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The In Crowd

Chapter 3: Hometown Night Out

A night on the town. His favorite hometown hot spot. Diva Search rejects on each arm and in his lap.

Mike Mizanin should've been living it up.

But no; instead of concentrating on the girl who was whispering some of the dirtiest things he's ever heard into his ear, or the one gyrating on his lap to the pulsing club music, or the one sucking on his neck, he was trying to peer past a pillar where he could see his tag team partner playing pool.

With his sister.

John was great, Mike's best friend. But he could be Jesus fucking Christ and Mike still wouldn't want him anywhere near Harlow.

And John was definitely no saint.

Mike normally wasn't the overprotective type. But Harlow had been picked on a lot when they were in school because she used to be painfully shy. Let's just say the Miz had to take care of business the hard way on many more occasions than he'd have liked to.

That had given him some initiative to look after his sister and be way too in to her business, even now as an adult.

"A swimsuit model?" John asked in what he thought was a casual tone. He wasn't exactly shocked; the girl was a knockout. He was more surprised because Mike had never mentioned it. Not once.

Dude, if your sister's a swimsuit model, it's pretty much guy code to tell your single best friend.

"Wow, don't sound so surprised," Harley chuckled, shaking her blonde head and lining up a shot. John realized she took his surprised tone the wrong way and quickly tried to save his game, while still being cool and collected.

"No, no. I see it. Definitely. I just never, ever once heard Miz say anything about it." Harlow looked up at him through her bangs and he saw her blue eyes roll.

"Typical," she muttered. Her eyes cut to the left and she sighed, standing upright without even taking her shot. "Speak of the devil..."

John turned to see Mike making his way over with three of the Diva Search girls hanging on to him, one gravitating right over to John as soon as they stopped in front of the pool table.

It certainly wasn't unusual for girls to flock to the Tuesday Night Delight, so John was hardly fazed as she adjusted her top to fall a little lower on her chest, trying to distract him from the game of pool he was playing.

"What-a.... what are you guys doin'?" Mike asked in faux nonchalance. His eyes darted between his sister and his friend suspiciously. John was really not paying any attention to the girl that was trying way too hard for his affections right there. This was a bad sign as far as Mike was concerned. What if it was because he already had his attention set on Harley?

That couldn't happen.

That wouldn't happen

Not if your Chick Magnet, The Miz, had anything to say about it.

"What does it look like we're doing?" Harley snapped. She wasn't happy. She knew exactly what was going on here. Mike did this all the time.

Mike flinched at his sister's tone while John pretended not to notice, not at all interested in getting involved in this weird little sibling rivalry or whatever.

"I need to talk to you for a minute." Mike gave up his charade and just pulled his sister into a corner, leaving the three babes to ogle his tag team partner. Maybe Harlow would get the hint if she saw John with them.

"What is your problem?" she hissed, clearly annoyed at his recent, and all to familiar, behavior.

"I don't have a problem Harls. I just don't think you and John should hang out alone." Harlow scoffed and threw her arms up, almost hitting some woman as she walked by.

"Hello? Have you looked around? We're not alone! There's people everywhere!" the young woman pointed out

Mike shook his hat-capped head and rubbed his temples. "You know what I mean."

"No actually, I don't know what you mean! The only thing I'm getting from this entire situation is that you think I'm some slut who's going to throw myself at every guy I spend five minutes with! And I certainly hope that's not what you think!"

Mike scowled and placed his hands on his sister's slim shoulders. "I don't think you're the slut. But John has trouble keeping it in his pants." Mike gestured over to the pool table, where John had seemingly given in to the girl's attention, leaning on his pool stick and talking himself up. The air of arrogance and confidence surrounded him, and though neither could hear what he was saying, Mike knew his lines by heart and Harlow could only assume. His mannerisms, the cocky smile. She was all too familiar with guys like that.

But Mike was being completely irrational. It's not as if Harlow's feelings were invested in this guy. She'd only met him today. It wasn't a big deal. She was just playing a round of pool with him. Mike was overreacting, as usual; bringing out the bad points in someone (only ever of the male sex, coincidently) before Harlow even had a chance at making her own decision about them.

"I'm not in love with the guy, okay? We were just playing pool. Cool it," she stated firmly, ready to finish off her game (and also show those reject skanks who's the real head turner). She wasn't set on building any sort of connection with John, but she certainly would have fun turning his attention away from those girls and back on her.

The lack of positive attention she had gotten when she was younger in school had made her an absolute whore for it now. She craved male attention more than anything. The only negative attention she desired was from other females, when they were fuming with jealousy.

It didn't take much for Harlow to captivate John's attention once again. He was easily distracted as she leaned over the pool table, purposefully offering him an eyeful. It didn't go unnoticed by John.

Or Mike.

He whacked his tag team partner in the shoulder and gave him a foreboding glare as Harlow took her shot, sinking the ball in the corner pocket.

John wasn't quite sure what to think. Or do for that matter. Unavoidably, he was going to be spending a lot of time with this girl; this girl who happened to be his best friend's sister. What if he ended up liking her? Mike would flip out...

John wasn't stupid. He knew Mike kept her a mystery for a reason. He'd never wanted John to know that she was attractive and he definitely never wanted them to meet.

Which kind of pissed John off.

Didn't Mike trust him? Wasn't he good enough?

The thoughts made John scowl.

"Hey!" Slim fingers were snapped in front of his face and John came out of his thoughts, seeing Harlow standing before him, one hand on her jutted hip. "Your turn sweetheart."

Mike took claim back over his two girls, the third still trying to win John's affections. She was sure she'd almost had him before Harlow had come back over. Now, he was caught up in the pool game once again.

Before they could get really involved though, a waitress sauntered over, a midori sour on her tray. She handed the drink to Harlow who took her beverage of choice, a little unsure of who'd sent it her way. It's not as though she wasn't used to guys buying her drinks at clubs and bars, but she was still curious.

The waitress noticed the young woman's curiosity and jutted her thumb behind her. "That guy sent it over. He picked up your tab."

Harley's eyes followed her finger to see Jake Hager sitting with a few other superstars. He winked her way before turning and engaging himself in a conversation with Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.