Ineryasher 2: He mad at PEOPLE who are not!

Chapter on: Kagome is deaded blood.

Inuyasha is look at the body on ground dead body. He think of kagoma and say, "WHY YOU TALK TO ME I AM MAD NOW AND WANT TO KILL BECAUSE I AM THE DEMENS!" So ineryosho kick and slapped and peed and puncher and killed at the body dead and made her dead. He did a walk down road and more walking for ineryasher, when he saw some people name Snowwinter, KChan, and VampressOkari.

They looker at the body dead and say to iner, "Why you kill and be a demen for dead and killed? We are now bug and annoying, because we are jelous and we are be a stupid and dumb so dead us!" SO with a lot of mad and angry, INERYASHERO PISSED AND MADE A LOT OF BLOOD ON STUPID PEOPLE! SLAPPED AND PUNCHED AND KILL THE PEPLE AND ALL THEY DIED AND NOW THEY ARE DEADED CUZ SLAPPED SMACKED AND DAMNIT DEAD FOR THEM!

Chapete two: Ineryasha is calm down, BUT STILL A DEMEN!!!!1!!!11

After do a kill of dum peple who aren't know anything, Ineryasher eated and ate all the deaded bodys and had a tummy with dead stuff in it ew thats GROSS! He walk som moar and he hear the tummy make a nasty noise wich mean he want to poops and him taker a dokie. Him see a store and he know of that store that has a bathrum and HE RUNNER SO FAST BECAUSE HIM POOP AND DOKIE GROSS WAS FLAL OUT OF BUT NASTY! He push ovar some people and old peple like lady and break her legs and hips. She was deaded but ineryasher dent care cuz POOPS! He maked it in times for to do a poop and pull down pants and get ready for battle.

Chapoter thre: Battle in poop.

Iner sat down reall fast down. His face had som swet and he was crying little because him was not ready for battle that was be next in his butt. He heard a fart and put hands down on seat for to be redy and for him to grip cuz him not want to dead! A lot dokie was fallout of but and then a diarea came real fast out and fall everywhere! "WHY AM I HAVE A BAD ONE BUT ALSO HAVE A POOP GROSS NASTY IM THROW UP!" He slowly be a little happy cuz him but was stop poops. He sigh and say "wow I am not a dead cuz no more poops!" But juts then HIM BUTT FART AND POOP SOME LOT OF POOPS AND MAKE HIM BLASTS OFFF AND HIT THRU ROOF ANF FLY IN AIR AND FALLDOWN DEAD AND BLOOD WITH POOP DIED FOR EVAR!

The end and now ineryesher is dead cuz hes a dumb.