Screen names

Bella – FoolishLamb18

Edward – IllBe17Forever

Emmett – BreakHousesMuch

Jasper – TakeAChillPillDude

Alice – IHaveForeseenSomething

Rosalie – BlondzHaveMoreFun

Carlisle – TheDocThatChanged

Esme – GreyHair222

Charlie – CheifSwann

Renee – IloveYou

Renessme – JakeLovedMummy

Jacob – NessieAndBellaForever

Email addresses

Bella –

Edward – Watch_out-i_drive-like_a-bad_


Jasper- Jazzy_will_calm_

Alice – OMG_I_Know_

Rosalie –

Carlisle – .com

Esme – .com

Charlie – .com

Renee – Renee_

Renessme – Im_half_of_what_you_


Authors Note: I have got myspace. If you want to add me as a friend please do. Just type in Natasha Ronning and add me.

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