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One Hundred and Forty going on twelve


Chapter Twenty nine


The close


Harry held Hermione's hand as she knocked on the front door of her parent's house, he had thought it odd she wanted to knock on her own mothers' door until she said it was the best way she could think of surprising her mum.

Had Harry not known Hermione so well he may have been surprised just how right she was, her mum nearly had an heart attack when she opened the door and saw them standing there, after first trying to beat Mrs Weasley at squeezing the life out of him his mother in law then commenced to kissing his cheeks, by the time he was rescued by his father in law Harry was an extremely bright shade of scarlet.

It was a little later as they sat around the fire together, Mr Granger sitting in his old arm chair, Mrs Granger sitting on the floor between his legs, he and Hermione were sitting holding hands on the comfortable old leather couch. Harry suddenly realised as he looked at them that his in-laws were still a fairly young couple, still deeply in love, and he realised that they kept that love alive and fresh by showing it to each other all the time, they did things together even worked together but the thing that made him think was the thing that they were talking about, the date they went out on the night before, they had been married for sixteen years and still went out on dates, they never let their love fade into the background of their marriage and it gave him something to think about.

He was just fourteen years old, his wife would be fifteen in just a few weeks, that meant that they had around another hundred and fifty years together, a hundred and fifty years left to show his love to Hermione. He determined to take a leaf from his in-laws book, he would spend those years not only loving Hermione, he would spend them being in love with her, and now that they were free of the burden of Tom Riddle almost dictating everything they had done together up until now Harry decided that today was the time to begin.

Going back to Hogwarts was a little of an anticlimax, they had to work just as hard toward their eventual final year, and the fact that they had defeated Voldemort despite his Horcruxes, and that outside the school the wizarding world was still celebrating the demise of the most evil of all dark wizards, and that both Harry and Hermione were world known heroes, they were shown no favours by any of their professors.

All too quickly as far as Harry was concerned they fell into the daily routine of school life. Harry's other life seemed to be fading into the back recesses of his memory, and by the time they had finally reached their final day at school he felt no different than any other seventeen year old married boy might feel. Except of course for the fact that he was the only seventeen year old who was married to Hermione, who just happened to have grown from the plain little girl she had been when he first met her into one of the most beautiful woman to ever graduate from the worlds best school of magic.

Together they setup a broom making business and though Hermione still did not like to fly, she did occasionally try out a broom. Their first child a boy they named Henry was born exactly two weeks after Harry's twentieth birthday, he had black hair and the same colour green eyes as Lily, that looked even brighter than Harry's, and he developed a love of reading that rivalled his mum Hermione's.

They were next blessed with identical twin daughters with bushy raven coloured hair, a recklessness and a love of flying like Harry but with their mother's intelligence, Hermione said they got that from their brown eyes. Henry, Jacqueline and Georgina, were a great source of pride for Harry and Hermione, all three of them were intelligent and extremely good at magic.

Harry always remembered the day he had decided to spend his life showing Hermione that he loved her, it was no different on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary when he took her out for a meal then on to a cinema, where they sat on the back row and did the things that young couples did while the lights went down.

When at the age of sixty Hermione accepted the position of headmistress at Hogwarts, Harry packed in his work, and together they moved to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Six months later Harry Potter took the job of grounds man and keeper of the keys at Hogwarts, it was work he enjoyed and he could still take his wife out on a date when ever the mood struck him. He was the only multi millionaire to ever work at Hogwarts doing the lowliest of the jobs there. They still lived in Gryffindor manor having their grandchildren in to visit them when ever they wanted to take a walk from their dorms.

On Hermione's 100th birthday Harry took the whole family to visit Disney world in America, Harry had started to count his family members as they boarded a muggle airplane for the long journey, several minutes later he gave up and sitting next to his wife gave her a rather passionate birthday kiss before sitting back to enjoy the journey.

"So how many were there this count?" Hermione asked smiling at Harry as he relaxed next to her.

"I have no idea my love, I gave up after I had counted up to forty three for the fifth time, there are so many young ones running up and down one would think we were running a school," he chuckled then took Hermione's hand in his and settled in for the flight.

"So darling remember when we first talked of having a family you said you wanted a big one, do you think we reached big yet?" Hermione asked squeezing his hand a little.

"Ask me again on your 200th birthday, I might be able to count them all by then," Harry chuckled again "I have a little something planned for us in a couple of days, so Mrs Potter would you like to accompany me on a date this Wednesday evening?"

"What time were you thinking of going out?" Hermione asked quietly.

"How about seven thirty?" Harry asked grinning.

"Seven thirty will be fine Mr Potter, you can pick me up at home," Hermione said joining Harry in a chuckle.

"Hey every one Nan and Grandee are going on a date again," shouted a little eight or nine year old replica of Harry.

"Yuck, more of that mushy stuff, eewwh," answered the voice of a small bushy haired girl further down the plane.

Harry took a deep breath and silently thanked a young man named Ashford Lupin for his second chance at life, he then leant over and kissed his beloved Hermione once again, and once again he told himself he was the luckiest man alive thanks to being blown up and killed.


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