A/N: Same warnings apply as in the first chapter.



On the 26th of October at 11:33am, Bobby Singer finished burying the two boys he had loved as his own.

On the 26th of October at 11:33am, John Winchester was in a rundown bar off of I-25 drowning himself in hard liquor.

Bobby would bury the last Winchester 9 days later; two days after John put a pistol in his mouth.

A/N: I apologise if John's suicide offended or upset anyone, it's just something I could see him doing after losing not only Mary, but his boys as well. After I wrote this epilogue, I found myself feeling really bad for Bobby and he's my third favourite character . Poor Bobby. My friend was not happy when she read this fic, she hates it when I kill Dean off (which I seem to do a lot, despite the fact he's my number one) and she adores Bobby. Flames will be used to roast that jewelled demon slut.

Well, that's all folks.


P.S: my friend picked up on it pretty quickly, can you? I was very careful when picking the date of John's death. *plays x-files music*