Final Fantasy: Him do a fantasy

Chapter ones: A hero is say hi ALRIGHT

The wind was blow, and sun was shine bright in eyes for make them burn omg its hurts. Squal and cloud are lay down in grass and look at clouds. "Hey its you in sky haha cloud in sky! Ha!" With very emberass and mad cloud say "That is not make sence you dotn do a funny I am cloud not make fun my name jerk! Mad!" They make happy again and then want to make a kiss and sexy with girlfriends but cant cuz missions are for them fighting missions. " I Am do a hoep that tifa is not do a died cuz I like her and she is do a sexy for me" " Me too rinoer is strung but she will get dead so I am sadly cry and sad cloud."

Chapetr too: Go and find a fantasy.

Cloud and squel are have long day and tired so go home now cuz no more for hang out alright? "I will see you." Said cloud, and went home to be gross. Him walked to his room and get a bonner cuz he think of sexy tifa and him say " I am do a sleep so I can make a final fantasy for it is my life and destiny!" Clud sleeper with bonner and have dream. Him was have a good dream and now was happy cuz dream of a sexy with tifa now haha cloud. "OOKK I am ready for new day time lets go YEAH!" Cloud goter him bastard sword ( I am sory say bastard it is bad I am not doit ok) and walk out door, almost tripped and broked door so he wont trip again.

Chapter three: Show meh yer meves!

As the day gotmoar done cloud was want to fight but him was a scared for tifa so wasn't at full powar! He see a ship lander at him feet and smach his fet and his SCREAMER AND SAY OW THAT IS HURT OW! ME FET! Ten shop was land and a man with blu cloths and hemet and coll voice say "SHOW MEH YO MOVERS!" "O MY GOD IT IS BE A CAPTEN FLACON!" say clod and him ready sowrd for battled! Capern flacen do flacon kick and missed at cloud heads cuz him want to deaded clud! Oh no I WILL WIN FOR AM POWAR CUZ I AM HAVE FINAL FANTASY!" Cloud Charge him skill for long time and his sword was make a bright red color.(wich mean him is powar and do a big attack) Cloud was do three filps and scream OMNO SLASH! And slice at dead captern falcon AND A EXPLOSON HAPPENED WHICH MADE FIRE AND SMOKE CANNOT SEE! Smoke cleared and FALCON WAS FLACON PONCH CLUDS SWORD! They fight for powar but flacon punch to gud and breaker him sword. Him flacon punch was hit cloud in chest and make him heart and guts and tummy and blood go everywhere. "YES!" scream Cap flacon and leave dead cloud dead.


Tobe continued!?!

Idk maybe. End for now. 