eyes close tight.

The air returned to her lungs when his muscular arms pulled her upright again and her eyes popped open just in time to see the most astoundingly powerful look of desire burning in his gaze.

She was mesmerized by what she found in his eyes, and gone were all the rational barriers she kept in place as she brought hand down to slide along the side of his face. His eyes drew closed and he turned into her touch, as though he was fighting its effect, but without her defenses up she was unable to stop herself and pulled him in closer until their lips finally met.

Without defense, without logic, without reservation, without reason, without propriety, without barrier, the kiss they shared was more than anything she had ever experienced in her entire life. And the night became so much more than either of them ever imagined.

The tango would always hold a special place in their lives; in their lives together.