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The enraged vampires made their way to the rocks on the beach where Jacob was sitting followed by the wolf pack. The tagged along just to make sure they did not kill Jacob. Although at the moment Carlisle and Edward were quite willing to kill him. Edward was not so much of a surprise on that subject but Carlisle was. What happened to the no violence keep calm kind of guy -er- vampire?!

Jacob heard them all approaching and his eyes widened in shock and fear. Rosalie and Emmett tightened their grip on Edward. Alice and Jasper hovered neat Carlisle just close enough to grab him if he lost his cool.

"Alice..."said Jasper.

"What?"she asked.

"Could you not be so excited?"he pleaded. "It makes me want to jump up and down like a little girl who is going to ride on a pony at the circus..."

"Well seeing as I do not want my husband to look gay..."Alice trailed off.

"What are the bloodsuckers doing here?"demanded Jacob.

"We decided it would be fun to eat everyone here."said Emmett pleasantly."You know, a little snack?"

"Funny."said Jacob. "But you just broke the treaty."

"The treaty is not in effect for two hours Jacob."said Sam coldly.

"W...What?Why?!"stuttered Jacob.

"We do not think what you did to Bella was right."said Seth. "We can not harm one of our own though...so we let the Cullen's have that pleasure!"

"Vampire suck up."muttered Jacob. "So what are you going to do?Suck my blood?"

"That would be much less painful."said Edward. "Much less..."

The others stared at each other and attacked.


"Esme?"asked Bella.

"Yes dear?"

"What do you think they are going to do to him?"

Esme continued to stroke Bella's hair. "I don't really know." she admitted.

"I hope they don't go over board."said Bella.

"They won't."assured Esme. "Or I will drag them all by their ears to Volterra."

"Then you will have to let me help!"said Bella. "I'll take Edward and Carlisle."

"Then I am stuck with Rosalie,Emmett,Alice and Jasper..."sighed Esme. "Then when they are disposed of we can go live with the Denali clan." she added evilly.

Bella shuddered. "Who's side are you on?"


"Having fun yet dog?"snarled Edward.

"Stop -ow- punching me -ow- hurts -ow!!- to much!"yelled Jacob.

"Should have thought about that when you hurt my Bella!"roared Edward.

He kicked Jacob in the ribs a couple of times then Emmett threw him at a rock. Jacob lost consciousness not to long after. Carlisle did not do any of the beating up part, he just mostly yelled at Jacob a lot. After the boys had had their fun Alice and Rosalie moved in for their 'assault'.

They pulled a dress over his head and braided his long hair. It was slightly comical despite the fact they were boiling with anger. Alice put a bright red lipstick on his lips and Rosalie did the rest of his make-up. The boys from the pack were roaring with laughter and Jacob was already starting to heal. The vampires left without another word. Back to Bella...the fiancé, sister and daughter.


"Is he okay?!"Bella yelled as loud as she could with out hurting her throat.

"Oh he is fine."said Alice evilly. "And a cross dresser."


"He was just starting to stir when we left."said Carlisle. "Do not worry Bella he will be fine."

"Alright."said Bella. "Then why are all your guy's clothes like messed up and...bloody?"

"He puts up a good fight."said Edward. "For a dog."

"You mean he was bleeding?!"screamed Bella. "What if he has severe blood loss or something??"

"Calm down Bella."soothed Carlisle. "Their is no need to worry my daughter."

"Your sure?"asked Bella.

"Positive."said Carlisle.



"Thank you."said Bella.

So because of this weekend Carlisle and Bella's father – daughter relationship grew bigger. Bella had never realized before just how much she was loved as a daughter by Carlisle. It made her want to cry with joy. She was lucky she had two dad's and both loved her just the same. With Carlisle and Esme she was loved by two parents. She knew Charlie and Renee loved her but she yearned for her parents love together.

Carlisle was now happy that Bella realized just how much he loved her. How much the whole family loved her. Bella was a god send,she had to be. There was no way around it. After taking care of Jacob life went on. Bella and Edward ad a beautiful daughter. She was changed and the Cullen family was so full of love many were jealous, how could a family be so happy?


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